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Hello and welcome to the official Avenged Sevenfold wiki!


Avenged Sevenfold consists of:
M. Shadows - Vocals
Zacky Vengeance - Guitars
Synyster Gates - Guitars
Johnny Christ - Bass
The Rev - Drums

Members that are no longer in the band:
Justin Sane
Dameon Ash

Huntington Beach, California
United States


Just add your name to join!

1. [Pandora♥xcore]Owner
2. [une histoire d'amour]
3. [My Sky's The Limit]
4. [Sonya Blue]
5. [- ოзɢαη;]
6. [Master Of Duct Tape]
7. [Lithium.]
8. [bjhgvy]
9. [x.Lif3iizB3 utiiful.x]
10. [Taking Back Jo]
11. [HeAVenShallBuRN]


New cd "Avenged Sevenfold" is out!
It's fucking mazing so you better get it -_-'

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2006-08-22 [- ოзɢαη;]: its a face O.o

2006-08-22 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol

2006-08-22 [- ოзɢαη;]: im bored

2006-08-22 [Pandora♥xcore]: me too

2006-08-22 [une histoire d'amour]: me three

2006-08-22 [My Sky's The Limit]: me 286

2006-08-22 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol

2006-08-22 [My Sky's The Limit]: well i needed a # XD

2006-08-22 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol how about 1,456,793,324,560,153,278?

2006-08-22 [My Sky's The Limit]: 7846584376896525089758749754675467965347590478590 is better

2006-08-22 [Pandora♥xcore]: ok lol

2006-08-23 [My Sky's The Limit]: lmao

2006-08-23 [une histoire d'amour]: lol you guyses are sillies

2006-08-23 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol

2006-08-23 [une histoire d'amour]: ^_^ oh gtg to work.. tyl

2006-08-26 [My Sky's The Limit]: ES MA'aM!

2006-08-27 [une histoire d'amour]: lol ^-^ hi

2006-08-31 [My Sky's The Limit]: Oo wtf did i try to do...?

2006-08-31 [Pandora♥xcore]: *dances* I finally got the A-7-X shirt I wanted ^^

2006-08-31 [une histoire d'amour]: YAY ^_^

2006-09-01 [My Sky's The Limit]: thats good =3

2006-09-01 [Pandora♥xcore]: efj2jthtfdpvwrpdfnv fv22netfpv2np2e *spazes* read the news! ><

2006-09-01 [une histoire d'amour]: okay okay

2006-09-01 [une histoire d'amour]: the song contest is up there ^-^

2006-09-01 [Pandora♥xcore]: no on this page!!! they won!

2006-09-01 [une histoire d'amour]: iknow

2006-09-02 [bjhgvy]: So, I'm totally going to see A7X in 2 weeks. I'm pretty stoked about that. YES!

2006-09-02 [Pandora♥xcore]: wow sweet! i'm going to go see them in October or whenever it was that they were going to come to that place here lol

2006-09-05 [My Sky's The Limit]: i wanna go.....

2006-09-05 [une histoire d'amour]: we can cal oyu ^-^

2006-09-05 [My Sky's The Limit]: OO YAY!

2006-09-05 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol

2006-09-06 [My Sky's The Limit]: KEE I FUCKIN LOVE YOU!@

2006-09-06 [une histoire d'amour]: we all fuckin love kee... shes just fucking amazering! ><

2006-09-06 [Pandora♥xcore]: *is so happy kind of* that fucker got banned! he deserved it and he went on with this whole speech about me and blah bl;ah blah and sent a picture of me he made where he shot me to death -__-

2006-09-06 [une histoire d'amour]: who?!

2006-09-06 [Pandora♥xcore]: that fricken [camel] guy, but all is well he got his sorry ass banned, if not I was going to send another report about harassment, he was worse than Bryce Morrison! and damn my block list is getting even bigger -_-

2006-09-06 [une histoire d'amour]: YES!!! he was claling me fat this morning and he stole all my pictures... he was harrassing me for god knows how long.. his real name was [frosd01] remember him?

2006-09-06 [Pandora♥xcore]: um nope, but I blocked him anyway! XD

2006-09-06 [une histoire d'amour]: yay you go girl!

