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Welcome, and this is a wiki devoted to my love for cars...

I think you'll find at least one that you like.

Oh, by the way, no chavs allowed. Sorry, but there will be no Vauxhall Nova with a shoddy bumper kit and the exhaust package from a Scooby anywhere here, so if you like to wear burberry, "trackies", Rockports, and can't finish a sentence without saying "Fuck", then go now.

Here lie the sexiest goddam cars in existence. Please tell me if I've missed any...

Toodles ^___^


Ahhhh... Nice. The Nissan 350Z, this model called the "Nismo". Lovely. 3.5 Litre engine 224 BHP (at 6400 RPM), V6 and redlines at 7000 RPM. Tis a beast. Plus, the Nismo already comes performance enhanced anyway.


Ok. So they've brought out a new EVO. Not so original, I know. But look at it! It has a Inline, 4 cylinder, 2.0 turbocharged engine. And when I say turbocharged, i mean it! The turbo is so big, that it takes ages to accelerate due to turbo-lag. And since it's a Rally car, it has 4WD, so it can put every one of those 286 BHP (at 6500 RPM) onto the road.


Porsche 911 Turbo. Well, twin turbo if you wanna be precise. Two turbos, and a whole lot of engine. A 3.6L, Flat V6 engine, kicking out a massive 480 BHP (at only 6000 RPM)!!!
This massive power is why this special car can get from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. I advise you take a spare pair of underpants if you're gonna hop in this one. ^___^


The finest example of excelent British engineering, the Aston Martin Vantage. Wit its elegant looks, and style, you would be happy buying this car merely for its looks! But no, it offers so much more...
A powerful V8, 4.3 L engine, delivering 380 BHP at 7000 RPM. It can go up to 175 MpH, and will get from 0-60 in 5 seconds. I would kill for this car...


An ace car. The Lotus Exige S is a car you buy for a rush, every day of your life. It can reach up to 148 MpH, and 0-60 in 4.1 secs. But it only has a 1.8 L engine, you say. Yes. And a HUGE supercharger! All of this, and it only weighs a mere 935 Kg. So ,yeah. A nippy car to get you from A to B... just try and get to B without crapping yourself.


Ahhh... This car is brilliant. The Mazda RX-8. It has a rotary engine, which is nice, 1.3 L. I know its small, but it does pack a nice punch. This little car can reach 0-60 in 6 seconds, and eventually reaches its top speed of 150 MpH!!! With a 1.3L engine!! It generates 232 BPH at 8500 RPM, and only redlines at an impressive 9000 RPM!!! That means the transmission cogs in this car will be turning 150 times a second!!! I WILL buy it!!


Most famous in its appearance in the film "2 Fast 2 Furious", the Nissan Skyline GTR has become very popular. With its inline 6 cylinder 2.5 engine, and its twin turbocharger, it has a lot of power. This powerful engine generates 276 BHP at 6800 RPM. It has a top speed of 155 MpH, and does 0-60 in 5.2 seconds. A very sexy car to play around with.

If you want a bit more power, go to Super Cars

Or if this isn't to your taste, then try American Muscle Cars

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2007-02-08 [1990 laney boi 2007]: shame they r just pics n not the real thing

2007-02-08 [shinobi14]: ye innit. Nice cars tho, rite?
Im makin a super car section now, with the GTs and the ferrari's, and etc etc

2007-02-08 [1990 laney boi 2007]: coolage!

2007-02-08 [FireGypsy]: You are forgetting the greatest and sexiest cars of all time! They came WAY before your silly 4 cylinder toys ^_^ You might just remember them, the American Muscle Cars! I would take a hefty supercharged 327ci V8 over one of them toys any day of the week!

2007-02-08 [shinobi14]: U gotta be kiddin me... Those old bangers? American muscle will never beat European engineering, and itll be lyk that for quite a while (especially British and German engines)

2007-02-08 [shinobi14]: Sure, wot i have her is a hand full of Japenese imports, but they deffo know how to make a car fast... not lyk ur hefty, heavy, clumsy "muscle" cars.

