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come join this wiki and disscuss all the books and movies!! please feel free to take the banners but please only if ur a member!!




1.[SweetBrunette00](OWNER)~My fav chracter is Hermonie and of course Harry Potter!!!
2.[devil_gurl69] my fave character is Hermonie
3.[Blood Red Sandman]: well, mine would have to be....... Ron
4.[mandy1412]  ron is sexy to me i love him lol
5.[~`~Wolf~`~] -my fave character is Harry
6.[Moon Priestess]-My favorite characters are Fred and George.(C`mon cant pick just one! They come as a pair!)

slithern sux lol jk
aww look its RONNY!!!
hey this collage is koolz

a wiki for my wikis!! check em out now!!!
megs wikis

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2006-01-27 [DRACE]: eh, I'm just basicly talking to u, cause no one else seems to want to speak to me at the moment ~_~ , but anyways, I am about to goto its a free chat site, u can chat without joining or join and have your name reserved for u ^_^ , its like 10:35pm, it will be like 10:37pm when I send this tho lol

2006-01-27 [SweetBrunette00]: thatz kool and wow its sooo late there!! lol its 6:43 am

2006-01-27 [DRACE]: well I am in the future u know - lol, well anyways, if u ever goto spinchat, my user name is the same as here DRACE

2006-01-27 [SweetBrunette00]: okay!!! i'll remember that

2006-01-27 [DRACE]: k, bye

2006-01-27 [mandy1412]: ok well i hate everthing mostly at school

2006-01-27 [Blood Red Sandman]: -_- not a book reader? that stinks, but I like to annoy people til they're ready to hit me. It's just fun to see their expressions before I run for my life.

2006-01-27 [SweetBrunette00]: lol thats funny INU NO TAISHOU

2006-01-27 [mandy1412]: well im a person who wants to be alone since im always alone. but the only time im not alone is at school with all my friends

2006-01-27 [devil_gurl69]: lol im always alone!!

2006-01-28 [mandy1412]: i think inthe inside everyone is alone

2006-01-28 [Blood Red Sandman]: [SweetBrunette00], call me Lily.

2006-01-28 [DRACE]: Lily is a sweet name... anyhow, sorry if what I was saying before was bad and such, its just that some little flipdick was saying shite about me and well, i wasn't supposed to find out, but the 'grape vine' moves in the wind, eh I found out ~_~

2006-01-28 [SweetBrunette00]: okay sure thang lily!!!

2006-01-28 [mandy1412]: cool i think we sould tell eachother our names lik im amanda lyn

2006-01-28 [SweetBrunette00]: lol i'm megan

2006-01-29 [devil_gurl69]: im bridgett aka ~B~ lol

2006-01-29 [Blood Red Sandman]: Amanda, Megan, and Bridgett.

2006-01-29 [mandy1412]: you can also call me Manda if you people want to ok

2006-01-29 [devil_gurl69]: kk

2006-01-29 [mandy1412]: :D lol man you guys are so cool to talk to lol

2006-01-29 [devil_gurl69]: thanks manda your really coolie urself!!

2006-01-29 [mandy1412]: thanks i feel happy now lol now i can sleep know people around the world think im cool but really you people are the coolest people to talk to you know lol

2006-01-29 [DRACE]: hmmm... well it depends on which people u mean, my names Neil by the way, but just call me Drace

2006-01-29 [mandy1412]: cool then you people can call me bob or manda ok whatever you would like k :)

2006-01-30 [Blood Red Sandman]: You rock too Manda!

2006-01-30 [DRACE]: hmmm... well how about I call u sexy ;P

2006-01-30 [SweetBrunette00]: lol

2006-01-30 [DRACE]: hehe ^_~

2006-01-30 [mandy1412]: lol thanks Inu

2006-01-30 [DRACE]: *scampers up a wall and across the celling, then drops down the light fixture, and swings back and forth...*

2006-01-30 [mandy1412]: cool are you having fun i wish i could do that lol

2006-01-31 [DRACE]: *nods... holds out his hand and pulls u up with him...*

2006-01-31 [mandy1412]: um..*smiles and blushes* h.hi..

