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Naruto: The Second Generation


Sasuke left the village hidden in the leaves to seek Orochimaru and get stronger to kill his brother. This led Naruto to make a promise to Sakura that he would not give up on Sasuke and he would bring him back. Sasuke nine years later, gained the strength he needed to kill Itachi, and soon after he killed Orochimaru too. After that happened Sasuke returned to the village to find that Naruto had reached his dream of becoming the Hokage. He set out and explained to Naruto what he had done, then he asked how Sakura was, when he found her he realized his feeling towards her and confessed to Sakura his feelings for her.
A year after Sasuke returned, he and Sakura were married. Not only them, but Hinata eventually got the courage to tell Naruto how she felt, and soon they were married as well.
Tenten and Neji became engaged and Temari and Shikamaru also became a couple
Gaara of the Sand village became the Kazekage of the Sand village, and even found someone himself.
It is 13 years later, after all of this and their kids are now on their way to becoming Ninja them selves.
This is the Second Generation
New Ninja, Old Ninja and New Enemies!

1.[Sonya Blue]
3.[Sky Chord]
4.[Jasiara Hotalti]
5.[Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]
6.[tweeek tweek]
7.[Blinded Seraphim]

1.NO Godmoding!
2.You are not an all powerful god, your a ninja
3.if you chose a premade character, stick to the bio it was given.
4.No Cybering, if your characters MUST do the nasty then take it to pm's or 'fast forward' nastys
5.Spell correctly and use proper English
6.Be creative
7.Have fun, and keep it fun for everyone else.
8.No made up jutsus, if you don't know any of the jutsus, look them up on the wikipedia website, it lists every jutsu from narto

Naruto: The Second Generation Characters[No other characters will be added to this page, if you wish to add a Naruto character, they will be classified as a custom character and need to be added to the custom page.]
Naruto: The Second Generation Custom Characters
Naruto: The Second Generation Rp Room

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2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: *tackles*

2007-07-26 [MadHatress]: GAH!!!, so who do you think I should play?

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: Uh, i dunno, your
pick who

2007-07-26 [MadHatress]: :/ thanks for the

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: lol, hey, i made up everything about all the characters here, just find one you like and take it..XD

2007-07-26 [MadHatress]: i diid, lol...

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: i

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: *sigh*

2007-07-26 [.:Teh Best I'll NEVER Have.:]: Waah! Can I join please?

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: Yes!

2007-07-26 [.:Teh Best I'll NEVER Have.:]: Yay! *abandons plan B of using evil chibi eyes*

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: O.o okay

2007-07-26 [Sky Chord]: O_o you look up Jutsu's on wikipeida too XD

2007-07-26 [.:Teh Best I'll NEVER Have.:]: So I just pick a character?
or make up one of my own?

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: O.o maybe, maybe

yeah, you can pick any character you want, or you can make your own on the custom page if you want

2007-07-26 [Sky Chord]: OH! before i forget angel >.< this is a real character! <img:>
He actually has two names (he was on kakashi's team* Obito and his original name was Tobi

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: -_- i know that, so

2007-07-26 [Sky Chord]: >.>' just tellin' ya! >.< can i join PLEAAAAAAASE i wont god mode like SOME people!

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: lol, GOWEE DOESN'T HAVE TO ASK, GOWEE KNOWS THIS...^^

2007-07-26 [MadHatress]:, lol

2007-07-26 [.:Teh Best I'll NEVER Have.:]: Wasnt his original name just Obito? Uchiha Obito?

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: I HEAR AN ICECREAM TRUCK...BRB...XD

2007-07-26 [Sky Chord]: Yeah, he was a Uchiha Obito, then changed to Tobi X_X Slit is right

2007-07-26 [.:Teh Best I'll NEVER Have.:]: We dont know that for sure... its a rumor. But so far, has not been explained. Just like Naruto's dad being the Fourth. Im not saying hes not Tobi... I just want it to be proven first XD

2007-07-26 [MadHatress]: *reads* yeah, i'm not that updated on naruto yet...

