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this is a page for ppl who have myspace and have come to be addicted to it like me!!!

if you would like to join this page just send me [SweetBrunette00] a msg and give me ur myspace link and i'll add u !!!! so u can get added on myspace and make new friends!!!

1 [SweetBrunette00] - come check me out!!!
2.[NoBoDyS AnGeL] come check me out oh yeah baby!!
3. [devil_gurl69]- come check me out people!!!!
4.[The Sexy Short One]- go see my it...
6.[LATERR.]: mine is
8.[$*Miss Addi*$]
11.[Tha VernO Inferno Effect!]-
12. [Devil's Angel] (
14. [Mister Awesome]





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2005-11-23 [SweetBrunette00]: lol

2005-11-29 [Perfectly Flawed]: ello pplz ... i made another wiki thats just myspace srry :( but hey if ya'll want u can add it 2 them and i added ya'll on here :D

2005-12-10 [Aero_Chick08]: hey i love myspace i'm on there too so add me to this wiki

2005-12-10 [SweetBrunette00]: yea i would love to add u guys to this wiki just send me a msg with ur url for myspace and i'll add u to the list !!!

2005-12-11 [devil_gurl69]: geez cant ppl read??

2005-12-11 [SweetBrunette00]: yea i know it gets kinda old after a while lmao they just seem to scroll down and ask to join!! just read up above and thou shall enter

2005-12-11 [devil_gurl69]: lol yea

2005-12-14 [SweetBrunette00]: kool i'll add u to the list!!

2005-12-14 [Aero_Chick08]: hey you guys should check out on myspace music rising vacancy the awesome and a good friend of mine is the the band too

2005-12-15 [SweetBrunette00]: alright i will !!! as soon as i get music bk on my computer!!

2005-12-28 [devil_gurl69]: hey ppl whats up??

2005-12-29 [SweetBrunette00]: hey B nm i'm bored!! lmao hehehe

2005-12-30 [devil_gurl69]: lol same here!!!

2006-01-01 [DRACE]: hello people... eh anyways, before ya'll say I can't be here or such, yes I do have a myspace account, its

2006-01-02 [devil_gurl69]: why would we say u cant be here??? if you wanna join just send [SweetBrunette00] a message and ask her to add ya!

2006-01-02 [SweetBrunette00]: aww drace i'll add u if u want me to!! just say those two magic lil words !!! hehe

2006-01-02 [devil_gurl69]: drace is really sweet!!

2006-01-02 [DRACE]: eh, I thankyou for not calling me cute [devil_gurl69]

2006-01-02 [DRACE]: would u please add me [SweetBrunette00]... ? o.O

2006-01-02 [SweetBrunette00]: yea sure! i will

2006-01-03 [DRACE]: kool ^___^

2006-01-04 [devil_gurl69]: lol ur welcome drace

2006-01-05 [$*Miss Addi*$]: hey!!! i wanna join the wiki!! can i plz join???

2006-01-05 [devil_gurl69]: send [SweetBrunette00] a message and ur myspace thingy and tell her u wanna join she'll add ya

2006-01-05 [$*Miss Addi*$]: my myspace is yall want 2 check me out

2006-01-05 [$*Miss Addi*$]: iight thx

2006-01-05 [devil_gurl69]: yep no prob

2006-01-05 [$*Miss Addi*$]: hey devil gurl i think i hve talk 2 u b4 but im not sure

2006-01-05 [devil_gurl69]: lol i think were both apart of the kissing girls wiki lol

2006-01-05 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ya tahtz it tahtz where i talk 2 u b4 lol

2006-01-05 [devil_gurl69]: lol yep

2006-01-05 [$*Miss Addi*$]: lol...i asked u 2 my friend on myspace

2006-01-05 [devil_gurl69]: ok

2006-01-05 [$*Miss Addi*$]: kk

2006-01-07 [DRACE]: ... pop

2006-01-07 [$*Miss Addi*$]: y pop

2006-01-07 [devil_gurl69]: lol whos poppin what?

2006-01-07 [$*Miss Addi*$]: someone is poopin my cherry lol

2006-01-07 [$*Miss Addi*$]: jk hehe

2006-01-07 [devil_gurl69]: lol

2006-01-07 [$*Miss Addi*$]: lol

2006-01-10 [DRACE]: well y not pop... if it was THUD, I might trip over...