2007-02-09 [FireGypsy]: Yes, but those cars are either WAY expensive to buy stock, or take a lot of money and rebuilding to make fast. But take a small muscle car such a a Nova, build up the engine and put a supercharger on it and you have 500+ hp. I COULD take that engine and put it in any small car such as my 92 duster, but I like american muscle and the look of it and would rather drive a Nova around than a Nissan. By the way, those 350z's arent as fast as you think they are, I have seen them at the track.

2007-02-09 [shinobi14]: I know they're not, but its not just the performance Im after... Its the whole package.
I must say, finding a girl that knows about chemistry AND cars is quite an impressive feat indeed. Well done!

2007-02-09 [shinobi14]: OK. Now look at the links. Ive added your precious Muscle cars to them. Well done in winning me over. ^_^

2007-02-09 [FireGypsy]: WooOoOo! *dances* ^_^

2007-02-09 [shinobi14]: Well, if were gonna play this game, then.. *dances with you*

2007-02-09 [FireGypsy]: =D

2007-02-09 [1990 laney boi 2007]: lols

2007-02-09 [Livi;;]: you like

2007-02-09 [shinobi14]: thanx! Sorry ur Shelby didnt make it onto their.

2007-03-31 [Pinup_Princess]: yo shinobi do ya wana pic of my step dads car on here? b4 the dragon came off

2007-03-31 [shinobi14]: I dont think that the Vauxhall Calibra (no matter how tuned) will ever get into this list!! Sorry Gem. >.<

2007-04-10 [Jaaames;]: lol, your missing the viper, or is that going in supercars? ;}

2007-04-10 [shinobi14]: Oh yeah, thats a supercar, alright. =]

These are almost affordable. Those arent. ^___^

Anything else you want to add?

2007-04-11 [Jaaames;]: How about a bit of Honda S2000 or Supra? ;} They're definately affordable.

2007-04-12 [shinobi14]: Wow, how could i have forgot those two beautiful imports!!! Thanks, Jamesness!!

2007-04-14 [;]: OI you lol you forgot a Porch 911 and the Ferrari 575 AND the Ferrari 360 range, how rude ^-^ hehe just ignore me, im a bit strange :P

2007-04-14 [shinobi14]: Errr.. sorry. *points up*

Porche 911 T. lol

2007-04-14 [;]: ahh you know what I mean :P

2007-04-14 [;]: Oh dont forget the Porsche Cayman S thats a well fit car XD or the Maserati Spyder or the Aston Martin Vanquish cos i see you like the Astons :] or even the Cadillac XLR

2007-04-14 [shinobi14]: The Caddy is crap. In fact, i was reluctant to put american cars on here... but someone won me over... lol

Errr... Maserati! THATS what im talking 'bout! ^___^

And the Cayman is horrible. Only its looks are good.

2007-04-14 [;]: OK you like to speak your mind dont you XD but i love you if you like the Maserati :D

2007-04-14 [shinobi14]: =D Of course! Italians (although terrible drivers) make excellent cars!

Na, its just that they built the Cayman as an in-between car, better than the Boxster, but worse than the 911... and its everything! Speed, price, bhp, mpg, engine size, etc etc its all in between the two!!

And you can tell.

Oh, and the Vanquish was traced from the Vantage (seen above). Same car, really. Only a few differences. =]

Well, actually, a lot of differences. Price, engine size, bhp, mpg, top speed, 0-60, etc etc.

The Vantage is the mini version of the Vanquish... Still looks the same, though. Ones just a bit smaller, though... And a LOT cheaper. XD

2007-04-14 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Aston martin *Drools* although I liek the DB 9 too Heehee...Omg AND the lotus...>.>

2007-04-14 [shinobi14]: yesh indeed! the DB9 is fantasic!!

but, as i said, i would KILL for that Vantage!!

and the Lotus... Alright. Not bad. Mediocre. Regular.

2007-04-14 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD I would kill for the DB9..I'm like..a DB9 whore...Theres one that comes to my school...

