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Artistic Nudity Members

Part of Artistic Nudity


These are the people who have joined our community in, Artistic Nudity.


Go to Artistic Nudity Membership to become a member.


1) [zoloftzantac]
2) [eyes of frost]
3) [Lust]
4) [skullhead]
5) [MissZombie]
6) [bloodmut]
7) [DrakeA]
8) [cburg]
9) [sexy-slut]
10) [~Forever Fallen~]
11) [Elisa]
12) [Mom]
13) [Boom!!!]
14) [its a snowy day]
15) [BlindGuardian]
16) [Fr3Ak $HoW]
17) [Pua]
18) [the phantom]
19) [Shadows in the mist]
20) [Lyon Armonial the healer]
21) [take me home and feed me]
22) [NE0]
23) [W!ld KAT]
24) [TwIzTiD FreekSHOW]
25) [~altopia~]
26) [Pretty Pixie]
27) [Apocalypse Here]
28) [gone but not forgotten]
29) [Opal]
30) [St.Morgan]
31) [Coco caca]
32) [Deadly Pacifist]
33) [shadow of darkness]
34) [Pua]
35) [Iron-wulf]
36) [dshwshr55]
37) [groban]
38) [cloud.]
39) [~*Astarte*~]
41) [bookie_gurl]
42) [Firenze]
43) [chrispychef]
44) [covenant]
45) [corupted reconasonce]
46) [wheelsy]
47) [Saira]
48) [Dog Street Chaos]
49) [triad]
50) [kittykittykitty]
51) [Football stud]
53) [tazz]
54) [Kira.]
55) [Vreiyn Estrea Luna]
56) [Akimorou]
57) [Sia Tasha]
58) [Love like Winter.]
59) [kyba_the_elf]
60) [clay]
61) [whygodwhy]
62) [-dot-]
63) [mr.superpower]
64) [..oops..]
65) [Amack]
66) [birdsong]
67) [Punk Kid]
68) [Miss BettyBoop]
69) [Sieg Heil!!.PK]
70) [La Fleur de La Croix]
71) [Technobable]
72) [Mr.Bong_420]
73) [carruthers1]
74) [Vilarus]
75) [spike-lee]
76) [sadandlonely]
77) [blackrigante]
78) [my innocent romance]
79) [Deviant Z]
80) [Dead Inside.]
81) [Hot Tabasco]
82) [Beloved Promise]
83) [tomorrow's tragedy]
84) [Defender Of Your Freedom]
85) [ShadowSong]
86) [tomguy]
87) [take me home and feed me]
88) [Cosmo]
89) [Love .Me .Like .You .Love .The .Sun.]
90) [xxГøвiη_AмαziŋGټ]
91) [kavik]
92) [Golden Dawn]


For any questions, comments or concerns please message:

[zoloftzantac] or [eyes of frost]. Thanks!


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Artistic Nudity

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2006-04-11 [Lust]: I blame you!

2006-04-11 [zoloftzantac]: uhh .. good! because it was my fault :p

2006-04-11 [Lust]: Oh.. Damn.. Then... Err... Sud up!

2006-06-09 [zoloftzantac]: wow kitty, you are #50!

2006-06-20 [kittykittykitty]: Yay! :D

2006-06-21 [tazz]: hello

2006-06-22 [kittykittykitty]: Hey [tazz] :) I saw in the forum you are a new member....

2006-06-22 [tazz]: up but my name is not up yet

2006-06-22 [kittykittykitty]: Don't worry, they haven't forgotten about you ;) Do you have any artwork to submit? I'd love to see some if you do :)

2006-06-22 [zoloftzantac]: yeah, I'm not so good about keeping the list up to date >.<

2006-06-22 [kittykittykitty]: There's also [Kira.], [Vreiyn Estrea Luna] [Akimorou] and [Sia Tasha] :P

2006-06-22 [zoloftzantac]: thank you sweetie! ^__^

2006-06-22 [eyes of frost]: ....Yup...Joe's cheating on me. *sigh*

2006-06-22 [zoloftzantac]: ... and what about your boyfrined? Well, I guess it can be a policy that each of my wives can have one boyfriend on the side ...

2006-06-22 [kittykittykitty]: Only one? Ooops *goes to break up with some boyfirends*

2006-06-22 [zoloftzantac]: heh, well i bet you could sweet talk me into anything you want ;)

2006-06-23 [kittykittykitty]: XD Will you break up with my boyfriends for me then?

2006-06-23 [zoloftzantac]: Okay, no problem. I'll prepare a nice formal form letter so I don't have to repeat myself over and over and over. I'll be needing the addresses of all of your BFs

2006-06-23 [kittykittykitty]: Ok, I'll send them in a message. Can I see the letter before you send it? :)

2006-06-23 [zoloftzantac]:

Dear Sir,
My services have been contracted by [kittykittykitty] and I am acting as her agent in this matter.
[kittykittykitty] wishes to inform you that she has unconditionally terminated her relationship with you.
There is nothing that you are required to do.If you have any questions please contact me directly and I will try to make this more clear to you.

2006-06-23 [kittykittykitty]: <3 That should work :) I hope you don't get too much hate mail in response

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