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Elfpack is growing quickly, and new features are being added almost daily! YAY! Now comes the time for to find an artist of exceptional caliber to draw for us an image to be displayed on the login page. How are we going to do this? A contest, how else?! Haha!

Listed below are the rules; please read them and understand that by entering this contest you agree via an understood contract to abide by these rules. Any image found to be in violation of the rules will be removed from the contest at the complete discretion of the judges.

To enter this contest, send a link to your full sized entry, with a title, to [Solitiaum]. She will post it here. (This is to avoid issues with those of you who might be tempted to move things around come poll time, or delete someone else’s entry.) Please spread the word, and have fun!

The Rules:

1. ALL SUBMITTED ENTRIES MUST BE THE SUBITTER’S ORIGINAL WORK AND IDEA. This means no reproductions, repostings, copied works, works randomly found on the net, submissions of another Elfpack member’s work, or heaven knows anything else we might have missed. Using another artist’s work without their express, written permission is stealing, and will NOT be tolerated. If a person is found to have submitted stolen work, that person will be permanently banned from submitting any more works, and will be reported to the guards.

2. ALL MEMBERS PARTICIPATING IN THIS WIKI, ENTRANTS OR NOT, MUST BE RESPECTFUL OF EVERYONE ELSE AND THEIR WORK. We, by no means, tolerate any sort of disrespect or drama. If anyone is badmouthing people, being disrespectful or causing trouble on the wiki, they will be added to our banned list. If we find out that anyone from the wiki has badmouthed, or spread rumours about the Wiki, it's members or The Elfpack Staff, that person will be added to our banned list. Any person on our banned list will have their entries & comments deleted. This is meant to be a happy, fun place where people can come to share and support each other, and we are set on keeping it that way.

3. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE ON THE ELFPACK/AUSTRALIAN THEME. No random images, no matter how cool they might look, will be allowed to participate. If an image’s theme does not seem to fit, the artist will be contacted via personal message and given a chance to explain how their work fits the theme. The judges have the last call on what does or does not fit the theme.

4. ENTRIES SHOULD BE 600x800 OR SCALABLE TO THAT SIZE. Other technical issues will be addressed on an entry by entry basis.

5. NO ONLINE CHARACTER CREATOR ART WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE. We want you to put your blood, sweat, and tears into your entry; make it look the best it can possibly look by YOUR own hand. No entry that honestly shows effort will be disqualified, but the judges still have the final say.

6. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST REACH [Solitiaum]’s MAILBOX BY THE 21st OF FEBRUARY. Voting will commence on the 1st of March.

7. HAVE FUN!! (Or we will sneak into your house and fill your bathtub with rubber duckies!! o_O;;)

Some Hints:
-Just cause you photoshop'd your entry does not mean it will win.
-Having a lot of friends vote for you does not mean you will win.
-Entries will be judged as fairly as possible, with the poll as a guide. Judges ultimatly will make the final decision.
-Uploading to another server or asking [Sunrose] for wiki uploading priviledges will take away the hassle of Elfpack's auto-resize function as it works when uploading to your house.


FPIC Entries

Contest Closed!

Username (or number or email):


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2005-02-09 [Orouriel]: I don't understand the theme :-S

2005-02-10 [Sunrose]: Elfpack is Elftown's all the banned people are sent to prison here ;-)

2005-02-10 [Asrun]: Then.... Shouldn't EP be more strict? XD

2005-02-10 [Drizzt]: I like eggs

2005-02-10 [Asrun]: Eggs are icky.. chicken fetus. ;D

2005-02-10 [Sunrose]: Well Australia criminals could do what they want..

2005-02-10 [Ringbearer]: Except breaking the UAR :P

2005-02-11 [Asrun]: Oooh... :3

2005-02-11 [Sunrose]: LOL! :D

2005-02-11 [Clive Scorch]: *Burns Australia.* BURN!!!!

2005-02-11 [Sunrose]: Wow, they've been through so much and now you want to burn them! aaaahw...

2005-02-11 [Asrun]: I want a kangaroo first! >.< Dun burn the kangas!

2005-02-11 [Clive Scorch]: I wasn't I was burning the people...THE EVIL PEOPLE WHO STOLE ALL THE COOL ACCENTS!!!

2005-02-11 [Asrun]: Australian accents are HOT

2005-02-11 [Clive Scorch]: Oh really? *Impersonates an Austalian bloak.*

2005-02-11 [Asrun]: :O Doesn't work like that. XD

2005-02-11 [Clive Scorch]: How about Sean Connery then? *SMiles.* Maybe even Arnold?