2007-07-26 [Sky Chord]: X_X Yeah >.>' I saw a manga page (I think it was a fake though not sure) of someone taking off their mask, and it was Obito

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: O.o

2007-07-26 [.:Teh Best I'll NEVER Have.:]: Lol Well... I kinda am >.>
Yepp... A real Narutard XD

2007-07-26 [Sky Chord]: >.< Theres a way to read the Naruto manga's online too (and they're WAAAAAAAAAAAY ahead of the ones here)

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: alright

2007-07-26 [MadHatress]:

2007-07-26 [.:Teh Best I'll NEVER Have.:]: Lol *shrugs* I dl the new est chapter every week... and then some ppl go "omg Look at this?!" and I get confused even though Im up to date XD Im so gullible!
So far nothing that much is explained... In fact, new names of people and mentions of more Uchihas that are linked to Kyyubi and more Akatsuki come out! Its pretty mind blowing >.<

2007-07-26 [Sky Chord]: >.< I know Its amazing >.>' i enjoy being ahead of people though XD Like a anime called bleach is on like episode 40 somewhere i think ...XD im on Episode 134

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: >.>

2007-07-26 [Sky Chord]: XD Then i get to laugh at people for being so stupid

2007-07-26 [Sonya Blue]: lol

2007-07-26 [Sky Chord]: whens the rp starting >,M

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: when there are more members

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.>' *random* i wanna Pika-pet...

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: a what?

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: XD its a REALLY old commercial for those pikachu giga pets

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: O.o alright

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: ^^'

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: weirdo

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.< I still remember the theme!

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: O.o why?

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: I have no idea...XD

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: lmao, okay then

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: XD
Pika Pika Pikachu (Pikachu)
Shake'em up Pika and You
Put'em to say make him cry
at that point Pika wont hide (Pika Pika)
Train'em move'em take'em shake'em
Pokemon pika pika...
Pika in your pocket! >.< (Pika Pika!)

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: O.o

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: <img:mood16-gif.gif> gary, lol

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: ....XD >.>' damnit..>.> *wonders if i can find it on limewire*

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: O.o your an odd one

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: xD....I'd be shocked if you do

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: *looking* >.>'

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: OMFG...they got it..XD

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: <img:c-gif.gif>

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.< *Squeels*

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: <img:stuff/shockedemote.gif> holy crap...

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: O_O crap that is holy..XD

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: XD...not literally...lmao

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: ZS SueeeH

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: <img:mood16-gif.gif>

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: O_o i typed that >.>' sweet..XD

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: lol...oh well xD

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.< RAWR!

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: squeek

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: T-T You scary me!

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: I sorry...*offers you a hug*


2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: *removes offer* I dont want to do anything to your mom i swear

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: you guys scare me

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.< *Screams* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! >.>' *sticks my finger up your nose then runs away* >.<

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: O.o i am officially scared of you guys now...

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: O.0 my nose has just been violated...

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: *Runs off laughign* BWAHAHA-*hits a fence*....WHO BUILT A FENCE THERE?!

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: I DID!

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: ^_^ hahaha...

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: -_- WAR ON BOTH OF YOU! Sick'em spike >.< *Has my moms poodle attack you both* >.< FEAR ME!

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: SICK EM ROSIE AND SPAZZ *sicks big black lab/Chow and evil demented kitty on scary poodle*

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.< KAWAIINESS! *Poodle rolls over and has anime chibi eyes* >.>' i taught him myself...

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: that might work on rosie, but not spazz, he's too evil, he attacks people for breathing..

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: O_o sounds like my little brother...>.>' *takes my doggie and runs away* >.< STUPID DOGGIE SPAZZ! >.< HUMANS SUCK!

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: spazz is a cat...

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.< WELL STUPID CAT...>.>' hey Kitty...i know someone who would LOVE to you! >.< THE PITBULL DOWN THE STREET!

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: a pitbull wouldn't scare him...XD

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: o.0 *looks at gimpy pawed Abby* it's okay girl, Rosey just does that for shits and giggles...>.< lol

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: *pokes Rosy* >.< YOU MEANIE!

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: its rosie, not rosy...or, XD

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: This keyboard sticks okay lady >.<

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: you still put a y instead of a ie at the

2007-07-27 [Jasiara Hotalti]: does it matter who i choose?

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: not really

2007-07-27 [Jasiara Hotalti]: alright then

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: lol

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.< Angel...stfu ...XD

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]:

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.< STFU!

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: O.O.....*runs away*

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: *Chases* and where the fudge do you think your going!


2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.< *tackles* THATS IT! *pokes your nose* YOu go bye bye!

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: *bites your finger* QUIT POKING ME!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: O_O I DECLARE WAR!...AGAIN! *bites your nose* -_-!

