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Anime Crazed


Made by me [Pandora♥xcore]

Welcome to Anime Crazed! This is the ulitimate anime and manga wiki on Elfpack, where you can view anime, read manga, compete in contests, and just about anything else!

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, don't hesitate to message me! [Pandora♥xcore]

Just add yourself, no need to ask
Our Members:

1. [Pandora♥xcore] Owner and creator
2. [My Sky's The Limit] *flails arms* ANIME LOVER FOR LIFE!
4. [Blood Red Sandman] AS IF I COULND'T LOVE ANIME/MANGA!!!!!!!! IT THE BEST THING JAPAN HAS EVER CREATED, besides raman. Eating raman and watching/reading anime/manga....... that's the life....
5.[kyraawr] I love anime.
6.[Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses] anime and jrock junkie
7.[Knights Queen]whole room full of anime i love it
8.[Sieg Heil!!.PK] Lucky number 7. Go me. X3 Otakus shall rule the world.
9.[Amaranthine]- Anime is my way of life.
10.[---{Sir Bitch}---] I love anime. There's just no better way of saying it.
11.[Mataza_71191]*bows to a giant manga book*
12. [d o n e] I love Anime. <3333 :DD
13. [Link -- Hero in Green] I'll join. ;) I'm not a huge fan but Its okay.
14.[Wolf Star]- I just love it.
15.[comfyshoes]-can't and don't want to live without it!
16. [Jayr] when you grow up watching it, you get hooked
17. [Dreamdemon**] if it werent for anime id die of bordom.
18. [countdown] anime...wooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19. [ILY;;] I Am Not A Total Anime Freak *Shifty eyes* No Seriously *Sniggers* ANIME OMFG!!! AH!
20: [Kai - Chan] ...AnimeIsMyLife  How can my mum say its baby-ish? pfft. I'll love all anime until im dead! XD
22: [Kalisie Kilik] ANIME ROCKS!!
23: [*Selphie*] The art is cool.....
24: [Sonya Blue]
25: [(Kishu);] i was named after anime! so awesome!
26: [soo_almighty] yes, i'm addicted, but at least i aint hiding it *loves anime*
27: [Monster Master] I thought I joined! But, anywho.. I love anime!
28: [*Suicidal Cupcake*] - ZOMG, I remember the first anime I ever watched was Sailor Moon, I've loved it ever sinse. Even to the point of staying up all night to watch it. :P
29: [Greg Universe] Hetalia is awesome. Just sayin'. <3

So what's here on Anime Crazed?

Anime Crazed's Anime Page
Here you can view a growing list of anime!

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Here you can view a growing list of manga! Please be patient, it will take time for me to scan and upload each volume.

Anime Crazed's FanFiction Page
Post all of your fan fiction here!

Anime Crazed's Cosplay Contest
Compete in a cosplay contest! Ends when I think when I think we have enough entries or if it drags on to long.

Anime Crazed's Art Contest
Art contest that happens every other month.

Anime Crazed's Anime Videos
Here you can post your anime videos or watch others!

Anime Crazed's Recipe Page
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2007-04-27 [une histoire d'amour]: *tips you over*

2007-04-27 [System message]: *falls* i had a good one going

2007-04-27 [une histoire d'amour]: sry.. *puts you back*

2007-04-28 [System message]: its ok *hugs*

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: *hugs back*

2007-04-28 [System message]: so, i got not much to talk about

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: .. i do!!!.... haha i lied XD

2007-04-28 [System message]: lol

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: im waching men in tights...

2007-04-28 [System message]: your watching me?

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: of course! im a stalker...

2007-04-28 [System message]: *strips out of tights* oh shit now i got nothin

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: ... you did that on purpose ><

2007-04-28 [System message]: :) i got boxers on, no worries

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: oh yay youre censored XD

2007-04-28 [System message]: yes i am, im respectable

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: lol now we can let litle kids in here...

2007-04-28 [System message]: lol, damn them

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: man ive had enough of litle kids this place is rated R!

2007-04-28 [System message]: i know, its anoying

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: theyre cute sometimes.. but they can be so... jfldasjf;lasjfdl! ><

2007-04-28 [System message]: i know wha you mean

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: but i gotta love them ^^ 8hugs my kids*

2007-04-28 [System message]: you have kids?