2005-02-11 [Asrun]: No. :(

2005-02-11 [Clive Scorch]: Oh darn...*Shoots Sean Connery.* ASS!

2005-02-11 [Asrun]: :3 Buck futter! XD

2005-02-11 [Clive Scorch]: *Pokes her.* And it went like this!

2005-02-11 [Sunrose]: what about the poor aboriginals :/

2005-02-11 [Clive Scorch]: They are fine, they don't pollute the earth as much as the rest of us. *Burns America, and puts Bush's head on a pike.*

2005-02-11 [Sunrose]: But a lot of aboriginals live like regular Australians :P

2005-02-11 [FireGypsy]: Arnold is now the governator of California hehe!

2005-02-12 [Clive Scorch]: Well then I guess they won't be living like that too long. *Evil grin.*

2005-02-20 [Solitiaum]: Ok, Last call, all entries in my box by Monday the 21st!!

2005-02-20 [Clive Scorch]: NUUUU! Wait! How did I find this wiki anyways? My art isn't good enough to be the front page image.

2005-02-20 [Sunrose]: Probably through Mainstreet!

2005-02-20 [Clive Scorch]: That's a does anyone like black and white pencil drawings?

2005-02-20 [De'ladrei]: me :)

2005-02-20 [Amalaswinta]: a good black and white pencil drawing can be very powerfull... if an artist truely knows how to use different shades of grey, you really don't need colour :-)

2005-02-20 [De'ladrei]: i usually do all my work in black and white. i use colour and it is never as good

2005-02-20 [Amalaswinta]: especially with portraits... although my portraits are all in colour... hmmm.... :rushes off to try something:

2005-02-20 [De'ladrei]: lol i use black ink a lot. like printing work. i used to love doing that

2005-02-20 [Amalaswinta]: there, made black and white versions of my potraits:  :-D

2005-02-20 [De'ladrei]: oooh very nice :D

2005-02-20 [Amalaswinta]: :blushes:

2005-02-20 [De'ladrei]: hehe

2005-02-20 [Sunrose]: Nice! ^^

2005-02-20 [Amalaswinta]: thankies :-D  :powders her face to hide the reddish glow:

2005-02-20 [Clive Scorch]: Well if you like black and white drawings just look at my house and tell me what you think.

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: *dances around with [Asrun]* we won we won we won!!! :-D

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: *hands out chocolates and champayne* ^_-

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: *opens champagne, gives everyone a glass full, realizes one bottle isn't enough, runs to the cellar to go get some more*

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: LOL!!

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: :-D

2005-02-25 [Clive Scorch]: EW! *Lights everyone's champagne on fire.*

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: :S

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: *sees curtains catching fire, calls firedepartment*

2005-02-25 [Clive Scorch]: *Watches the fire spread, proud of his...seconds work.* WHOOHOO! BURN MOTHER!

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: *puts fire put* no burnie down elfpack

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: *calls out her faerie friends to come join the party*

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: :D

2005-02-25 [Clive Scorch]: Oh fine...*Pulls out a hammer and nuclear warhead.* The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout. *Slams hammer into the washead horizontally.*

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: eeep *hides underground*

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: *calls out her petdragon to take care of nasty critters*

2005-02-25 [Clive Scorch]: Down came the rain! *Hits it again.* And...

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: *joins [De'ladrei] in hideaway*

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: lol smart thinking *covers hole in ground with a big rock*

2005-02-25 [Clive Scorch]: *Hands petdragon a supersoaker.* Washed the spider out!*BANG!*

2005-02-25 [Solitiaum]: oh me gah. o.O;

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: "bugger" pretty much sums this up

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: lol

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: *black adder moment* and back again :D

2005-02-25 [Solitiaum]: somethin like that... o_O;;

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: lol...i doubt v much if anyone will get the back adder coment. but if they do, they rock

2005-02-25 [Solitiaum]: i do... *grin*

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: wootness! *[Solitiaum] rocks!*

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: ROFL!!!

2005-02-25 [Solitiaum]: hehe... did you see the black adder christmas carol?

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: .......noo....what?? O_O

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: yepyep. Black adder... gotta love 'm ;-)

2005-02-25 [Solitiaum]: soooooo funneh!

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: wootness of the black aderishness

2005-02-25 [Solitiaum]: YUSH!

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: XD

2005-02-25 [Ringbearer]: I've got a cunning plan!

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: oooh pray tell ;-)

2005-02-25 [Solitiaum]: tell tell tell! *pounces*

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: LOL!