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: O.o

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.< A WITNESS!

2007-07-27 [MadHatress]: *flicks gary's nose, rubbing my own* GET HER< NOT ME!!!

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: *Crys* T-T ASSULT!

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: OO *hides under a rock*

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: *Kicks the rock* O_O I SEE YOU! *pokes you into oblivian*

2007-07-27 [Sonya Blue]: *squeals*

2007-07-27 [Sky Chord]: >.< *pokes!*

2007-07-28 [Sonya Blue]: O.o wtf

2007-07-28 [Sky Chord]: FTW!?

2007-07-28 [Sonya Blue]: WEIRDO!

2007-07-28 [Sky Chord]: !ODRIEW

2007-07-28 [Sonya Blue]: O.o ....

2007-07-28 [Sky Chord]: ... o.O

2007-07-28 [Sonya Blue]: .....

2007-07-28 [Sky Chord]: XD ....

2007-07-28 [Sonya Blue]: *tackles*

2007-07-28 [Sky Chord]: *Screams* T-T MOMMY!

2007-07-28 [Sonya Blue]: *pokes 550790853057934 times*

2007-07-28 [Sky Chord]: *Crys*

2007-07-28 [Sonya Blue]: BUWAHAHAHAH

2007-07-28 [Sky Chord]: MAHAALJFLKDSJA!

2007-07-28 [Sonya Blue]: O.o

2007-07-28 [Sky Chord]: *Squeeks*

2007-07-28 [Sonya Blue]: *tweet*

2007-07-28 [Sky Chord]: *quack*

2007-07-29 [Sonya Blue]: meow

2007-07-29 [Sky Chord]: roar...*quiet*

2007-07-30 [Sonya Blue]: SICK EM SPAZZ!

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: *pokes spazz in the eye* -_-

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: ANIMAL ABUSER!

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: O_O he started it! >.> besides im a doggie

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: CAT ABUSER!

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: -_-they started it...

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: noooooo wait, whos they?

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: The cats silly!

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: im confused..

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: Good!

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: how is that good?

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: >.>' dunno!

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: LOL

2007-07-31 [Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]: ..............i dunno u guys nemore lol

2007-07-31 [MadHatress]: XDDD i feel the same sometimes

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: what would you guys do if you didn't have weird friends anymore?

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: I'd be bored!

2007-07-31 [MadHatress]: yeah same here

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: na, i think you'd live a normal life...wait, thats the same as being

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: XD Durrrrrrh

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: lol  SHADDUP....XD

2007-07-31 [MadHatress]: speaking of wierd...

Letter number: 24832846
From: [Sonya Blue] (Naruto: The Second Generation--JOIN!)
To: [MadHatress] ( @ computer)
Sent mail 2007-07-31 06:18:21
Never read before
Comment to: 24832827


sorry angel, had to do it! XDDD

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: -_- when school starts back up, i'm gonna kick your ass  GOT IT!

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: Oh my god...i did the same thing XD Exept i had a shoe in my hand...

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: O.o im not that crazy...i mean..a shoe

2007-07-31 [MadHatress]: what ever you say angel..........XXDDDD

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: was the only thing in my hand XD

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: well i would never hit myself in the face with a

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: It was a accident!

2007-07-31 [MadHatress]: ...not on purpose, anyway...XD

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: how was it an accident?
RIKKI...shut your pie hole! or revenge will be far worse!

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: XD >.>'

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]:

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: Nothin'

2007-07-31 [MadHatress]: You? revenge?? HA! lol j/k
OH! the simpsons brought in $71.9 million in the box office this past weekend...

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: just wait, i'll get you...and i'll get Duddy to help me...XD
O.o okay...

2007-07-31 [Sky Chord]: Wow....XD *wanted to see that* I really dont have the time though

2007-07-31 [MadHatress]: nah, he won't do anything...
same here, i just saw he thingy on yahoo...

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]: Na, i think i could recruit Duddy to help me gain revenge on you, he might be up to it


2007-07-31 [MadHatress]: neh

2007-07-31 [Sonya Blue]:

2007-09-06 [Sky Chord]: O-o weirdos...

2007-09-06 [Sonya Blue]: AND PROUD OF IT!

2007-09-06 [MadHatress]: *SQUEE!*

2007-09-06 [Sky Chord]: -O_o-

2007-12-07 [Sonya Blue]: please join my new wiki, it needs members...The Story Of Ari Michiyo

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