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: well... not really... i teach them dnace... theyre my dance class ^^ theyre so cute though

2007-04-28 [System message]: oh, kool, theres an 8 year old who wants to be like me

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: actually theyre 5 and why would they want to be like you?

2007-04-28 [System message]: well, he has a crative little mind

2007-04-28 [une histoire d'amour]: theyre all girls...

2007-04-28 [System message]: oh, dident know that.

2007-04-29 [une histoire d'amour]: lol do you want to be in my dance class? i think oyull look good in a tutu XD

2007-04-29 [System message]: only in yours *pulls you closer to me*

2007-04-29 [une histoire d'amour]: you wanna be in my tutu? its kind of staticky... i had to steam it the other day... and um.. *ehem* BAD TOUCH XD lol

2007-04-29 [System message]: nope, you

2007-04-29 [une histoire d'amour]: ... oh god... *locks her chastity belt*

2007-04-30 [System message]: *picks belt in under 15 seconds* im good with my hands

2007-04-30 [une histoire d'amour]: oh great ~_~ why did you lick my belt?

2007-05-01 [System message]: sorry, typo ment to put PICK

2007-05-01 [une histoire d'amour]: oh well... still.. your not getting in there

2007-05-01 [Dreamdemon**]: i bet im better with my hands than you are.

2007-05-01 [Pandora♥xcore]: would you guys stop with the perverted shit already, my God

2007-05-01 [Dreamdemon**]: hey I'm not talking about gettin in to someones pants im talking about picking locks which im rele good at. just ask my grandmother every time she buys a new lock i pick it.

2007-05-01 [Pandora♥xcore]: no no, not you...

2007-05-01 [Dreamdemon**]: oh okay

2007-05-01 [Pandora♥xcore]: yeah

2007-05-01 [Dreamdemon**]: so hows you?

2007-05-01 [Pandora♥xcore]: eh so-so, you?

2007-05-01 [Dreamdemon**]: pretty good and hyper

2007-05-01 [Pandora♥xcore]: that's good

2007-05-01 [Dreamdemon**]: not rele i dont like being hyper

2007-05-01 [une histoire d'amour]: ... ill stop.. sorry becks

2007-05-01 [Dreamdemon**]: man that sucks not being perverted is close to not living.

2007-05-01 [une histoire d'amour]: theres better things to do...

2007-05-01 [Pandora♥xcore]: well it's ok from time to time, but there's other people here...

2007-05-01 [System message]: yeah, sex is over rated like sleep

2007-05-01 [une histoire d'amour]: yeah i know... sorry v.v

2007-05-01 [Dreamdemon**]: true being a perv has its down falls.

2007-05-02 [System message]: indeed it dose *rubs side of my face*

2007-05-02 [une histoire d'amour]: why are oyu rubbin your face?

2007-05-02 [System message]: i have gotten my share of slaps

2007-05-02 [Dreamdemon**]: not me for some strange reason most of the girls here in vicksburg like perv.

2007-05-02 [Pandora♥xcore]: ...

2007-05-02 [une histoire d'amour]: i hear ya becks...

2007-05-02 [Pandora♥xcore]: headach ~_~

2007-05-02 [Dreamdemon**]: *gives becky tylinol*

2007-05-02 [Pandora♥xcore]: thanks ^^

2007-05-03 [System message]: ibuprofen is better

2007-05-03 [une histoire d'amour]: same difference...

2007-05-03 [Monster Master]: Ibuprofen is better!

2007-05-03 [Dreamdemon**]: hey same difference is my saying oh well. *same difference*

2007-05-04 [Pandora♥xcore]: o_o

2007-05-06 [System message]: it dose the same but ibuprofen is better tasting

2007-05-07 [Dreamdemon**]: ugh pills all taste them same with me.

2007-05-07 [Pandora♥xcore]: wow

2007-05-07 [Dreamdemon**]: hey!!!

2007-05-07 [Pandora♥xcore]: hello ^^

2007-05-07 [Dreamdemon**]: how are you?

2007-05-07 [Pandora♥xcore]: eh so-so, you?

2007-05-07 [Dreamdemon**]: confussed.

2007-05-07 [Pandora♥xcore]: why?

2007-05-07 [Dreamdemon**]: personal stuff that has been happening in my relationship.