Lotus is easily pwned by Aston..

2007-04-14 [shinobi14]: Hmmmm... you seem to have exactly the same tastes as me... that song in your mood by "Cute Is What We Aim For". ROCKS MY SOCKS!!! Very cool song ^-^

And you hate American cars, just like me. The only thing they are good at is top speed. =/

So, for the test, which car is your favourite on here then?

2007-04-14 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD I have decent taste I know :P Although some cars on here get a "No comment" from me XD

I LOVE it I've been listening to it for like 2 days all day..xD I have got 4 friends hooked on it ^^

YES! God! Their suspension sucks uberly too.

2007-04-14 [shinobi14]: Like which??? Which get a "no comment"?

2007-04-14 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Uh *looks* Nissan skyline GTR, EVO and..Thats about it xD I just don't like the looks..Good car or not :P

And my favourite is quite obviously the Aston martins (astonMartinWhoreHereXD)

2007-04-14 [shinobi14]: YAY!!! Correct answer, luff! *dances*

And the EVO is better than the Skyline. Damm straight. But EVO... come on! Its brilliant!

2007-04-14 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Lmao *dances hidden* Yay! *continues to stare at it*

It would be better in Black xD

2007-04-14 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: I'm not a fan of yellow cars...Maybe lime green XD

2007-04-23 [Jaaames;]: Ahh, but the Supra owns the evo and skyline. What you can do with the engine. Ahh. :) And the supra is merely a LOT cheaper aswell. Booyah. ^^ Aston Martins's for guys with deep pockets, eh danny? ;P

2007-04-24 [shinobi14]: Indeed it does! The Supra rocks! Its a sexy ass car!!! XD

James, you rock. =D

Oh, yeah. I plan to have deep-ish pockets. But im planning on getting the Vantage, which is only £80,000. Not that bad, really. XD

2007-04-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: I plan on being a girl with very deep pockets xD For mah motorbikes and Mah aston martin..And maybe a bently for classical occassions XD

2007-04-25 [shinobi14]: The Continental GT. Amazing. Not that fast, but "Bently Continental GT" in car language means "money". =]

And im getting the Vantage!!! YAY!!!

2007-04-25 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: We have Bently's coming to my school ^^ I like em lol.

Yay!!!! Good choice :P

2007-04-25 [shinobi14]: I know. XD And a car like the Vantage for £80,000? Brilliant. XD

2007-04-25 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD I'm getting teh DB9 ^^

2007-04-25 [shinobi14]: Another amazing car! Its the shmexx...

...just like you! hehe

2007-04-25 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD It is the shmex...But i'm not :D! Thanks anywho

2007-04-25 [shinobi14]: Dont make me get Kira into this, Lexi... ;)

2007-04-25 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD Get her :P she'd probably agree wif me ^^

2007-04-25 [shinobi14]: you know she wouldn't, Lexi! lol

You both are the shmexx. Dont know who wins out of you two though... <img:m-jpg.gif>

2007-04-25 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Would! ^_^

Kira would. Indefinately xD

2007-04-25 [shinobi14]: Ah ah ah!! Cant say, Lex.

We will have to wait and see!

2007-04-25 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Whys?

Haha...Shes smexier by far

2007-04-25 [shinobi14]: I do like your pigtails pic, Lexi. =]

That is smexy.

2007-04-25 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD Tisn't. x.x But thanks anywho rofl

2007-05-21 [Legendary]: cool cars bro

2007-05-21 [shinobi14]: Thanks man. =]

2007-05-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Danny we should make a "Nice Cars that say Money" Wiki xD And but like Bentleys in there :P

2007-05-21 [shinobi14]: Yeah, the Bentley Continental GT, the Rolls Royce Phantom, etc. Good idea, Lexi. XD

2007-05-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Hellz yeah. We need to set it up enit :P *poses like in her piccamature* xD

2007-05-21 [shinobi14]: Ahhhh yes. A new piccie!! Very cool, Lexi.

