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2007-03-01 02:53:49
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American Muscle Cars


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2006-10-16 [FireGypsy]: Nice ^_^ Shoeboxes rock! Adam's dad has one ^_^

2006-10-17 [Malidar]: I want it.

2007-02-08 [FireGypsy]: This wiki is merely under construction, I have not yet added all I want to add here ^_^

2007-02-09 [Malidar]: Can't wait until it's done. I'm sure it'll be grrrrrrreat!

2007-02-09 [FireGypsy]: =D

2007-02-12 [shinobi14]: Ermmm.. yeah...
Tell you what, Burnout. You had a bite out of my wiki (Car Mad) now I get to bite your wiki's head off.
These cars are idiots. They have no brains to them. They are the jocks of the car world. Fast, yes. Clumsy aswell.
Here you go, Burnout. Have a browse around some cars with a bit more brains, and yet have all the same braun.
Car Mad!!!

2007-02-12 [FireGypsy]: You only think they have no brains because they dont need computers to run ^_^ They have REAL power!

2007-02-12 [shinobi14]: If that is what you call real power...
Plus, cars with computers running them are smarter, so they know where to put the power when it needs it.
And you can always upgrade the computer (ECU) chip, to make it even faster. ^_^
Everyone likes speed, both you and me alike. So buy an import, or even a classy british car. There are loads!
Lotus, Aston Martin, Jaguar, TVR, Bentley, McLaren... all are smarter than your clutzy, fall-over-its-own-wheels-because-of-its-oversized-truck-engine "muscle" cars.
Loves x ^_^

2007-02-12 [FireGypsy]: I prefer to take my engine apart and upgrade parts to make my engine faster. Putting a chip in a computer is for pussies. Half of them dont even know what they are doing. Imports are for fags, and I will never EVER own one ^_^

2007-02-12 [shinobi14]: Yeah, sure. Engine upgrades are amazing!
Though technically, Nitrous Oxide is the best increase in horsepower per dollar.
Though i was once asked by a friend to BUY upgrades for his car!!! He only had... what... £400. Thats about $600-ish.
Not much. I bought him a cool-air induction kit, replacement headers (with 4 valves!!!) and a small "sneaky pete" NOS system.
He didnt even know how to install them, so I guess you're right. Most people dont know what they're doing.
I know for a fact you do!!! ^_^

2007-02-13 [FireGypsy]: I do know what I am doing mostly. And I prefer mean 8 cylinder engines over sappy 4 cylinder toys ^_^ Nothing can ever change my mind. I mean, sure imports CAN be fast. But to own a fast import costs SO much fucking money. It's rediculous.

2007-02-13 [Malidar]: I've never ever owned a slow vehical. I've never owned an import. I've driven them before, but never owned. Chevys, Dodges, and (older)Oldsmobiles are all awesome for speed and power. Ford is good too, but I've never liked Ford myself. Imports can be fast and have some power, but you need to mod them for it. I do my own work on my vehicals, and I have done work on imports. Just get what you want, and be happy with it.

2007-02-13 [shinobi14]: Oh, yeah. Dont get me wrong. Muscle cars are good, but i only like the Fords... Mustang, Shelby, and of course, the Ford GT. WOW!!!
But i'd prefer a modern smart car to a 20/30 year old Dodges... LOL
But well said, [Malidar].

2007-02-13 [FireGypsy]: Ford only has/had 1 car going for them, the Mustang. I prefer a make which is efficient in ALL kinds of models, such as Chevy ^_^

2007-02-13 [shinobi14]: Chevy???
Yeah, the Corvette. And even that's not that good...
Chevys are crap. Dodge? There are a few good models...
The problem lies *backs away from Burnout*... in American engineering. American cars cannot steer around corners, they are heavy, and gas guzzling.
*Runs away as Burnout gets her poi stuff out*
Sasha, fire isn't going to improve American cars... ^_^

2007-02-14 [FireGypsy]: Chevy has many MANY great cars. Some American cars can't steer around corners from the factory, but with a little help they ride like slot cars. You are too caught up on what you can buy from the factory for $55,000 to understand that a fast car comes cheap, and needs some TLC to be fast. Go ahead, buy a $55,000 Import because it is fast and can handle well. I will buy a $20,000 american car, put $10,000 in it, and whip that fucking import's ass!

2007-02-14 [Malidar]: Hey, I can do that math pretty easily. Also, I've NEVER had a steering issue with ANY of my vehicals. Whether it be a truck or car, they all drive fine if you know what you're doing.

2007-02-14 [shinobi14]: Besides, its the driver more than the car...
Having a kick ass car that tops 150MpH isn't any good if the driver is a dick that doesn't like to exceed the speed limit...
And if i had an import, and i came over to the US, i would accept that challenge, trust me. =D

2007-02-18 [Malidar]: Yes, going extremely fast is fun, but sometimes there are consequences. I remember getting a ticket for 138mph in a 40mph zone. They had to get a chopper to follow me. What had happend was the cop didn't even turn on his lights because I flew by so fast. He just called it in. I would've stopped if he had put on his lights.

2007-02-18 [shinobi14]: And thats what you told the judge, right? LOL
And I must hug you for that... 138 in a 40? Muy impresionante. XD

2007-02-18 [FireGypsy]: Sweet!!

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