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2008-07-07 04:01:51
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join if u like Batista...the WWE RAW draft pick 2008!!!!!



1.[tears of blood] owner of this and and Batista will be sexy 4 eva!
2.[Lord of your demise69] batista rox>
3 [fallen angel] Batista is hot
4.[Uncle Kracker's Wife] Batista is awsome and hott
5.[kung fu kat#2]i Love Batista
6.[Nasty Naj]ive met batista in life!!!
7.[Dragunity] Fuckin rights batista is the man!!
8.[Xx sαяαн-ιоυιѕε мαч..x] Yeah...he's! lol ^^
9.[Rhayne]- Batista is the BEST wrestler alive and i wish that he didn't move to smack down cause i don't get that channel
10.[DuRbSgUy_2k] batista rox
11.[punk this, bitch] He's ****ing Hot!! Especially how he is in bed!
12.[Jen-Bunny] he's so like woooooooah, i swear i'd let him pin me,he can have more than 1..2..3.., he can in fact have 1...2...3..4..5...6..and so on...
13.[animalunleashed] Batista is the best!
14.[big beautiful]omg batista is the best
16.[ZFactor] batista rocks
17.[celticfc rule] batista rocks nd he is'nt world champion anymore people just to tell you...he got beat from undertaker at wrestleania 23 and then undertaker got beat from edge:( but batista had no chance at wrestlemania 23. undertaker was getting beat but every1 knows thier is no chance of undertaker getting beat at wrestlemania but batista is one of the best on smackdown.

RIP Eddie Guerrero we wouldnt and couldnt forget the latino heat that lied cheated and stole our hearts .

also see for things batista pics and batista banners

R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero we will miss you dearly 


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2005-06-18 [tears of blood]: Batista is SEXY

2005-08-27 [inserting name here]: Batista is sexc!

2005-08-27 [tears of blood]: hell ya

2005-09-02 [♥. SAM .♥]: ......

2005-09-03 [tears of blood]: ya we all kno!!!!

2005-09-29 [♥. SAM .♥]: sum1 extremly sexxxxy is john cena!!

2005-09-29 [tears of blood]: i kno im in his fan club too

2005-10-01 [♥. SAM .♥]: wuts his wiki?

2005-11-13 [furmedge]: batista is amazin there is no1 like him the best world heavy weight champion of all time#

2005-11-13 [tears of blood]: atleast yuh made it add ur name

2005-11-16 [♥. SAM .♥]: RIP*EDDIE GUERRERO! we love N miss u soo much!!

2005-11-16 [tears of blood]: so did batista

2005-11-17 [Rhayne]: i will miss eddie guerrero sooo much i cried when they did the honoring show for raw! :.(

2005-11-17 [tears of blood]: i did too just wait till friday smackdown

2005-11-19 [Rhayne]: yea but the only thing that sux is that i don't get that channel *grrrrr*

2005-11-19 [tears of blood]: lol i did and benoit won against triple H go benoit

2005-11-20 [Rhayne]: YEY i hate HHH he SUX!! yes benoit won*jumps up and down*

2005-11-20 [♥. SAM .♥]: yea but at least triple H hugged beniot N everything *n* was man about it..but yea**tear**

2005-11-20 [Rhayne]: *hands iLoveJoHnCeNa54 a tissue* it's ok yea i think he's always mad about something

2005-11-20 [♥. SAM .♥]: im excitEd for raw tomorrow!! wonder wuts gonna happen!

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