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LAGUNA BEACH!! if ur crazy about laguna beach and love Kristen, LC, Stephen, Alex, Jessica, Jason,and all of the other cast join this wiki talk to other fans about all the drama and other kool things about LB well hope u enjoy!!


(ICONS BY :[Goodbye Fuckers!]



1.[SweetBrunette00] i love this show i'm addicted i watch it every week i can't wait till season 3!!!i like LC the best!!
2.[devil_gurl69] this show is awesome i love it my fave member is LC shes kool
3.[Goodbye Fuckers!] I love Laguna Beach! I can't wait till next season! My fav. members are Talan and Kristen..they rock!
4.[LATERR.]- my fav cast members are LC and Kristen
5[♥. SAM .♥] My favorite Cast Members are LC, Stephen, and Jason
6.[Aero_Chick08]~my favorite character Lo shes so adorable
7.[♥Kyle's Girl♥]My Fav Cast Character is Kristen!
8.[~*!Tiffy rox ur sox!*~]i like Kristin and Talan
9.[hopeless romantic]- My favorite cast members are stephen, kristen, and lo
10. [Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ] My favorite are Morgan, Kristan, Jessica and Alex H.
11. [Local Celebrity ♥]-Definetly Kristen.
12. [Jen-Bunny]- Kristin, both Alex's..Lauren, Talan,Jessica and taylor
13. [Shlay-Shlay] - my fav pll are Stephen, Tessa, Chase, Rocky, Dieter,and talen
14. [x, anna]-LO && LC Are Gorjuz As && Kristen Shud Get A Lyf!


it certainly is!!!
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a cute banner sent to us by our very own [LATERR.]


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[Goodbye Fuckers!]: me too..truse?..if i spelled that right...

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: truce *smiles* !

[SweetBrunette00]: hows that ladies?? do u want me to make a bigger size to anything eles?

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lol nope..thats fine

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: kristin is awesome lol. I still dont get why they didnt like her

[SweetBrunette00]: lol okay now ppl can read stuff :D thanks for tellin me how to do that i will have to go do that to all my wikis!! oh which u should all check out ehmm megs wikis

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: okie doke

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: Hey people gimme cps plz! IM in a contest with one of my friends..and shes winnin by like..alot lol!

[devil_gurl69]: lol damn! they should all go join girl talk if they got some issues!! lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: ok contest over friend got banned!

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: LMAo, i'm sorry but thats funny.

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: i kno..i think its hilarious..i was talkin to her on the phone when they banned her..we both busted out laughin

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: i wonder who banned

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: who banned her? i kno who it was lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: we were talkin to him when he did it...he said "ok this is your last warning, now are you going to stop harrasing the members?" and she goes "NEVER!!!!" (as a joke!!!) then she says "im jk i swear! im jk!"

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: LOL omg i would have been dying

[SweetBrunette00]: omg!!! lmao how was she harrasin ppl??? lol

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: she freakin harrassed ppl for coolpoints

[SweetBrunette00]: HAHAHAHA oh i cc....

[devil_gurl69]: lol that sucks

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: what are you guy talkin about now

[devil_gurl69]: about [Goodbye Fuckers!]'s friend gettin banned for harassin ppl for coolpoints lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lol yeah

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: and she wasnt harrasing people...she would ask one person, and they would freak out and tell her to fuck off or somethin rude like that, and she would get mad at happened to a bunch of they banned her for harrasment

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: really stupid...but [Big Brother] said he would unban her in a few days lol

[SweetBrunette00]: yea iono if that is right to banner for that though lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: oh well...

[Autumn_09]: omg i love laguna beach will u add me

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: says how to do it..READ!!

[SweetBrunette00]: lol its okay this is my home girl!!! lol

[devil_gurl69]: lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: yeah but i had a right to this even had it in bold letters...and large yeah..

[SweetBrunette00]: lol true true....

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: so! whats everyone been up to on here?

[devil_gurl69]: nothin much here.........u??

[SweetBrunette00]: nm just got on gosh i haven't been on in a while ... hey u guys we need to come up wit a way to recruit more ppl to this super duper wiki any1 have any ideas???

