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2005-02-02 22:13:20
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This is a page for those of you who have questions and would like answers. Just put your questions in a comment below and i will try my best to answer it =Þ.

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2005-02-03 [Danse Macabre]: how do u know if ure a vampire or not

2005-02-03 [FireGypsy]: Well, usually at a young age, somewhere around 13 and up or around puberty, a vampire (when he/she does not know it) will notices changes. They will noticed different traits that they never really knew of before. Some of these would be tampering or manipulating of energy. An example would be (since the young vampire does not know how to controll energy) and a time when he/she is angry and such, things will happen. (ex. flickering of lights, things falling and such) it is different or every vampire so im just stating examples. This is known as the awakening period. there are many changes like fast healing, some are drawn to the taste of blood, and things as such.

2005-02-06 [sxy random rocker]:, you're telling me that when i get pissed off and my door slams on its own, and when i slit my wrists yesterday and you can barely see the mark today....and i drink my own n my mates blood.....i could be a modern vamp...coz well, does that mean i HAVE to follow a certain way of life?

2005-02-06 [FireGypsy]: well your door slamming on its own is psychic energy created out of your anger but also might be connected to telekinetic abilities, so thus you could in fact be a psychic vampire and since you love blood you could also be a sanguine vampire. Though i odnt know if you have a thirst for blood or anything or crave it so i wouldnt know. Only you can decide if you are a vampire and you dont "have to follow a certain lifestyle. vampires are no different than humans. We dont dress different either.

2005-02-12 [sxy random rocker]: sorry, i was abit fucked off when i wrote that last comment!! and thanks for explaining. just one more "donors" like offer their life to the vampyres or just the odd bit of blood?? do they kind of have a mutual agreement to what the vampyre does to the donor?? x

2005-02-12 [FireGypsy]: Vampires dont kill. Thats fictional vampires. They only take a small amount of blood. the donor must be completely willing and understanding of what goes on.

2005-02-14 [sxy random rocker]: okay....thanks alot. xx

2005-02-14 [FireGypsy]: your welcome

2006-05-31 [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]: so i have a question. so if i just have an uncontrollable taste for bllod is that enough to consider me being a vampire.

2006-06-02 [FireGypsy]: Not quite, then again, no one can tell if you are one or not but yourself. Does drinking blood rejuvinate your energy at all?

2006-06-02 [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]: yeah kinda i feel more alive and in tune with my sences after i drink

2006-07-10 [Don't Fall For This]: I probably sound like a wannabe, but i've researched vampires for about 3 years now, they're facinating. And for about a year i've been interested in being a donor. But, I can't find ANY vampires near me, and since i'm 16 I can't get into clubs or drive places yet. Any advice?

2006-07-10 [FireGypsy]: I suggest going to any of the links that i have provided on my main page and ask around =)

2006-07-10 [Don't Fall For This]: I was gonna, but the one where it stated England, you must be 18 or older.

2006-07-10 [FireGypsy]: They arent going to check your ID or anything silly lol just go in, its just to make sure that people are mature enough to handle the contents

2006-07-10 [Don't Fall For This]: Oooh, I'm stupid like that =P haha. yeah I joined a meetup site where vmpires in my town or within 10miles can find me.

2006-07-10 [FireGypsy]: cool =)

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