2006-01-31 [Blood Red Sandman]: Looks like SOMEONE has a new admirer! *Grins* Have fun Manda!

2006-01-31 [mandy1412]: shut up lol

2006-01-31 [Blood Red Sandman]: You know you like it

2006-02-01 [mandy1412]: -.- who told you that.... maybe i do

2006-02-01 [DRACE]: o.O eh, u shouldn't get to close to me sweety, I'm not that good a person, but anyways

2006-02-01 [DRACE]: *hangs upside down from the light fixture by his tail, then starts rocking back and forth*

2006-02-01 [devil_gurl69]: awww drace how can u say that about urself?? ur right ur not a good person..........YOUR AN AWESOME PERSON!!!!

2006-02-01 [DRACE]: u wouldn't think so if u met me

2006-02-01 [SweetBrunette00]: hey every1 that is in here that hasn't joined this wiki should!! cause u know u love it!!!

2006-02-01 [mandy1412]: we allthink you are a cool person

2006-02-01 [DRACE]: well add me to the list then...

2006-02-01 [DRACE]: *lets rip with such a fart that makes the sharp rank nose burning smell of decaying seaweed smell like roses... then passes out...*

2006-02-02 [SweetBrunette00]: lol

2006-02-02 [Blood Red Sandman]: ^_^ No one told me, I'm just smart. I can read minds! ^_^

2006-02-03 [DRACE]: *twitchs*

2006-02-03 [mandy1412]: *laughs at DRACE then goes to sleep in the air*zzzz

2006-02-03 [Blood Red Sandman]: *Sticks her tongue out* I'm not reading your mind Drace, it's creepy....... *Shivers*

2006-02-03 [mandy1412]: *laughs in her sleep*

2006-02-04 [DRACE]: *wakes up and looks at [Blood Red Sandman], says, 'And how would u know my mind is creepy...'*

2006-02-04 [mandy1412]: *wakes up to see why people are talk so loud* shhh plz :D * stands up and leaves to a quiet spot*

2006-02-05 [DRACE]: *jumps down and scampers after [mandy1412], crawls up her back and hides in her hair*

2006-02-05 [mandy1412]: *scratches her head and finds DRACEin her hair* hmmmmm hey you lol :D

2006-02-06 [DRACE]: *chooks on mandy's hair and flops to the ground, passed out*

2006-02-06 [mandy1412]: *hold DRACE in her arms to wake him up* are you ok ?

2006-02-07 [DRACE]: o.o *coughs out a hair ball and gives mandy the thumbs up signal*

2006-02-07 [mandy1412]: *laughs and hugs him * what a dumb funny person lol i mean it in a nice way ok :D

2006-02-08 [devil_gurl69]: lol you 2 r funny!!

2006-02-08 [mandy1412]: lol :P

2006-02-08 [DRACE]: heh, well I can't pretend not to be a fool ^___^

2006-02-08 [mandy1412]: lol funny but yet true. some poeple dont like me because they think im to crazy to talk to but im not im just you just like every one >:)

2006-02-09 [DRACE]: eh, well I like talking to u ^___^

2006-02-09 [Blood Red Sandman]: .............................................. -_- *Thinks* This is disturbing....

2006-02-10 [mandy1412]: thanks DRACE :D

2006-02-10 [DRACE]: *hope [Blood Red Sandman] don't think to much... cause it hurts... *grins evily and swats [Blood Red Sandman] up the back of the head*

2006-02-10 [Blood Red Sandman]: Drace, I already said to call me Lily! ..................................................................................... No matter what he thinks, it's still disturbing................. -_-

2006-02-10 [DRACE]: what, how am I disturbing, what have I done to u Lilly? o.O

2006-02-11 [mandy1412]: sorry i have not been on my grandpa is dying :(

2006-02-12 [DRACE]: oooh, ummm, if u need to talk, just drop me a message Mandy, okay sweety

2006-02-12 [mandy1412]: its ok he has passed away yesturday at 5:50 pm but i will be ok

2006-02-13 [DRACE]: mmm kk... o.o

2006-02-13 [SweetBrunette00]: oh i'm sry mandy:(

2006-02-13 [mandy1412]: its ok thanks you guys :/

2006-02-14 [DRACE]: no problemo sweety, we will always be here for a friend... am I riight peoples??? o.O

2006-02-14 [SweetBrunette00]: lol yes u are right OH SO RIGHT!! oh and happy valentines day!

