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Naruto: The Second Generation


Sasuke left the village hidden in the leaves to seek Orochimaru and get stronger to kill his brother. This led Naruto to make a promise to Sakura that he would not give up on Sasuke and he would bring him back. Sasuke nine years later, gained the strength he needed to kill Itachi, and soon after he killed Orochimaru too. After that happened Sasuke returned to the village to find that Naruto had reached his dream of becoming the Hokage. He set out and explained to Naruto what he had done, then he asked how Sakura was, when he found her he realized his feeling towards her and confessed to Sakura his feelings for her.
A year after Sasuke returned, he and Sakura were married. Not only them, but Hinata eventually got the courage to tell Naruto how she felt, and soon they were married as well.
Tenten and Neji became engaged and Temari and Shikamaru also became a couple
Gaara of the Sand village became the Kazekage of the Sand village, and even found someone himself.
It is 13 years later, after all of this and their kids are now on their way to becoming Ninja them selves.
This is the Second Generation
New Ninja, Old Ninja and New Enemies!

1.[Sonya Blue]
3.[Sky Chord]
4.[Jasiara Hotalti]
5.[Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]
6.[tweeek tweek]
7.[Blinded Seraphim]

1.NO Godmoding!
2.You are not an all powerful god, your a ninja
3.if you chose a premade character, stick to the bio it was given.
4.No Cybering, if your characters MUST do the nasty then take it to pm's or 'fast forward' nastys
5.Spell correctly and use proper English
6.Be creative
7.Have fun, and keep it fun for everyone else.
8.No made up jutsus, if you don't know any of the jutsus, look them up on the wikipedia website, it lists every jutsu from narto

Naruto: The Second Generation Characters[No other characters will be added to this page, if you wish to add a Naruto character, they will be classified as a custom character and need to be added to the custom page.]
Naruto: The Second Generation Custom Characters
Naruto: The Second Generation Rp Room

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