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2007-03-01 02:53:49
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American Muscle Cars


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2006-08-08 [FireGypsy]: You cant tell me you dont find any of these cars as SEXY! You know you just want to hump the exhaust pipe!

2006-10-12 [gothilectic]: my fav is the 69 chev ss if only i lived back then

2006-10-12 [gothilectic]: im building a hot rod at the moment

2006-10-12 [FireGypsy]: Mine is a 69 Camaro ss ^_^ My boyfriend and I are building his 64 Impala ss! Spread the work about this wiki lol!

2006-10-16 [Malidar]: I have a '70 Olds Cutlass 442. I keep it covered on the farm next to my '64 Ford Galaxy500. Currently without insurance on either, so it's rare for me to drive them. Used to have a '71 Cutlass, but I sold it to get my truck. Anyway, I really want a '57 Chevy Bel Aire. I can't explain it, but it's just my favorite thing in the world. I'd pass up sex to take a ride in one (and have).

2006-10-16 [FireGypsy]: Nice ^_^ Shoeboxes rock! Adam's dad has one ^_^

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