2007-05-07 [Pandora♥xcore]: oh, i'm sorry

2007-05-07 [Dreamdemon**]: its cool i just have to find what is going to make things right again.

2007-05-07 [Pandora♥xcore]: I see, well I hope it works

2007-05-07 [Dreamdemon**]: yea so do I.

2007-05-07 [Pandora♥xcore]: *sighs* v.v

2007-05-08 [System message]: how we doin taday?

2007-05-08 [une histoire d'amour]: alright

2007-05-08 [System message]: good good

2007-05-08 [une histoire d'amour]: *sings* i made up a song ^^ its awsome! i called it shinig through

2007-05-08 [System message]: sweet

2007-05-08 [une histoire d'amour]: ... *dances*

2007-05-08 [System message]: ok...

2007-05-08 [une histoire d'amour]: STILL ITS YOU I CANT DENY ><

2007-05-09 [System message]: oh lord wont you bake me a blue berry pie, i have this craving i can't deny, oh lord can you bake me a blue berry pie

2007-05-09 [une histoire d'amour]: mm pie

2007-05-09 [Pandora♥xcore]: ooo vote guys! ^^

2007-05-09 [System message]: oh lord wont you buy me a plasma flat screen? i need to watch my movies the way there ment to be seen, with dobie surond sound and rockin wide screen

2007-05-09 [une histoire d'amour]: ... oh lord wont you give me a hot guy sleeping under my bed? ... the need is self explanitory ^^

2007-05-10 [System message]: oh lord wont you bui; me a time traveling machean, i ll go back to next week, try to find me, ill give my self the numbers to the lottery, oh lord wont you build me a time traviling machean

2007-05-10 [une histoire d'amour]: lol oh lord wont you buy me a teleporter? ill go to @%$^%(protectedname) house and smack some sense into that boy

2007-05-10 [System message]: oh lord wont you bake me a blue berry pie, i have this craving i can not say why, i can't resist temptation as much as i try

2007-05-10 [une histoire d'amour]: *gives you pie* you called?

2007-05-10 [System message]: lol

2007-05-10 [une histoire d'amour]: what?! you didnt know god was a woman?

2007-05-10 [System message]: god is technicly not a gender

2007-05-10 [une histoire d'amour]: yeah? in my book she has a vagina

2007-05-10 [System message]: really?

2007-05-10 [une histoire d'amour]: yup ^^

2007-05-10 [System message]: do you?

2007-05-10 [une histoire d'amour]: yes...

2007-05-10 [System message]: hmmm :)

2007-05-10 [une histoire d'amour]: what?

2007-05-10 [System message]: nothin

2007-05-10 [une histoire d'amour]: .. kay

2007-05-10 [System message]: okk

2007-05-10 [une histoire d'amour]: *listens to disturbed*

2007-05-10 [Pandora♥xcore]: it's so cold TT_TT

2007-05-10 [une histoire d'amour]: i know

2007-05-10 [Pandora♥xcore]: *yawns* v.v

2007-05-11 [countdown]: is it a good thing or a bad thing that ppl in anime club in my school wants to watch Loveless? Since I'm playing Midori in the fandub and ppl want to see it

2007-05-11 [Blood Red Sandman]: ?

2007-05-11 [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]: hehe i love loveless ^_^

2007-05-11 [Blood Red Sandman]: loveless?

2007-05-11 [une histoire d'amour]: *sneezes*

2007-05-12 [countdown]: mew

2007-05-13 [System message]: it was hot as witches tit out

2007-05-13 [une histoire d'amour]: ???

2007-05-13 [System message]: sorry typo bitches tit

2007-05-13 [une histoire d'amour]: lol i was like.. ewwww a wrinkly nipple ~_~

2007-05-13 [System message]: lol

2007-05-14 [Pandora♥xcore]: .........

2007-05-14 [une histoire d'amour]: sorry >.>

2007-05-14 [Pandora♥xcore]: it's ok...

2007-05-14 [System message]: what happened?

2007-05-14 [Pandora♥xcore]: her comment

2007-05-14 [une histoire d'amour]: *feels bad8 v.v

2007-05-14 [System message]: oh


2007-05-15 [System message]: i can't im going to start an anime club at school soon

2007-05-17 [Pandora♥xcore]: lucky v.v we arn't allowed to have one...