2006-09-06 [Pandora♥xcore]: lmao that's one reason why I wonna be part of crew, to make this place better, i'm so tired of assholes like that -__-

2006-09-06 [une histoire d'amour]: i am too! ><

2006-09-06 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol

2006-09-06 [une histoire d'amour]: i support you all the way ^^

2006-09-06 [Pandora♥xcore]: awww thanks! ^_^

2006-09-06 [une histoire d'amour]: you're welcome huns!

2006-09-06 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol

2006-09-06 [une histoire d'amour]: ^-^

2006-09-06 [Pandora♥xcore]: *is copying recipes in a wiki* XD

2006-09-06 [une histoire d'amour]: WW recipies?!

2006-09-06 [Pandora♥xcore]: ww? lmao yea anime crazed

2006-09-20 [My Sky's The Limit]: eew gross the camel fucker XD

2006-09-20 [Pandora♥xcore]: ewww

2006-09-20 [Pandora♥xcore]:

NEW FUCKIN CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-09-20 [une histoire d'amour]: which one?

2006-09-20 [My Sky's The Limit]: OO

2006-09-20 [Pandora♥xcore]: AVENGED SEVENFOLD! READ THE NEWS!

2006-09-20 [une histoire d'amour]: YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-09-20 [Pandora♥xcore]: lmao I know!

2006-09-20 [une histoire d'amour]: *Gets al exited*

2006-09-22 [My Sky's The Limit]: Oo XD YAY

2006-09-22 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol

2006-09-22 [My Sky's The Limit]: over and over over and over i fall for you over ane over over and over i try not to- oh wait a minute....

seize the day or die regreting the time you lost its empty and cold w/o you here too many people to ache over


2006-09-22 [une histoire d'amour]: lol YES!

2006-09-22 [My Sky's The Limit]: XD sorry bout that ^^;;;

2006-09-22 [Pandora♥xcore]: love that song

2006-11-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: the wiki is alive again! ^_^

2006-11-18 [My Sky's The Limit]: \,,\

2006-11-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: XD

2006-11-18 [Master Of Duct Tape]: hey hey hey, three days grace kicks ass too!!

2006-11-18 [My Sky's The Limit]: but this wiki is mainkly for avenged sevenfold

2006-11-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: yea I like them too

2006-11-18 [une histoire d'amour]: ^^

2006-11-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: *plays Over and Over on guitar*

2006-11-18 [My Sky's The Limit]: *just got done listening tot hat song*

2006-11-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: what a coinkidink! XD

2006-11-18 [My Sky's The Limit]: i know dude!

2006-11-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: XD

2006-11-18 [My Sky's The Limit]: do do do do do *Hump* :O

2006-11-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: *screams* I was watching a movie on youtube and it was on the last segment and I cliked on it and it was flagged as innopropriate! >.< I wonna see the damned ending!!!!

2006-11-18 [My Sky's The Limit]: what movie?

2006-11-19 [Pandora♥xcore]: there we go somehow I got around it XD Queen Of the Damned

2006-11-19 [My Sky's The Limit]: i wanted to see that, but never got around to it. im trying to get all the inuyasha movies right now

2006-11-19 [Pandora♥xcore]: I saw all 4, the 4 was my favorite

2006-11-19 [My Sky's The Limit]: i saw the first and second. im trying to get them on youtube

2006-11-19 [Pandora♥xcore]: they should be there

2006-11-19 [My Sky's The Limit]: hope so :3

2006-11-19 [Pandora♥xcore]: ^_^

2006-11-19 [My Sky's The Limit]: never care for what they say never care for games they play never care for what they do never care for what they know

2006-11-19 [Pandora♥xcore]: I like that song

2006-11-19 [My Sky's The Limit]: i do too i just thought of it too for some strange reason

2006-11-19 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol *listens to Breaking Benjamin*

2006-11-19 [My Sky's The Limit]: *listens to nickelback*

2006-11-19 [Pandora♥xcore]: *listens to System Of A Down* everybody's going to the party have a real good time dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine XD

dude! I was put in charge of poking united XD!