2006-02-14 [DRACE]: whats so good about it ~_~

2006-02-14 [RIFT KEEPER]: I am the true person that [DRACE] made this user name for and yes, my name realy is Riff Large, I had it changed a few years ago, if any of you have any questions, ask my on my house, other then that, don't be rude to my friend drace, he may be an arse hole, but as I am sure he has said before, without him, i wouldn't be here, so don't pick on him or I may have to track you down and fuckyou up real bad, thankyou for yor time

2006-02-14 [mandy1412]: i know what is so good about it im wearing balck the day my grandpa goes with my grandma which i think is so cute

2006-02-15 [DRACE]: o.o *cuddles mandy*

2006-02-15 [RIFT KEEPER]: I am sorry to have said what I did, but I have been reading some of the stoires that Drace has been making, he rights most of what he does in here in his little books, weird, but I find the peole who are being mean to him, but none are in here, thankyou for that

2006-02-15 [mandy1412]: thanks DRACE your so cool to talk to :) you make me happy once more

2006-02-17 [SweetBrunette00]: lol who is rift keeper that is kinda funny..... nvm though lol y would we be mean to him?? we love him!!

2006-02-17 [Blood Red Sandman]: ......................................................... *Still disturbing*

2006-02-19 [DRACE]: u don't love me, u don't even know me - if u want to know about Riff, read his profile

2006-02-19 [mandy1412]: i like you DRACE your a cool person to talk to >.<

2006-02-19 [Blood Red Sandman]: I still think this is creepy. I don't like love. Or any mushy crap like that.

2006-02-19 [mandy1412]: oh i do well sometimes i do not alway lol :D

2006-02-20 [DRACE]: y Riff has been putting those messages in the wikis I am apart of and other things, is because I have been getting threats, they have my name, address and emails, they have also sent me things, vial email about what I have said and such, I have tried to send things to the emails to find out who it is, but the emails do not go through

2006-02-20 [mandy1412]: hey people whats up

2006-02-21 [DRACE]: the moon

2006-02-21 [SweetBrunette00]: hey nm how is every1 i haven't been on in a while!!! lol

2006-02-21 [mandy1412]: also the sun is up and the stars lol

2006-02-21 [Blood Red Sandman]: Love is for the weak-minded.

2006-02-22 [mandy1412]: not for all

2006-02-22 [Blood Red Sandman]: For all.

2006-02-22 [devil_gurl69]: lol im good megs how bout you???

2006-02-22 [DRACE]: and something else is up to... eh but what can I say, the night does weird things to me... *tries to hide his woody*

2006-02-22 [mandy1412]: *hugs DRACE and walks away laughing* you are so funny lol so is everone else lol

2006-02-23 [SweetBrunette00]: lol

2006-02-23 [DRACE]: I HAVE JUST BEEN VIALATED... damn airport strip search >.<

2006-02-23 [SweetBrunette00]: lol ha ha

2006-02-23 [mandy1412]: *becomes sad and sits in a chair by her* :(

2006-02-23 [Blood Red Sandman]: *Pretends to throw up* Uhhh..... this is worse than the movie The Titanic.........

2006-02-23 [mandy1412]: hey i laughed at the movie Titanic when i was little lol

2006-02-26 [devil_gurl69]: lol i didnt like that movie

2006-02-26 [mandy1412]: i still dont like it lol "cows are my friends" by Gir

2006-02-26 [Blood Red Sandman]: That movies SUCKS.

2006-02-27 [DRACE]: depends on who u r talking to, I like the movie titanic as well as the first pokemon movie, as well as many many more

2006-02-27 [RIFT KEEPER]: there is nothing wrong with like romantic movies

2006-02-27 [mandy1412]: DRACE you like pokemon? if so cool i do to

2006-02-27 [Blood Red Sandman]: The 2nd pokemon movie is better than the first.

