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2008-01-09 16:54:46
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2007-07-19 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: unicorns!

2007-07-19 [Nevermore.]: [La Fleur de La Croix] i just use crayola pencils!

2007-07-19 [Nevermore.]: and yeah! unicorns!

2007-07-19 [La Fleur de La Croix]: Alright! :) Thank you!

2007-07-19 [Nevermore.]: its ok! i use cheap pencils! haha

2007-08-05 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: wow...they just keep coming...

2007-08-05 [Nevermore.]: hehe yep!

2007-08-05 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: sweetness

2007-08-05 [Nevermore.]: ^^

2007-08-05 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *smiels* well, keep them coming, i love seeing your work!

2007-08-05 [Nevermore.]: hehe i will, more comming

2007-08-05 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *laughs* glad to hear!

2007-08-05 [Nevermore.]: <img:img/mood/5_1116340164.jpg> be about tomorrow

2007-08-05 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *smiles* off to bed, so NIGHT!

2007-08-05 [Nevermore.]: night

2007-08-28 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: cool

2007-08-29 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *pokes* hey sweetie...would you mind drawing something for me pwease?

2007-08-29 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: WEE!!MORE!

2007-08-29 [Nevermore.]: ohh i didnt see your last comment. im about to go back and to art in school so i may not have time, but what would you want? and yeah! lost more comming

2007-08-29 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *pouts* awww....ummm...draw me with long hair?...ill put a pic up in my house for you to copy

2007-08-29 [Nevermore.]: gah i suck at drawing guys though ><

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