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2008-01-04 13:09:56
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Since the site is becoming pretty popular, I might aswell add my fellow elfpackers onto my myspace =) If any of you have a Myspace, please add your URL below!

Note:If your Myspace profile is set to private and none of us know your last name or email, please add either your last name or email after your URL, otherwise, It's kind of pointless.

Myspace Profile URLS:

[FireGypsy] -
[RabidSphinx] -
[Elise*] -
[wheelsy] - (band)
[zoloftzantac] -
[Big Brother] -
[eyes of frost]-
[La Fleur de La Croix] -
[Orestez] -
[Link -- Hero in Green] - (if it asks for E-mail :
[Perkele] - (
[DeeJayâ„¢] -

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2006-07-20 [wheelsy]: I fixed [Coley]'s URL it said mysoace.

2006-07-22 [Big Brother]: [La Fleur de La Croix], you must have your e-mail aswell. read the page ^_^

2006-07-22 [La Fleur de La Croix]: Sorry, forgot about that stupid age rule on myspace.

2006-07-22 [Big Brother]: ^_^

2006-07-22 [La Fleur de La Croix]: ^-^

2006-08-05 [Coley]: hahaha thanks... although mysoace could be an idea for a new website

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