[Jen-Bunny]: we could try the wiki index. or having a forum,maybe.

[SweetBrunette00]: i'm in the wiki index. and the directory lol i have put it in a forum too!!! lol i'm out of ideas but that is some good ideas lol thanks for puttin forth an effort!!! ^_^

[Jen-Bunny]: hmm. what about ppl must advertise the wiki in order to become a member? i dunno lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lol..umm we could just message people and send them a banner and tell them to tell everyone they kno about it..

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: you can't do that, you get in trouble and end up getting banned like your friend lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: yeah but i have more than 2 names on here like her so its all good lol

[devil_gurl69]: lol yea

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: i kno there has got to be more than 12 people on ep that likes laguna..

[SweetBrunette00]: lol duh every1 loves laguna but no1 likes them more than me !!!! :P lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: i beg to differ!

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: i would be on team kristin

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: haha me too!

[Jen-Bunny]: yeah same here. Has anyone seen the new Teen People magazine,cause she's on it.

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: yupyupyup

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: that was a while ago tho

[Jen-Bunny]: its just now coming out for us tho

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: o0ooooo0o  ok..

[LATERR.]: im like the most impatient person ever, and if laguna beach season 3 dont come on, im seriously gonna like flip out! lol, im a nerd...

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lol no you're not...i want it to hurry up too

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: hey did you power go out today?

[LATERR.]: yea

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: ours did but i wasnt here...i dont kno how long it was out

[LATERR.]: me and my brother were outside and we saw a funnel cloud and we came back inside and the power was out.

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: that woulda been freaky..

[LATERR.]: it was! i was like breathin all heavy cuz i was scared, lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lol i woulda been too

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: I went to work with my mom on Lemburg(sp?) and the door to the place slammed open and shattered and the store next to us had a huge sign in the front of it, and it tipped over and smashed into a hundred pieces..

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: LoL i was standin at the window, and a tree limb(a small one) came and hit the door and it scared me half to i jumped backwards and fell over a chair

[LATERR.]: lol watch were your goin, lol.

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lol mom thought it was hilarious

[LATERR.]: i would have too, lol

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: season 3 isnt coming till almiost september. I'm still waiting for season 2 dvd t0 come out

[SweetBrunette00]: hey have u guys seen that new show its like 8 ocean or something lol it premiered last week wat do u guys think about it??

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: yeah i saw it...i thought it was ok, i might have to watch it more to get really into it though

[SweetBrunette00]: yea that is kinda how i felt

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lol thats just how most new shows are for me


[devil_gurl69]: their names are Kelly and Sabrina lol i was just watchin that commercial

[SweetBrunette00]: yea kelly and sabrina i never rezlied it was them but then after i saw ocean 8 or w/e its called i was like wow i know those ppl! from a show!

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lol yeah i noticed that when i saw them on the show

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: oh yeah, and you kno how it was a contact commercial? well one of 'em wears glasses! lol

[devil_gurl69]: lol 8th& ocean

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: oh that show is lame.

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: but its got some verrrry hawt guys

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: they look like pretty boys

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: pretty boys are hawt lol

[SweetBrunette00]: lol yea pretty boys and emo boys lol I LOVE THEM!!!

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: i think Teddy is soooooooooooo cute! (off 8th and ocean)

[SweetBrunette00]: lol amen to that! omg i asked him to be my friend on myspace!! lol i got his myspace from stephen from lagunas myspace bulliten lol

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: no,Emo boys are hot...but not th prissy boys who act like girls.

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: emo as in wears solid black, make up, and fingernail polish? nah..i think i'll stick to muh pretty boys

[devil_gurl69]: hey i like emo boys...........and the ones I know do thier own thing and thats why i luv em!!! lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: thats kuhl but the ones here scare me lol

[devil_gurl69]: lol.....well there are only a few TRUE emo guys around here the rest r preppy guys who's gfs want em to be emo so they are tryin to be cool now lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lol ok

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: do you all like them goth people?