2006-02-28 [DRACE]: I haven't seen the second right through... i went to sleep in the first 10 mins ;_; was sooo sleepy

2006-02-28 [mandy1412]: i have seen all the movies and i liked them all lol

2006-03-01 [devil_gurl69]: i've never seen any one of the pokemon movies lol

2006-03-01 [mandy1412]: lol you should they are good. hey i might get an ipod but i dont know when

2006-03-01 [RIFT KEEPER]: good for you Mandy, Drace says hi and he says he will be getting a web cam soon, so get his e-mail from him, well if you want to see a fat-head

2006-03-01 [RIFT KEEPER]: Drace just hit me for that

2006-03-01 [Blood Red Sandman]: Tell Drace that he's insane for absolutely no reason.

2006-03-01 [mandy1412]: tell DRACE that i think he is cool lol sorry i am tired lol i went to sleep in gym class we do nothing in there lol

2006-03-02 [DRACE]: o.o I am not insane... *left eye twitchs violently*

2006-03-02 [mandy1412]: *laughs quietly at Drace*

2006-03-02 [DRACE]: *runs over and picks up Mandy, then carries her to the naughty room, looks the door and all people can hear is kinky wiping sounds*

2006-03-02 [Blood Red Sandman]: Drace, you're totally insane. Just like me science teacher, but he's crazy in a good and funny way. You're just insane.

2006-03-02 [DRACE]: *throws [Blood Red Sandman] seeking tuna at... well [Blood Red Sandman]*

2006-03-02 [Blood Red Sandman]: *Blocks it with a chicken* Tuna is gross. Throw something else.

2006-03-02 [DRACE]: *walks out of the room and over to [Blood Red Sandman], takes a plastic bag out of his pocket and puts a used comdom on [Blood Red Sandman] forhead, then fades away like smoke in the wind*

2006-03-02 [SweetBrunette00]: ha some girl just called me a poser lol i feel so loved lol ha ha that makes me laugh ha ha me poser psh lol ha

2006-03-02 [Blood Red Sandman]: *Condom melts and dissapears in the air* I can't believe you'd have those.......

2006-03-02 [mandy1412]: omg whats going on why an i hurting....Drace was it you? *goes and punchs Drace in the arm* i still love you though lol

2006-03-02 [Blood Red Sandman]: A poser? *Laughs* THEY'RE the posers.

2006-03-03 [SweetBrunette00]: i know it was funny lol it made me laugh a lot lol

2006-03-03 [mandy1412]: um hi

2006-03-03 [DRACE]: u don't love me Mandy and if u say u do, u r a lair, no one should love me ~_~


2006-03-03 [Blood Red Sandman]: Drace, you're insane.

2006-03-03 [mandy1412]: ok then i dont love you i love no one but myself and my family lol

2006-03-04 [DRACE]: there, now isn't that better... *whimpers cause he is alone again*

2006-03-05 [mandy1412]: *walks away *now i am back to hating people thsanks people i was trying so hard not to hate people *tries to smile*

2006-03-05 [DRACE]: Mandy what the fuck did I do wrong?

2006-03-05 [RIFT KEEPER]: Mandy the 'MAN KILLER' it has a great ring to it too

2006-03-05 [mandy1412]: thanks but no thanks i dont kill people or hurt them just hate them like i always. i am not a people person i am anti- social lol tehe lol

2006-03-06 [devil_gurl69]: hey whats going on in here????

2006-03-06 [DRACE]: y di u end the relation thigy Mandy, what did I do wrong?

2006-03-06 [mandy1412]: *falls asleep*zzzz.................!

2006-03-06 [Blood Red Sandman]: ????????????

2006-03-07 [mandy1412]: dude shut the fuck up already your not even funny what a dumbass

2006-03-07 [mandy1412]: just stop leave me alone man what did i do to you i dont know you so i shouldnt have dont anything to you man your just getting me mad

2006-03-07 [SweetBrunette00]: u guys stop fighting!!! :(

2006-03-07 [mandy1412]: i shall stop :D im tired im going to bed good might people

2006-03-07 [SweetBrunette00]: lol good nite !!! sleep tight!!!

2006-03-08 [mandy1412]: good day to you all a new day but sadly boring also i have testing all week interum or something like that and i have to be in 2 classes for 3 hours each well likeda 3 classes we have to go to 4th period all week but friday we have off them its spring break yay :D

2006-03-08 [SweetBrunette00]: hey does any1 here like panic! at the disco or hellogoodbye???