2005-02-25 [Ringbearer]: *steals the cuties away all for himself* there ya go!

2005-02-25 [De'ladrei]: lol thats not very cunning ppppft just delayed lol

2005-02-25 [Ringbearer]: Its effective :D

2005-02-25 [Amalaswinta]: hahahahahaha

2005-02-25 [Solitiaum]: haha

2005-02-26 [Clive Scorch]: WHOOHOO!!! Nuclear Holocaust's got nothin' on me!

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: o_O;;

2005-02-26 [Clive Scorch]: *Starts conversing to himself.* Take her skin...TAKE IT! No...She's a nice person. Stupid fool! She wants your brain!

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: no, i want your blood.

2005-02-26 [Clive Scorch]: Wait, oxygen enriched blood, or used blood?

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: O2 enriched, straight from the vein...

2005-02-26 [Clive Scorch]: But I need that blood to get oxygen...*Looks around.* To my brain...

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: Oh Ill give some back... >:)

2005-02-26 [Clive Scorch]: How much? Are you a vampire?

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: Yes, and the same amount I took.

2005-02-26 [Clive Scorch]: So a blood tranfusion? Us werewolves aren't to thrilled with the thought of that. *SMiles.*

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: *grins* But a shifter's blood is like elixer for us vamps...

2005-02-26 [Clive Scorch]: I know, but killing a Garou may prove alot more challenging than you would believe.

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: killing a girraffe???? YOU ARE EVIL!!

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: Ah, but did I not *just* say that I wasnt going to drain you? How then, would I be killing you...?

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: hmm

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: fear the awesome powers of my vampirical logic, muahhahahahaha!

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: erm ok... *fears*

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: hehe X)

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: omg giraffe? ;_;

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: she killed one!

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: :O

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: i did not either!!

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: j000!

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: you did

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: i so did not!! hes a wereWOLF not a giraffe v.v

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: whooo! :O

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: SILENCE ye lambs of the slaughter!

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: beeeeh..

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: *slaughters [1st Font]!!* >_< he tried to silence my freedom of speech...

2005-02-26 [Ringbearer]: *cleans up the mess again, dumps the remains in a garbage bin, then uses a fire hose to wash away the blood*

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: Freedom of speech exists where there is democracy :P

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: and i live in the USA. we have democracy... sort of...

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: *realises something* O_O AHHHH!!! the dead speaks!!

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: EP is not based in the USA :P And USA has a dictatorship :P

2005-02-26 [Ringbearer]: *splashes [1st Font] with holy water* Vade retro, spirit of the abyss!!! And EP is an empire, rules by empress [Sunrose]!

2005-02-26 [De'ladrei]: ahhh *runs away from holy water*

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: ahhhh! *runs away from holy water*

2005-02-26 [De'ladrei]: it burns it burns! keep it away!!

2005-02-26 [FireGypsy]: lol XD

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: Errr Why would I be afraid of Holy water... I am now an enlightened being... a guardian for [Sunrose]... and one day perhaps she will reach my level of enlightenment

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: o.O

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: don't o.O me!

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: O.o

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]:  >.> <.< ^_^; o.O O.o o_O; ^^; >_<" -.-; >.< >.o; O_o?? O_O ò.ó >^.^<

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: banned!

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: councilly person! *cackles*

2005-02-26 [Asrun]: Hahahha. :D IMMUNITY! :P

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: oh yeah, i forgot... >:) :) :( :O XD X) XP :P :D >:D<

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: =) =( =P =D =)~

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: Council are below warden, and i have debs wrapped around my little finger :P

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: ah but see you already set the precedent for councilly immunity with the bouncing!

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: hmm yeah and biig boobs...  (  .  ) (  .  )

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: yea? This is not a democracy :P

2005-02-26 [Asrun]: (_|_) Bum too

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: dont forget the biig boobs! XD

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: mmm arse

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: arse is just (  )(  ) with a bunch of stuff above and below it

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: ...

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: my ex made a whole woman like that on the keyboard...

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: .... dear me

2005-02-26 [De'ladrei]: coment lol

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: he has WAY too much time on his hands, and lord only KNOWS what he was doing while looking at that pitchure before he started dating me...

2005-02-26 [De'ladrei]: ........probably involved a dark room somewhere lol

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: lit only by the light of his computer screen *shudders*

2005-02-26 [De'ladrei]: ech >.>

2005-02-26 [Asrun]: Ewww

2005-02-26 [Solitiaum]: quite.

