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2005-11-01 [Stephen]: Hits "Previous Version" ...Holy shit, talk about a crew cut.

2005-11-01 [Dwemer]: Yes I did, *makes him think of ugly things -shakes- * Well, yes, what a crew cut :P

2005-11-02 [Stephen]: :( *hug*

2005-11-03 [Tear]: HOW THE FUCK DID I BECOME THE LEADER? When did this all happen? I wasn't made aware of this!!!! Oh dear!

2005-11-03 [Firenze]: Sunrose done a clear out and I suggest you start doing your job!!! Some of the pic's that have been submitted don't follow the rules

2005-11-03 [Tear]: Oh well, I guess I am stuck with it. I just got promoted, lol. Stephen, I would be glad to have you back with us, so go ahead and put your name and title up there.

2005-11-03 [Firenze]: I have enough to do as it is

2005-11-06 [Stephen]: Thanks. ^_^ I'd love to put myself back, but I don't know any of the passwords. =oP

2005-11-07 [Dwemer]: The password is simple ;) but a secret ;) Naah, I'll mail you.

2005-11-09 [Tear]: Does no one know how to spell assistant? Not an "e" but an "a"

2005-11-09 [Hedda]: Not in Swedish! ;-) Well, I'll translate the page into English ;-)

2005-11-09 [Tear]: I had no clue. And yes, what a tough job that was to "translate" this page, lol.

2005-11-09 [Stephen]: Shouldn't I be in some forum for this?

2005-11-09 [Firenze]: Joost is forum dictator still I think

2005-11-09 [Stephen]: I think anyone with priv 14 can add people to a forum.

2005-11-09 [Firenze]: I can kick people out but not add people...

2005-11-09 [Stephen]: Hmmmm.... they used to be able to add people.

2005-11-09 [Firenze]: well I can't

2005-11-10 [Tear]: I can't either, or at least I don't think I can, because I am not the forum dictator. Though considering my newfound position, maybe I should be.

2005-11-10 [Stephen]: You can't. You should be. I think only hedda can assign new dicatators.

2005-11-24 [Dwemer]: Yes, ask [Hedda] to do so, since I'm kicked out for having 2 bad weeks ^^ Ok? Thanks! Roger. Over :)

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