2006-03-08 [Blood Red Sandman]: OK......... Anger management people, ANGER MANAGEMENT!

2006-03-08 [SweetBrunette00]: lol anger management??

2006-03-08 [Blood Red Sandman]: Mandy, Drace, ANGERMANAGEMENT!

2006-03-08 [SweetBrunette00]: wat???

2006-03-08 [mandy1412]: i know my mom was thinking about putting my in anger management but then i started to cool down lol im only mad if people make me mad

2006-03-08 [Blood Red Sandman]: Ah.....

2006-03-08 [mandy1412]: lol so dont mess with me i dont like to be mean plz :D i can be very nice when i want to be ok :D

2006-03-09 [DRACE]: ...

2006-03-09 [devil_gurl69]: lol hey ppl whats up???

2006-03-10 [mandy1412]: ummm whats going on ?i just got on from a long time?

2006-03-13 [mandy1412]: so i guess no one gets on here anymore?

2006-03-13 [SweetBrunette00]: i'm on here!!! lol

2006-03-13 [mandy1412]: what happend to everyone else i get on Vampire Love now since no one is on here pluse thats my best friends wiki page lol

2006-03-14 [devil_gurl69]: what is vampire love???

2006-03-14 [mandy1412]: its a wiki page for people who love vapmires or demons im a cat / human demon

2006-03-16 [devil_gurl69]: uhm ok

2006-03-16 [mandy1412]: in just telling you people to see if you like it or not thats all my best friend made it her name is[loverofvampires] known her since 4th grade yup yup lol. well ok then bye for now

2006-03-16 [devil_gurl69]: lol thats oh so coolie!!! so whats the url for that website, and can i go check it out??

2006-03-16 [mandy1412]: its a wiki-page called Vampire Love its all role playing and junk

2006-03-16 [devil_gurl69]: oooh

2006-03-16 [Blood Red Sandman]: Is this a wiki for worshipping harry potter or just being random?

2006-03-16 [mandy1412]: im being random lol i still love ron lol

2006-03-20 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: how do i make my own wiki

2006-03-20 [SweetBrunette00]: u go to wiki search type in the name of wat u want ur wiki to be and if there is nothin and it comes to a blank page u click edit and the page is offically urs and when ur done just export it! lmao if u need anymore help then just msg me

2006-03-21 [DRACE]: I'm back -.-

2006-07-20 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Hm..the link to name name doesnt work..weird..can you fix my name pwease? ^_^

2006-07-21 [SweetBrunette00]: yea sure which one is it?

2006-07-24 [DRACE]: I'm not insane... I just enjoy licking windows

2006-07-25 [SweetBrunette00]: hmmm windows

2006-07-26 [DRACE]: my window *pushs [SweetBrunette00] aside and growls*

2006-07-26 [SweetBrunette00]: haha okay u can have it *shruggs walks away....*

2006-07-26 [Blood Red Sandman]: windows?

2006-07-27 [DRACE]: *licks the window and starts coughing* someone squished a fly on the window x_X

2006-07-27 [Blood Red Sandman]: *Gives him a cookie and some milk*

2006-07-27 [DRACE]: *morphs into his wolf pup form and munchs on the cookie happily*

2006-07-27 [Blood Red Sandman]: what about the chocolate milk?

2006-07-29 [DRACE]: meh, cookies rock =P

2006-08-16 [LexiLouLou]: can i join? i love Ron.

2006-08-19 [DRACE]: o.O hmmm well ask the one who owns the place...

2006-12-03 [surrruh]: Hey I wanna join!!

2006-12-08 [devil_gurl69]: if you want to join you have to send sweetbrunette00 a message askin to join

2007-02-04 [- xX - Raychel Anne - Xx -]: am i aloud to join this one AND draco malfoy lovers because i love them both!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-02-05 [DRACE]: wow I forgot about watching this place >.<

2007-02-13 [devil_gurl69]: uhmmmmm ur allowed to do whatever you want to do lol

2007-02-14 [DRACE]: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek I saw a mouse

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