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2006-11-28 23:52:43
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Harry Potter frickin rox! excpecially if they're goth! Join if you love the new look! ^^

HP Goth Luvers:
[I'M DONE WITH THIS SITE] HP goth gang rox!!

gOtH PotTeR fAnS gO HeRe!: add more numbers if ya want. to be a member message me k? ^_-

1.danielle [gumball]
2.[~*Llama18*~] [R○Ck 0n HP!!!]
3.[Voodoo Child] Harry potter is awesome!

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2006-11-29 [Voodoo Child]: next july over here

2006-11-29 [I'M DONE WITH THIS SITE]: my fave book is the half blood prince. my fave character has to be Tom Felton AKA Malfoy. OMG he is hooootttttt

2006-12-06 [gumball]: yeah he is.

2007-01-06 [Voodoo Child]: hey will you guys vote for me on All things tiny competition mines the second little bear in the blue coat!! lol

2007-01-06 [gumball]: yea sure

2007-01-06 [Voodoo Child]: thank you so much!!

2007-01-06 [gumball]: yep any time

2007-01-06 [Voodoo Child]: oh have u heard the name of the last harry potter book?!!

2007-01-06 [gumball]: no i haven't do u know it?

2007-01-06 [Voodoo Child]: yea Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

2007-01-06 [gumball]: SWEET

2007-01-06 [Voodoo Child]: lol and Hallow means holy or something to that effect so I have so many ideas now as to whats going to happen...

2007-01-06 [gumball]: when is it comming out?

2007-01-06 [Voodoo Child]: ummm....i think round July maybe, but don't quote me on that

2007-01-06 [gumball]: all right thanks

2007-01-07 [I'M DONE WITH THIS SITE]: man it sucks that two important characters are gonna die in that book. thats what J.K Rowling said in an interview anyway.

2007-01-07 [gumball]: i just want to know who they r

2007-01-08 [I'M DONE WITH THIS SITE]: yeah i know. i have an awful idea that Voldemort and Harry will die. you know that whole good vs evil thing? maybe that'll happen

2007-01-08 [gumball]: idk maybe

2007-01-08 [I'M DONE WITH THIS SITE]: i hope not. jesus just think about the movie when that comes out.

2007-01-08 [gumball]: lol k

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