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Here you can suggest your own entry to the Mainstuff calendar.



*Write your submission like this example:
It's [Hedda]'s birthday and everyone should celebrate instead of bombing my message-box with messages!

*Separate suggestions with an <hr> line

*Your idea needs a date or deadline with it and a brief description. Those without one will not be used

*We'll accept almost anything if the calendar is empty, but it has to be more interesting if the calendar is crowded.

*[Stephen] took this over so [Hedda] wouldn't have to run it anymore.


Your deadline with text:

Elfpack Weekly Puzzle
Think you're good at mind puzzles? Give it a try!

Deadline: Every Wednesday

Come on Everyone, don't forget about the Elfpack awards we are all waiting for you to submit. :)

Deadline every 3 months


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2005-10-18 [Mildred Hubble]: *reads the birthday line* I'll remember not to leave a message for you when Lilo tells me it's your birthday, then. ;)

2005-10-19 [Tear]: Are we going to have an alarm on each event that is on the calender?

2005-10-21 [cobalt_cyntex]: do we write in here?

2005-10-22 [Tear]: I would assume, as there is no password on this page, that you would be able to post it up on the page itself, seperating it from the previous with an HR tag, of course.

2005-10-29 [Dwemer]: This looks like a fun idea :P

2005-11-30 [De'ladrei]: I could use it for the EPI... but then id have to acutally make the deadlines...o.O

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