[devil_gurl69]: lol some of em are cool......i used to be one of em all up til like last summer.....not like really super hardcore or w/e lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: oh...well theres this one dude at my school.....he is freaky! He wears a cape! And everything about him is black except his skin! He wears them big combat boots and like 60,000 bracelts and eyeliner and lipstick and all that....AND HIS NAME IS NOAH! I mean..OF ALL NAMES! lol...and omg! one time he GROWLED at me!

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: lol he's trying too hard, And i don't feel like babysitting pretty boys,because the only thing their lacking is wanting tampons and lingerie,other than that they act like girls which is annoying.

[devil_gurl69]: lol

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: and they take just as long as some girls to get ready so they "dont mess their hair up"...... *rolls eyes* pshh

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: omg! theres this guy in my class who fixes his hair more than i do lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: and my hair is reeeeally long and i have to brush it like every 20 min to keep it from tangeling lol

[devil_gurl69]: grrrr that aggrivates me

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: dudes,have u heard about Nick Lachey and Kristin?

[SweetBrunette00]: no i haven't kristin who??

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: laguna beach,kristin?

[SweetBrunette00]: oh r u serious like nick lachey like jessicas simpsons ex??

[SweetBrunette00]: wat i did not hear that!!!! that is crazyness

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: yeah they "got it on" one night,but since then they haven't spoke. He's like freakin 32 and she's 19. Um,eww?

[SweetBrunette00]: i know that is nastyness too

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: gross..

[Jen-Bunny]: yep, i see it on magazine stands everywhere

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: hasnt hit the fan here yet....but i live in the middle of thats normal

[devil_gurl69]: hmm i havent heard nothin about it

[SweetBrunette00]: lip gloss where do u live??

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: haha! yall look

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lmao my cats do that...

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: thats awesome as hell dude

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: i have 3 cats but one is crippled so he dont count lol, and i have another boy and girl, skittles and momo, well momos pregnant so she looks like that orange one compared to skittles, even though they are the same age lol

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: aaww your gonna have some kittens!

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: yeah lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: and its gonna be soon too because she looks like shes about to pop lol

[Jen-Bunny]: Oh,i live in L.A.

[DS0000]: ok this wiki is the most retarded thing ever, laguna beach is a stupid tv show about a bunch of rich bitches! and it needs to be taken off the air cus its just that stupid! they whine, the complain about they're lives when they have every thing that everyone else wants! they are freaking sluts(well at least the girls are) because they date eachothers freaking boyfriends! wtf is up with that! well im just stating how i feel about the it or not....

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: If you don't like the show, then why did you come here?!

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: To state your "feelings"? Well why do you think people that love Laguna Beach wants to hear you talk bad about it?

[devil_gurl69]: wow u shure do know alot about the show... must be u have watched it before... more then once if u know all about it!! lol

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lol yeah!

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: Oh yall!! My kat had her babies!

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: 5! they are sooooooooooooo cute!

[devil_gurl69]: awesome congrats lol

[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: no they do that alot.It's like why come to a place if you don't like it? and they say the show is dumb. Its like going to a place where u dont like the ppl.

[devil_gurl69]: lmao exactly!!

[Jen-Bunny]: it is true though

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: HAYE EVERYONE

[devil_gurl69]: hey whats up????

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: did anyone watch the Hills last night?

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: I DID!!!!!!!

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: i like it dont you!!!!

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: OH YEAH

[devil_gurl69]: i love that show its coolie

[Jen-Bunny]: yeah its awesome. ^^

[SEE YA.]: can i join?

[♥. SAM .♥]: i think heidi is gonna start some drama...

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: i think so too

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: do you love it?

[♥. SAM .♥]: heidi is gonna be like another kristin...always gonna cause drama!

[devil_gurl69]: yea thats what i was thinkin

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: lol yeah  hey we should start a wiki for the hills

[devil_gurl69]: yea

[SweetBrunette00]: whos gonna start it???

