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2007-03-01 02:53:49
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American Muscle Cars


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2007-04-02 [FireGypsy]: Still! There are no "modern" muscle cars!

2007-04-02 [Elf_Person]: the charger, the Challenger

2007-04-02 [FireGypsy]: No, those are not "modern" muscle cars. They are concept cars. Given slight representations of what they used to be. It is an attempt at putting style back into new cars. And they are WAY overpriced.

2007-04-02 [FireGypsy]: Deleted your comment. NEVER insult the Camaro in front of me. EVER! You WILL be stabbed. 69 Camaro SS is one of the MOST beautiful cars that was ever made.

2007-04-02 [shinobi14]: The above picture is fairly good looking... I must admit.

2007-04-02 [Elf_Person]: *laughs hystericaly*are you KIDDING ME

2007-04-02 [FireGypsy]: No, I am not kidding. Get some fucking taste!

Yeah that picture is okay minus the wheels. They are mad fucking ugly!

2007-04-02 [shinobi14]: Woah, hostility!! Chill, Sasha.

2007-04-02 [FireGypsy]: ^_^

2007-04-02 [Elf_Person]: i got taste, the 1964 Ford Falcon 289 and the 1970 Dodge Daytona and the 1970 Dodge Charger

2007-04-02 [shinobi14]: <img://>

My idea of American Muscle!!

2007-04-02 [FireGypsy]: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! XD *roflmao*

2007-04-02 [shinobi14]: The Dodge... no, idiot, not the stink-ass charger... the Viper!!!

2007-04-02 [FireGypsy]: Like I have said before Shinobi, WAY to much fucking money! Good luck affording that one dumbass XD

2007-04-02 [shinobi14]: lol Ahhh... Sasha, i like your sense of humour.

You need to share a bit of that with the rest of the EP council. ^___^

Not that expensive... 8-)

What about the GT500 Shelby? Absolutely beautiful.

2007-04-02 [FireGypsy]: Also WAY too expensive! Have you even looked at the price tags on the cars you are listing? Are you effing retarded!?!

2007-04-02 [Elf_Person]: 50 grand for the Shelby

2007-04-02 [FireGypsy]: Exactly! Effing outrageous!

My bearded dragon is running around the room like crazy! She is shedding ^_^

2007-04-02 [shinobi14]: No, might just be a lot more optimistic. =)

So what if all the good-looking ones are expensive? lol

The GT500 costs around $40,000. NOT that expensive, really.

Moral of the story= Want to go fast, buy a muscle car.

Want to look good and go fast, get a better job. XD

2007-04-02 [FireGypsy]: And then buy a 69 Camaro SS ^_^

2007-04-02 [Elf_Person]: actuly i have the book it is 49,950 with the dark silver metalic paint and with black peral racing stipes that includes the elenor body kit

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