2006-01-10 [$*Miss Addi*$]: oo k lol

2006-01-10 [DRACE]: *yawns & stretches... scampers up a wall and across the celling, then drops down the light fixture, curls up and goes to sleep...*

2006-01-10 [SweetBrunette00]: lmao good night drace!!! hope u have a good night sleep!!

2006-01-10 [devil_gurl69]: lmfao ok nite drace!

2006-01-10 [$*Miss Addi*$]: hey everybody

2006-01-10 [SweetBrunette00]: hey wats up hows ur day?

2006-01-11 [devil_gurl69]: lol my day was bout everyone else?

2006-01-11 [DRACE]: meh... mine not so good, I only had 2 hours sleep ~_~ stupid hot summer nights, I can't sleep when its hot ;_;

2006-01-11 [$*Miss Addi*$]: my daki was iight

2006-01-11 [devil_gurl69]: lucky you drace is cold here!!! :( lol

2006-01-11 [SweetBrunette00]: hey u guys!!! i need to find a way to advertise this wiki to other elfpackers because a lot of em have myspace but dont' know about my wiki any ideas??

2006-01-12 [$*Miss Addi*$]: pplz can tell other pplz about it

2006-01-12 [DRACE]: I went to sleep 6.40 the next morning ;_;

2006-01-12 [$*Miss Addi*$]: oo dat suxs

2006-01-13 [DRACE]: and woke up at 5:37pm, the went to sleep this morning at 12 or 1pm the woke up at 8:33pm ~_~ my sleep clocks frigged up

2006-01-13 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ooo dat suxs Drace im sry

2006-01-14 [DRACE]: mmm, nvm, I deserve 'NOT' to be worried about --- I forgot the not bit ;_;

2006-01-14 [$*Miss Addi*$]: yAh we love [DRACE] muahhh

2006-01-15 [DRACE]: -.-

2006-01-15 [$*Miss Addi*$]: =so????

2006-01-15 [devil_gurl69]: so whats up???

2006-01-15 [$*Miss Addi*$]: nm jus chillin u

2006-01-15 [devil_gurl69]: gettin ready to leave

2006-01-15 [$*Miss Addi*$]: oo datz kewl

2006-01-16 [devil_gurl69]: yea yea im baaaaaack now!!!! ¥a¥ for me!!!

2006-01-16 [$*Miss Addi*$]: lol

2006-01-16 [DRACE]: *tackles [$*Miss Addi*$]*

2006-01-16 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ooo wow hey!!!!!

2006-01-16 [DRACE]: howdy... ^_^

2006-01-16 [$*Miss Addi*$]: how r u

2006-01-16 [DRACE]: how am I... do u realy want to know... lol

2006-01-16 [devil_gurl69]: i really wanna no!!!! how r u ????

2006-01-17 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ya me 2

2006-01-17 [DRACE]: well when the question was asked, i was horny, but now... pop

2006-01-17 [DRACE]: bye

2006-01-17 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ooo k!!!! y do u want everyone 2 die slowly?????

2006-01-17 [DRACE]: .................. trip

2006-01-17 [$*Miss Addi*$]: oo k!!! y do u want me 2 die??

2006-01-17 [devil_gurl69]: y do u want me 2 die??? :(

2006-01-18 [DRACE]: ................................. ka-splat

2006-01-18 [$*Miss Addi*$]: kk

2006-01-19 [SweetBrunette00]: u want us all to die??

2006-01-19 [DRACE]: who said that... *sits in the darkness, rocking backwards and forward on his rocking chair, holding a shotgun in his right hand and patting a stuffed cat with his left hand*

2006-01-19 [$*Miss Addi*$]: kk*sits in the conner with my journal and starts write*

2006-01-19 [DRACE]: *throws his stuffed cat at [$*Miss Addi*$]*

2006-01-19 [SweetBrunette00]: lmao omg lol * watches u guys and laughes*

2006-01-19 [$*Miss Addi*$]: *ouch taht hurt* *cries*

2006-01-20 [DRACE]: o.o *walks to [$*Miss Addi*$] and wipes away her tears...* eh, I ish sorry -.- *turns and walks away*

2006-01-20 [SweetBrunette00]: lmao u guys are funny....