2006-11-19 [une histoire d'amour]: NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-11-19 [Pandora♥xcore]: yeah until [Fallen Child Athena] got back v.v *is no longe rin charge TT_TT

2006-11-19 [une histoire d'amour]: naw TT_TT

2006-11-19 [Pandora♥xcore]: oh well

2006-11-19 [une histoire d'amour]: *huggles*

2006-11-19 [Pandora♥xcore]: *hugs back*

2006-11-19 [une histoire d'amour]: ^^

2006-11-21 [My Sky's The Limit]: dood....

2006-11-21 [Pandora♥xcore]: *glomps Cathy* ya?

2006-11-21 [une histoire d'amour]: CATHAY!! ^^

2006-11-21 [Pandora♥xcore]: XD

2006-11-23 [My Sky's The Limit]: *giggles* the word that reminds camille of poo

2006-11-23 [Pandora♥xcore]: what?! XD!

2006-11-23 [une histoire d'amour]: oh yeah!!! XD

2006-11-23 [My Sky's The Limit]: XXD

2006-11-23 [Pandora♥xcore]: ok I feel a bit better ^^

2006-11-23 [une histoire d'amour]: only a litt;e bit better?

2006-11-23 [Pandora♥xcore]: ya...just a tad...I blocked 5 people in less than 5 minutes...

2006-11-23 [My Sky's The Limit]: camille all i heard was boners...

2006-11-23 [Pandora♥xcore]: O.O

2006-11-23 [My Sky's The Limit]: *cracks up*

2006-11-23 [Pandora♥xcore]: XD

2006-11-23 [une histoire d'amour]: LMFAO! XD

2006-11-23 [My Sky's The Limit]: sorry camille my Aunt talks alot

2007-01-11 [Pandora♥xcore]: XD

*waves* hi new member! ^^

2007-01-11 [Taking Back Jo]: *waves* ahoy there!

2007-01-11 [Pandora♥xcore]: XD thanks for joining! ^^

2007-01-11 [Taking Back Jo]: no worries. I do LOVE a7x, have you heard gc "the river" feat. A7x, awesome!¬

2007-01-11 [Pandora♥xcore]: no! where! ><

2007-01-11 [Taking Back Jo]: the song will start itse;f :)

2007-01-11 [Pandora♥xcore]: *listens* thanks! @_@

2007-01-12 [My Sky's The Limit]: *giggles* calm down kee

2007-01-12 [Pandora♥xcore]: omg I love that song! >< glvkjwetn! *protects the song* <img:img/mood/5_1116262979.jpg>

2007-01-12 [Taking Back Jo]: haha, me too!!!!!!

2007-01-12 [Pandora♥xcore]: I spazed so bad when M. Shadows started singing XD

2007-01-13 [My Sky's The Limit]: <img:c-gif.gif>

2007-01-13 [Pandora♥xcore]: XD

2007-01-13 [My Sky's The Limit]: you're so weird kee but i love you

2007-01-13 [Pandora♥xcore]: o.o....yay! ^________________^ I love you too!

2007-01-15 [My Sky's The Limit]: YAY!

2007-01-15 [Pandora♥xcore]: ^^

2007-01-15 [My Sky's The Limit]: *dances* seize the day or die regretting the time you lat its empty and old witout you here too many eople toache over

2007-01-15 [Pandora♥xcore]: *joins her* I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time, but i'm too young to worry, the streets we travel on will undergo the same lost pain, I found you here now please just stay for awhile, I can move on with you around, I hand you my mortal life, but will it be forever, i'd do anything for a smile, holding you til,our time is done, we both know that day will come, but I don't want to leave you, I see my visions burn I feel my memories fade with, but i'm too young to worry, a melody, a memory, or just one picture, seize the day or die regretting the time you lost, it's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ach over, trials in life questions always exisiting here, don't want to die alone without you here , please tell me what we have is real....

soory just had to sign that ^^`

2007-01-16 [My Sky's The Limit]: X3 tis k

2007-01-16 [Pandora♥xcore]: *loves that song*

2007-01-16 [My Sky's The Limit]: *same* i was obsessed with it for the longest time

2007-01-16 [Pandora♥xcore]: hell I love all their songs XD

2007-03-28 [baiiiiiiiiii]: Bat country's the best!!!!!!