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: Uh..You? ^_^

[SweetBrunette00]: LMFAO oh okay! i'll get right on it give me like a coupel days

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: well you're really good at makin wikis lol

[♥. SAM .♥]: yeah u shuld make one 4 the hills!

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: whats evey one talkin about?

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: o0o...Have yall seen the trailer for the third season? None of the same people are there..

[devil_gurl69]: yea i seen it.....:( its sad that none of the old ppl are there.ive never even seen this ppl or heard of em from like the past shows or w.e

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: I don't think I'll be watching it this season..I'm stickin to The Hills

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: im watchin this season.. i think it will be good.. how you guys gonna call yourselfs Laguna beach fans if you dont watch it ever season.. hummm... well yah the hills is a good show... but ya can make time for both im sure your lifes arent that busy...

[SweetBrunette00]: my life is extremly busy!!! i'm always working :( so i dont get to watch much tv anymore but i love laguna so hopefully it will be great!!! <3

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: yeah can you guys believe what heidi did to jordon? That was so retarded.. umm since he seemed like the perfect boyfriend.... shes not even that pretty he could do so much better umm but yeah i bet the new laguna beach will be great... im busy to but i stilll have time to watch the re runs,,,, lol

[Jen-Bunny]: i think heidi is a pretty girl. Most importantly she's a good friend to lauren, so it's not always about looks. Ppl need to get over that.

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: well she is a good friend but duh .looks arnt everything..still isnt my point that he could do better

[Jen-Bunny]: no actually SHE could do better.

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: wow... why to stick up for her because shes a girl.. umm even tho he said he loved her more then anything and that he would do anything to be with her... if she doesnt want a boyfriend that loves her then yeah i guess she could do better... but then again shes a slut cuz all she cared about was goin to clubs and meetin a bunch of guys lol...humm i dont know about everyone else but i sure would wanna guy like jordan that would get me a puppy for christmas to make me cry and shit/.. humm

[Jen-Bunny]: jordan was full of shit..i had a bf like him.

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: When I saw that he gave her the puppy for Christmas I almost cried it was so sweet(lame I kno..)And then when she made him cry I almost cried again....I dont think she should have broken up with him..I thought he was a really good guy

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: yeah i almost cried to when he gave her the puppy it was so yeah i dont think she should have broken up with him either.. he seems like a really good guy.. i mean if she dont want him ill take him anyday.. you know...yeah i think your full of shit *endlessly* kindof funny how negative you are... calm down if ya wanna be right then we will all agree with you...

[Jen-Bunny]: i was calm actually, that's the funny part. I'm just saying i agree with her, he should treat his gf like a princess, my ex was the same way like jordan, sure there's sweet moments n all, but those shouldn't always be moments, it should be an ongoing thing. He cant just curse her out when he feels like it. Besides i dont have to have someone agree with me, they can take what i said or leave it. Either way, i said what i had to say. *shrugs*

[Jen-Bunny]: and if you have to call someone names, it kinda shows insecurities about oneself. >.>

[Jen-Bunny]: but ANYHOO, did anyone get Season 2: Laguna Beach?

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: i dont remember callin you any names???

[Jen-Bunny]: lol well you did, but whatever, i'm over it.

[~SwEeT n CrAzY16~]: tellin you that your full of shit isnt callin you a name.. its stating a fact......okay you know what...... no one really can say shit.. we really dont know how jordan was and we dont know any of those people...SO WHO CARES!!!!!its not gonna affect my life who jordan gets dumped by... so okay hes ass hole whatever i dont care

[Jen-Bunny]: good girl, you've learned to move anyways, i'm assuming no one else has season 2 dvd.

[Goodbye Fuckers!]: I have 1 and 2

[Jen-Bunny]: i only have 2,becuase 1 was kinda i dunno....but i might get it.

[devil_gurl69]: Ok i soo like season one and 2 way frickin better then season 3!!!!

[Jen-Bunny]: thats what i was thinking too. I dont watch the 3rd's not the same.Although i've caught the old cast on there rarely.

[devil_gurl69]: lol i've been watchin it and its like fake....or they try to hard.

[Jen-Bunny]: lol exactly.

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