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Louis d'Angoulême [osborn#69]
Known in some parts of the world as:Thor of The Crows
The Great Archives Record:Intelligent, knowing, wise and shrewd. This winged one was cast from the firmament.
Weapon of choice:A long Bastard sword that consistantly drips with a deadly poison
Power:Unknown, he has used many different skills and traits which is usually gathered from the souls of the slain.
Personality:Aggresive, loving, over protected, and many words could describe this lord, he is almost considered human by his personality
History:Louis was born in to Royalty, His father hated the Vampire and Elven race, and kept from him the history of the Alliance the three nations had in order to break that and begin a war between the three. When Louis became much older he met Selene and they fell in love. His father did not approve of this, he considered Selene to be weak and thought that she would hold him back. After the mysterious death of his father Louis was made the leader of the Demon race, he shares the same hatred for the Vampires and Elves that his father had, but he also ended up marrying Selene soon after his fathers death.

Forgotten Allies

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