What with the new "GANGSTA" pic, and you saying "enit", well, i could make you look a bit chavy. XD

2007-05-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD Hell yeh..

Me and kieron messing about lol and I meant it to say enit lol it was on purpose :P I have a REALLY chavvy one lol thats nothing. Plus im one cool gangsta enit diked! (On purpose lol)

2007-05-21 [shinobi14]: I know it was on purpose, smexi Lexi. ;)

And you have a chavier one than that? Well done... :)

2007-05-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Non smexi lexi xD And good heehee

Oh yerr its the pose with like the V on the chin thing going on xD i might show it one day if i can live down the shame of even posing like that for a LAUGH lol

2007-05-21 [shinobi14]: haha... dont worry, Lexi. I wont judge you... I dressed up as a chav for halloween. XD

2007-05-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Lmfao well you'd scare the shit outta me if I found you at MY door..Haha

2007-05-21 [shinobi14]: T_________T

2007-05-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: I meant dressed as a chavvvv! Not otherwise ^^ Otherwise i'd pounce on yoo xD

2007-05-21 [shinobi14]: Oh, right. Well, damm straight id scare you! I wore trackies, lad. And rockports. And a Burberry cap. And a chunky Argos chain. (which i all borrowed from my cousin) hehe

And id glomp you if i say you out and about. XD

2007-05-21 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Holy hell....*Pisses self laughing*

xD we are uber cool

2007-05-21 [shinobi14]: Indeed we are... =]

But im too tired now... *yawns*

Must sleep... :)

Good night, smexy Lexi. XD

2007-05-22 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: I'm baaaaack! Oh that still makes me laugh :P

I already left before you so HAH! Rofl..Yay for me...? o.0

2007-05-22 [shinobi14]: No.... just no. ^__^

*pets smexeh Lexxeh* Tis okay...

2007-05-23 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD Yes!

Non shmexi!

2007-05-23 [shinobi14]: YES SHMEXI!!! YES!!

2007-05-23 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo *drama*

2007-05-23 [shinobi14]: *slaps to try and snap you out of drama*

You is very beautiful, Lexii!! >.<

2007-05-23 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRr *Dead*

2007-05-23 [shinobi14]: O_O No... dont die... NOOOOO!!! >.<

2007-05-23 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Killed by a pacifist...Oh my. xD

2007-05-23 [shinobi14]: I killed you? >.<

Im sowwy.... T___T

2007-05-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD How do you spell that btw? I have nooo idea XD

And nah im alive ^^

2007-05-24 [shinobi14]: Good, im glad you are! Coz there arent any spares of you.. there is only oned Smexeh Lexeh! XD

And its pacifist, hun. :)

2007-05-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD im like choking and thanks

2007-05-24 [shinobi14]: Haha!! Good, im glad i made you choke... well, sorta. ^__^

2007-05-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Rofl why?

2007-05-24 [shinobi14]: Well, ita a reaction, right? XD

2007-05-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD To what? :P

2007-05-24 [shinobi14]: Ne'er mind. XD

*pokes Lexi*

2007-05-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD I wanna know! *pokes*

2007-05-24 [shinobi14]: Lexii....

...shaddap. XD

2007-05-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Nevuh.

2007-05-24 [shinobi14]: XD Good... i like you loud. ^-^

2007-05-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD Well I'm nearly always loud so yeh..And reaction to what? ^^

2007-05-24 [shinobi14]: ;nvpiasbvdai!!!! @@@@@

Nothing! 9dnv[nasivv!!!

2007-05-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: tell me ^^

2007-05-24 [shinobi14]: Why were you choking?

2007-05-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD Drink went down the wrong way :P And reaction to what? xD

2007-05-24 [shinobi14]: The reaction to your drink going down the wrong way. :)

2007-05-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: I'm confused!

2007-05-24 [shinobi14]: Doesnt matter, Lexi. *hugs*

Im off for the night, early-ish night. hehe

kisses. ^-^

2007-05-24 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Meanieeee I'll beat it outta you! xD *Tackles and clings*

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