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Here you can suggest your own entry to the Mainstuff calendar.



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2007-10-23 [Shatureel]: [Hedda] I am going to extend Pumpkin Land Halloween Competitions until the 31st of Oct. Would it be to much trouble to change the date on Mainstuff?

2007-10-24 [Hedda]: Fixed, [Shatureel]!

2007-10-25 [Shatureel]: Thanks [Hedda]

2007-10-27 [CHACHA]: is there anyone that could help me about get a boage

2007-10-27 [nevan]: A badge? It depends on which one your aiming for. How to gain an EP Title explains how you can get them =P

2007-10-27 [CHACHA]: for my wiki

2007-10-27 [nevan]: Your aiming for a Contractors badge then ^^ You'll get it if your wiki is made official

2007-10-27 [CHACHA]: oh alrite. ya cause its called HALLOWEEN STORY COMPETITION that is my wiki that i have made

2007-10-28 [Shatureel]: do you mean you want a badge to give as a prize

2007-10-29 [CHACHA]: yes thats what i ment

2007-11-04 [Hedda]: I added:
Coin a poem, join in the fun at Regular Poems Submissions November

Come help us pick the winners. Pumpkin Land Halloween Voting

2007-11-08 [Shatureel]: Thanks [Hedda], I have changed the deadling for Pumpkin Land Halloween Voting until the 15th, to see if we get more voters.

2007-11-08 [Hedda]: OK, fixed.

2007-11-09 [Shatureel]: thanks alot [Hedda]

2007-11-09 [CHACHA]: hay i think we need to do about same with HALLOWEEN STORY COMPETITION and try to get some badges on there 2. so some people can see what kind of prize that thy are going 2 have

2007-11-09 [Hedda]: There is always the general contest badge.

2007-11-10 [CHACHA]: how could i get one. cause i don't even know how to get one or make one at all.

2007-11-10 [Hedda]: You'll simply ask the council (that is me, in this case). Normally that is only done for official contests, but I see no reason not to make a exception for this contest.

2007-11-13 [CHACHA]: um alrite

2007-11-13 [Shatureel]: that would be better cause I can't find what you want in time for the end of the contest. And I don't want to use an image that belongs to another, that would not be right.

2007-11-14 [CHACHA]: i know that wouldn't be rite at all. and its fine.. but i would like to have the contest be next mouth so people can get use 2 it. and get them enough time.,

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