2005-02-26 [Asrun]: *protects [Solitiaum] from the creepies* :/

2005-02-27 [Solitiaum]: *hides behind asrun*

2005-02-27 [Asrun]: ^.^ Whee!

2005-02-27 [Solitiaum]: *nips asrun's bum lightly* >:)

2005-02-27 [Asrun]: omg! :O

2005-02-27 [Solitiaum]: *cackles*

2005-02-27 [Clive Scorch]: *Laughs and points at his toes.*

2005-02-27 [Ringbearer]: *Is confused* Damn you comment way too much. I had to go back a page to see how the Holy Water effect went!

2005-02-27 [Solitiaum]: *baps clive slightly* oops... slipped XD

2005-02-27 [Sunrose]: I had to go back two! haha! and [Solitiaum] exactly do you know [Asrun] is not one of those creepy persons?! :O

2005-02-27 [Solitiaum]: i just do... im speshul like that. o.o;

2005-02-27 [Sunrose]: Hahah! But I think she might be! The other day she was obsessed with boobs! >.>

2005-02-27 [De'ladrei]: :O

2005-02-27 [Sunrose]: I know!

2005-02-27 [Solitiaum]: *giggles*

2005-02-27 [De'ladrei]: hehe

2005-02-27 [Asrun]: I was not! :O Sunrose takes an honest typo and blows it WAY out of proportion! :O

2005-02-27 [De'ladrei]: lol that is why typos are so much fun at tiems

2005-02-27 [Sunrose]: Sure sure [Asrun]! :P

2005-02-27 [Ringbearer]: [Sunrose] is ALWAYS right!!! Now, about the money you promised me. [Sunrose]?

2005-02-27 [1st Font]: not always

2005-02-27 [De'ladrei]: lmao @ Ring. ahh the joys of bribery ^_-

2005-02-27 [Sunrose]: ooh imaginative rb :p

2005-02-27 [Ringbearer]: Hey, I am a poor college kid... Now, I accept PIn, VISA and Mastercard.

2005-02-27 [De'ladrei]: lol last time somone was nice to me i handed them a £5 in an obviously underhand fashion lol as a joke, got the whole room laughing, needless to say i never saw the £5 again ,but it was funny

2005-02-28 [pussnboots1]: i like the first one wich is the fairy ne and i think that we should keep it there

2005-02-28 [De'ladrei]: there are two pics thta change at random.

2005-02-28 [Clive Scorch]: *Rubs his head.* OW! Which one of you A-holes bapped me?

2005-02-28 [Solitiaum]: *whistles and looks around innocently*

2005-02-28 [Clive Scorch]: *Tackles her and bites her neck softly.* You did it, didn't you?

2005-02-28 [Solitiaum]: *shivers slightly and then grins*

2005-02-28 [Ringbearer]: O.o... who bit her...

2005-02-28 [Clive Scorch]: *Ties her hands behind her back. Then, licks her juggular from bottom to top, and then drags the tip of his tongue across her jawline to her ear...He then smiles and runs away.* WHOOHOO!

2005-02-28 [Solitiaum]: *wimpers there tied on the floor, pleading with he eyes for someone to finish her*

2005-02-28 [Clive Scorch]: *Comes walking back then unties her.* carried away. *SMiles.*

2005-02-28 [Solitiaum]: *stalks off to her bedroom to finish herself and relies on bert to understand why*

2005-03-01 [Clive Scorch]: *Laughs gleefully at Sai.*

2005-03-01 [Solitiaum]: *shoots him a glance then drags him along with her* >.>

2005-03-01 [Clive Scorch]: EEEEEeeee! RAPE!!!! *Squeals like a little girl.*

2005-03-01 [Solitiaum]: *handcuffs him to her four poster bed and takes car of herself in the closet*

2005-03-01 [Clive Scorch]: *Focuses strength into his right arm and yanks the bed post off of the bed.* HHRN!

2005-03-01 [Solitiaum]: *pokes her head out of the closet door, then tackles him to the bed*

2005-03-01 [Solitiaum]: Whatcha up to?

2005-03-01 [Clive Scorch]: Um...*Tries to think quickly.* I'm...getting a fly off my nose...yeah...that's it, a fly.

2005-03-01 [Solitiaum]: *searches his face and then licks his nose, then skitters out of his way so he can break the rest of the way free while she saunters back into the main room with a smirk*

2005-03-01 [Clive Scorch]: *Watches her walk out slightly confused, but quickly grabs his left arm and yanks at the post breaking it in half.*

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