2007-03-28 [Pandora♥xcore]: of course Robby ^^

2007-03-29 [My Sky's The Limit]: NU UH! ><

2007-03-29 [Pandora♥xcore]: well Lips Of Deceit kicks total ass

2007-03-29 [une histoire d'amour]: I LOVE I WONT SEE YOU TONIGHT!!!

2007-03-30 [Pandora♥xcore]: oh yesh! @_@

2007-03-30 [une histoire d'amour]: ^-^

2007-03-30 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol

2007-04-03 [My Sky's The Limit]: o.o

2007-04-03 [Pandora♥xcore]: XD

2007-04-06 [My Sky's The Limit]: >3<  <---the WA-CHANG! face

2007-04-07 [une histoire d'amour]: *giggles* ^^

2007-04-24 [Pandora♥xcore]: lmao

2007-04-24 [une histoire d'amour]: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!.. i got tummy cramps ~_~

2007-04-24 [Pandora♥xcore]: awww! I feel really dizzy...

2007-04-24 [une histoire d'amour]: *rubs your temples*

2007-04-24 [Pandora♥xcore]: thanks ^^

2007-04-24 [une histoire d'amour]: yw

2007-04-24 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol

2007-05-04 [My Sky's The Limit]: I gotta pee. . .

2007-05-04 [une histoire d'amour]: GO GO GO ><

2007-05-04 [My Sky's The Limit]: XD went a long time ago

2007-05-04 [une histoire d'amour]: oooh...>.>

2007-05-04 [My Sky's The Limit]: -hump- How are you?

2007-05-04 [une histoire d'amour]: awsome! and you?

2007-05-04 [Pandora♥xcore]: lol

2007-05-13 [My Sky's The Limit]: AAAAAAAAAAAWESOME!

2007-05-14 [Pandora♥xcore]: ^^

2007-05-15 [My Sky's The Limit]: I need to pee. . .

2007-05-17 [Pandora♥xcore]: then go silly XD

2007-05-30 [My Sky's The Limit]: . . .I did a long time ago LMFAO!

2007-05-30 [Pandora♥xcore]: oh lmfao XD ma bad

2007-05-30 [My Sky's The Limit]: You didn't know, I don't comment on hardly any wikis anymore, it makes me mad xD

2007-05-31 [Pandora♥xcore]: I know! except our ones that make no sense XD

2007-05-31 [My Sky's The Limit]: xD! Like the grar one LMFAO

2007-05-31 [Pandora♥xcore]: yeah! perfect example XD

2007-06-06 [My Sky's The Limit]: ^^ -so rocks- xD

2007-06-06 [Pandora♥xcore]: psht ya!

2007-06-23 [My Sky's The Limit]: xDDD! -is so full of herself too-

2007-07-09 [Pandora♥xcore]: lmao, that's ok, you do!

2007-07-11 [une histoire d'amour]: BECKY! *glomps* ><

2007-10-03 [Pandora♥xcore]: *glomps back* ^^

2007-10-08 [My Sky's The Limit]: ; ; Cammies isn't heres no more :[

2007-10-11 [Pandora♥xcore]: I know u_u

2007-10-31 [- ოзɢαη;]: new CD is the shizzz!!
Random =]

2007-10-31 [Master Of Duct Tape]: I need to pick that up tomorrow!!! I completely forgot that it was coming out.  gah- I've been so busy!

2007-10-31 [Pandora♥xcore]: omg i've been counting it down! I wasn't able to get it yet though TT_TT

2007-11-02 [Master Of Duct Tape]: i picked it up last night (the one with the DVD) and it rocks so fucking hard... I love it

2007-11-02 [Pandora♥xcore]: omg! lucky! ¬_¬

2007-11-15 [une histoire d'amour]: im here!

2007-11-15 [Pandora♥xcore]: dfcbgkjlfd;bjdtr


2007-11-15 [Master Of Duct Tape]: x2

2007-11-16 [Pandora♥xcore]: ^-^

2007-12-15 [x.Lif3iizB3 utiiful.x]: wats the cd called?

2007-12-16 [Master Of Duct Tape]: it's self-titled

2007-12-16 [x.Lif3iizB3 utiiful.x]: kk thanx hun.

2007-12-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: *dances*

2011-02-17 [»happily_emo«]: A7X is fuckin amazing! syn gates is so FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-09-12 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: :o

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