2007-05-17 [countdown]: how come?

2007-05-17 [Pandora♥xcore]: school budget...

2007-05-17 [countdown]: that sucks...there's an anime club in my school

2007-05-17 [Pandora♥xcore]: < I asked my principal and he said no there was no one to do it and not enough money v.v

2007-05-17 [System message]: don't need money to do one

2007-05-18 [Elf_Person]: the best DBZ AMV EVER

2007-05-18 [System message]: oh your rob?

2007-05-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: ya he is

2007-05-19 [System message]: thought so

2007-05-19 [Elf_Person]: JOE YOU DUMBASS YOU KNOW WHO I AM

2007-05-19 [System message]: actualy i dident know you changed your name

2007-05-20 [Elf_Person]: oh hehe sowwy bout that

2007-05-20 [System message]: um ok

2007-05-21 [Pandora♥xcore]: ....

2007-05-21 [System message]: yup yup

2007-05-27 [~Mystical Misty~]: hi

2007-05-29 [Pandora♥xcore]: hello

2007-05-29 [System message]: hey

2007-05-30 [Pandora♥xcore]: what's up?

2007-05-30 [System message]: not to much, how about you?

2007-05-31 [Pandora♥xcore]: school -_-

2007-06-02 [System message]: same, just got my car, woke up and then i found out every one wants to use it, dave, mom, josh

2007-06-04 [Pandora♥xcore]: that sucks...yeah everyone wnats me to drive them everywhere just cause I have a car now...

2007-06-04 [System message]: its a pain in the ass aint it? charg em for gas

2007-06-05 [Pandora♥xcore]: i'm going to...especially since gas is gonna be $5 a gallon here in a month or so...

2007-06-05 [System message]: holy shit, are you serious?

2007-06-06 [Pandora♥xcore]: yeah! fucking sucks >< it's already a few cents short of $3

2007-06-07 [System message]: yeah? thats not super bad, your paying 2.98, i think where paying 3 somthin here

2007-06-07 [Elf_Person]: we payin 3.25-3.30 and i have a V8 TT_TT

2007-06-07 [Pandora♥xcore]: wow @_@ that sucks v.v

I have a Pontiac GM it's pretty good on gas, i've filled it once since i've driven it and that's been over a month now

2007-06-08 [System message]: holy shit, thats got to be like a 4 sylinder

2007-06-08 [Pandora♥xcore]: I don't remeber what it is, but i've done over 100 miles, for 12 years old it runs pretty fucking good

2007-06-08 [System message]: damn, thats young compared to mine mine is an 86 so it i think 21 years old

2007-06-11 [Pandora♥xcore]: oh wow

2007-06-12 [System message]: yeah, its a relic now

2007-06-12 [Pandora♥xcore]: I got gas yesterday, thank God the price went down...

2007-06-12 [System message]: my cars a boat so it sucks it down like a bum with expensive wisky

2007-06-13 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol, but that sucks

2007-06-17 [Elf_Person]: im gettin a PT Crusier YAY

2007-06-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: oh wow

2007-06-18 [System message]: but there wierd looking cars

2007-06-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: ya, I still like my sports cars ^^

2007-06-18 [System message]: ok, evry one has a fav. car

2007-06-19 [Elf_Person]: i had a sports car TT_TT but it was stolen

2007-06-20 [System message]: thats horribel

2007-06-20 [Elf_Person]: i know, IM GETTIN A 53 Year Old Truck YAYS

2007-06-20 [System message]: nice, chevy?

2007-06-21 [Elf_Person]: FORD

2007-06-21 [System message]: wow

2007-06-21 [Elf_Person]: yup, ima bout to buy a Fiat Spider

2007-06-21 [System message]: ok

2007-06-21 [Elf_Person]: my house is gunna look like a car lot

2007-06-21 [System message]: lol

2007-11-23 [MatsuoKumiko]:


2008-03-04 [Kalisie Kilik]: Holy shit, its been forever since ive been here, XD

2008-03-20 [Pandora♥xcore]: omg me too lol

2008-03-21 [Blood Red Sandman]: ...

2008-03-25 [Uzumaki Naruto]: Hi there is a new wiki called Naruto Gaiden. Please check it out if you want.

2008-04-02 [Pandora♥xcore]: will do

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