2006-01-20 [DRACE]: eh -.-

2006-01-20 [devil_gurl69]: *stands back and thinks to self whats up with these people* lmao j/k luv ya all!!! *runs around and hugs everyone*

2006-01-21 [$*Miss Addi*$]: *walks to [DRACE] itz k gives gugs and a kiss on teh cheek*

2006-01-21 [DRACE]: o.o gugs o.O lol

2006-01-21 [$*Miss Addi*$]: i meant hugs lol

2006-01-21 [DRACE]: I know, I'm just playing with u ^_~

2006-01-21 [$*Miss Addi*$]: oo kk lol

2006-01-22 [DRACE]: mmm *hugs back*

2006-01-22 [$*Miss Addi*$]: thx 4 the hug

2006-01-23 [DRACE]: no problemo beautiful ^_^

2006-01-23 [$*Miss Addi*$]: aww thx 4 callin me beautiful *smiles in shock* drace would u like 2 join my wiki fanclub

2006-01-23 [DRACE]: o.o okay... ^_^ tell me what is it okies

2006-01-23 [DRACE]: Anthony's Law of Force - Don't force it, get a larger hammer

2006-01-23 [$*Miss Addi*$]: itz a wiki about all my friends or fans 2 express wat they feel about me

2006-01-23 [DRACE]: okay, but whats it called... ? o.O

2006-01-25 [DRACE]: kk *rips off his clothing, does alittle dance and shakes his rude thingy to the music*

2006-01-25 [SweetBrunette00]: wow......

2006-01-26 [devil_gurl69]: lmfao drace u just love to shake ur rude thingy to the music!!

2006-01-26 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ya he sure does

2006-01-26 [DRACE]: and whats wrong with that, *grins innocently*

2006-01-26 [$*Miss Addi*$]: nothin itz cute

2006-01-26 [insaneNtwiztid]: hey there SWEETBRUNETTE00 watz up?

2006-01-26 [insaneNtwiztid]: divel_gurl69 sent me

2006-01-26 [insaneNtwiztid]: devil_gurl69****

2006-01-26 [insaneNtwiztid]: someone look at my page

2006-01-26 [SweetBrunette00]: do u want me to add u?? lol

2006-01-27 [$*Miss Addi*$]: hey everybody

2006-01-27 [SweetBrunette00]: hey!

2006-01-27 [devil_gurl69]: hey angel sup??

2006-01-27 [$*Miss Addi*$]: nm jsut chilin u

2006-01-27 [devil_gurl69]: same

2006-01-27 [DRACE]: bubbles...

2006-01-27 [$*Miss Addi*$]: bubbles r kewl

2006-01-28 [DRACE]: but not when they pop ;_;

2006-01-29 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ya true

2006-01-29 [DRACE]: if I fall in the forest, I can't hear and there is no one around, do I make a sound... o.O

2006-01-29 [$*Miss Addi*$]: YA SURE Y NOT

2006-01-29 [devil_gurl69]: depends on if u hit a tree or not!!! lmao

2006-01-30 [$*Miss Addi*$]: true!!!!!

2006-01-30 [SweetBrunette00]: lol u guys are so silly!

2006-01-30 [DRACE]: <<< is not silly

2006-01-30 [DRACE]: <<< is dumb

2006-01-30 [SweetBrunette00]: awww ur not dumb!!!

2006-01-30 [DRACE]: me ish so dumb...

2006-01-30 [SweetBrunette00]: no ur not!!!

2006-01-30 [DRACE]: *scampers up a wall and across the celling, then drops down the light fixture, and swings back and forth...*

2006-01-30 [SweetBrunette00]: lol nice

2006-01-30 [devil_gurl69]: lol coolie!! i wanna do that!

2006-01-30 [$*Miss Addi*$]: lol

2006-01-31 [DRACE]: *laughs naughtily, hangs his rude thingy over the edge and shakes it...*

2006-01-31 [devil_gurl69]: lol

2006-02-01 [DRACE]: hehe

2006-02-01 [$*Miss Addi*$]: cute!!!!!

2006-02-01 [DRACE]: some things 'ARE' cute, but I wouldn't say all things r...

2006-02-01 [DRACE]: *lets rip with such a fart that makes the sharp rank nose burning smell of decaying seaweed smell like roses... then passes out, falling off the light fixture*

2006-02-02 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ooo wow

2006-02-02 [DRACE]: i'm tipsy any one wanna party

2006-02-02 [SweetBrunette00]: hey every1 in here should go bring at least 2 friends to come join!! cause this is such a awesome wiki right? huh? huh?

