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The current Elfpack Logo was made by [Tylord].
It can be seen in the upper left corner of all screens, above the side border.

As of now, we have not yet had any previous logos, but once we change the logo old logo's and their creators will be archived here.

Elfpack will change its logo from time to time by choosing among user-submitted content. Users who have their logo's chosen for use, will receive the ability to use donor colors in their house, and have the 10-image restriction in their description removed.


If you've created a logo, submit it on

Elfpack Logo Submissions


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2004-10-12 [Whim]: It's kind of a quick design, but I really wasn't sure what direction to go in anyway. I mean, I still don't entirely understand the theme behind Elfpack, so for now I'll just post that rather plain design.

2004-10-13 [Sheona]: Any ideas are worth seeing ^_^

2004-10-13 [Whim]: hehe...granted, but I still feel like this place has no least not yet anyway. The grey really makes the place look like some sort of prison, fall-out, something or another.

2004-10-13 [now serving number: -_-;;]: it's for my other personality lol (^,^) <==may look semi-familiar to some...;)

2004-10-13 [Nite_Owl]: logo looks fine to me (^,^) then again i can't even make badges so anything's probably better than mine lol

2004-10-13 [Whim]: Hmmm...perhaps. It's not a bad start. Perhaps I can build on what's already there.

2004-10-13 [Sheona]: And another quick design... ^_^

2004-10-13 [1st Font]: Oh they are both very good

2004-10-13 [owly]: cool stuff. nice job [Tylord].

2004-10-13 [Tylord]: ThanX

2004-10-13 [Lordpenguin]: i love your one sheona!

2004-10-13 [Sven Welkenson]: Yeah, that one is pretty bad-ass isn't it?

2004-10-13 [De'ladrei]: ive been a member *looks at watch* for all of 3 seconds and already im making a banner lol

2004-10-13 [Sheona]: Thanks, [Lordpenguin]! Mine does fit the space, when scaled down. I just thought I'd provide the larger version for the sake of interest. :)

2004-10-14 [De'ladrei]: i really like that one [Sheona] *thumbs up* well done ^_^

2004-10-14 [Sheona]: Aw, thanks :)

2004-10-14 [De'ladrei]: yer welcome ^_^

2004-10-14 [Tylord]: THESE LOGOS SUCK!!!!!

2004-10-14 [Sunrose]: your logo is on it too!

2004-10-15 [Tylord]: doh'..... >_<

2004-10-16 [blue]: hummm i dont no how to submit a logo... oh well.. ill have to figure it out

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