2006-02-02 [DRACE]: ... no comment

2006-02-02 [SweetBrunette00]: wat lol wat do u mean no comment!!! i want ppl to join my wikis!!!

2006-02-03 [devil_gurl69]: yea its awesome!!

2006-02-03 [DRACE]: ... again... no comment

2006-02-03 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ya itz kewl

2006-02-22 [DRACE]: *sits on a couch and plays with his tail out of boredom*


2006-02-23 [DRACE]: O.O *runs to u and bats away the knife* don't do that, i would miss u and so would alot of other peoples too *whimpers*

2006-02-23 [$*Miss Addi*$]: awww how sweet thx Lets u take teh knife and throws away teh needle i have and kisses u on the cheek* thx hun mauhhh *hugs*

2006-02-25 [DRACE]: *blushes bright red and bunchs his words up*

2006-02-25 [$*Miss Addi*$]: Awww *wonders y he does it* *look u in th eyes and ask y u brush so bright red*

2006-02-27 [DRACE]: I wasn't expecting a kiss or a hug... *smiles all shily*

2006-02-27 [$*Miss Addi*$]: *hugs and gives a kiss on the cheek*

2006-02-27 [DRACE]: eh, thanks again... *hugs back*

2006-02-27 [$*Miss Addi*$]: lol yw

2006-04-06 [$*Miss Addi*$]: my new myspace is

2006-04-06 [DRACE]: *goes outside... but returns shortly after... sits in a corner pulling thorns out of his tail and bum, says, 'well thats the last time I run nakkid through a field of cactus'... gets up, walks to the door... rips his clothing off and goes running through a field of roses*

2006-04-06 [DRACE]: *walks back inside with a ticked look on his face... goes to the medical cabbinent, grabs some tweases and pulls the thorns out of his ding-a-ling*

2006-04-06 [$*Miss Addi*$]: lol

2006-04-07 [DRACE]: *puts his clothing back on... and puts his pants on very very VERY carefuly...* ~_~

2006-04-07 [$*Miss Addi*$]: r u okay now???

2006-04-09 [DRACE]: eh, u know i did that once, but i was very drunk... stupid dare >.< it hurted to sit down ~_~

2006-04-09 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ooo k

2006-05-17 [re(BECCA)]: can i join?!?!?!?!


2006-07-24 [DRACE]: hug me if you like me... *hears crickets and gets no hugs* ~_~

2006-07-24 [$*Miss Addi*$]: *Hugs u* but as a friend

2006-07-24 [FireGypsy]: Check out my wiki elfpack communications it has a section *shrugs*

2006-07-24 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ok

2006-07-25 [DRACE]: *cuddles back*

2006-07-25 [$*Miss Addi*$]: yay

2006-07-26 [DRACE]: ^^

2006-07-26 [$*Miss Addi*$]: LOL

2006-07-27 [DRACE]: *morphs into his wolf pup form and plays in his den...*

2006-07-27 [DRACE]: *wraps a little red cape around his neck and a blue mask over his eyes and attempts to fly from the top of the fridge out the door, by leaping into the air... but sadly... lands on his head*

2006-07-27 [DRACE]: *twitchs slightly, then sits up grinning stupidly*

2006-07-27 [$*Miss Addi*$]: lol r u ok??

2006-07-29 [DRACE]: *starts snoring*

2006-07-29 [$*Miss Addi*$]: ok

2006-11-22 [Wendy]: I don't need new MySpace friends. I already have a little over 60. That's cuz some are photographers that want to work with me. Others I've known for a long time.

2006-11-22 [Wendy]: Yours doesn't show up [DRACE]...

2006-11-22 [DRACE]: thats cause I go into it maybe once a month and it keeps shutting down

2006-11-22 [$*Miss Addi*$]: oh ok

2006-11-23 [DRACE]: yet me put it this way, if any of you have heard of a site called 'bebo', I go there more, but funny thing is, I joined myspace like maybe 4 or almost 5 months before I joined bebo... meh

2007-02-20 [Andy8178]: I don't have a myspace

2007-02-20 [DRACE]: then why be here then hmmm?

2007-02-23 [devil_gurl69]: hehehe

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