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The PyroManiac's

Setting Thing's On Fire Since 2009!


About us

"The Pyromaniac's" was a group first established in mid 2009 by 3 pioneering souls with the vision to create a faction of fire obsessed metalheads, that would roam street brandishing lighters and looking mean. The concept of "The Pyromaniacs" was first conceived on a trip round town, when was it was suggested that chav's could meet a grisly (but fitting end) by being burnt alive, if only there was a few flame enthusiasts dedicated to the cause. Hence "The Pyromaniacs" were born.


[The Lost Boy]


[Darkened Angel]




[Zombiie Natiion]


[Zenolia Rose]

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2009-09-02 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Way to capture the stereotype of goths loving fire.. caveman mindset much? xD

2009-09-02 [X-TheDarkened-X]: Add me add me add me! Burn the chavs xD

2009-09-02 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: *sighs*.. No hope for any of them..

2009-09-02 [noble]: silence!

2009-09-02 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Bring it!.. xD

2009-09-03 [Andy8178]: lmao perfect.

2009-09-04 [poopbucket]: Woah.

2009-09-04 [The Lost Boy]: its funny how pretty much everyone seems to hate chavs, even chavs hate chavs, by fighting other chavs.

2009-09-04 [Andy8178]: Anyone NOT in the UK doesn't know what a chav is.

2009-09-04 [The Lost Boy]: click the hyperlink "chav" in the about us section. other than that i don't know how else to describe them.

2009-09-05 [poopbucket]: I know what a chav is.
I'm not that much of a noob :/

2009-09-05 [Deg]: .>" I didn't know what a chav was until I read the description of them lol
I hate the word noob it makes me crazy lol
Anyways I'm a pyro for sure but I dont like hurting anyone with it I just like seeing fire and settings things on fire hehe

2009-09-07 [poopbucket]: Ever rap a chip munk in a piece of news paper, tape it shut
and set it on fire?

2009-09-08 [Deg]: o.o!!! no!

2009-09-08 [The Lost Boy]: chip munks arent native in england,

but squirrels are:)

2009-09-08 [Zombiie Natiion]: hm what a random little wiki lol.. love it ;) ta for the invite chums.. check out the Natiions blog

2009-09-11 [shinobi14]: Hmmm... Good idea. =] I bet 10 coolpoints each to the three original Pyros that you won't get more than 20 members to comment here and join. ;) Sorry guys.

Yeah, sure. Death to chavs sounds like a huge improvement. Might even change the world. But they breed faster than we do by impregnating their young girlfriends at the age of 12/13. We don't stand a chance. =[

Plus, for once in my life, I agree with Jackie. Try and be a bit more non-conforming, dudes. XD

2009-09-12 [The Lost Boy]: well the Pyro's is all about recognizing that its good to be different, and standing up against something you hate. True we might not get 20 members to join and comment, but its not the end of the world:P

2009-09-12 [poopbucket]: I'm bored. What's everyone up to

2009-09-12 [shinobi14]: [The Lost Boy]... good response. ;)

2009-09-13 [The Lost Boy]: i've been at work today, don't you think its weird how money controls the whole world? i mean call me shallow but ism sure id be much happier with millions of pounds (at least for a while) people who say money cant buy happiness are right... but I'm sure it helps.

2009-09-13 [shinobi14]: Yeah. I totally agree. Me and my girlfriend are worried sick about money right now, we can barely afford to live. >.< Money may not buy happiness, but I'm sure it can prevent unhappiness quite well. =]

2009-09-13 [poopbucket]: Well it really depends, did you inherit (pardon if I spelled it wrong) the money or did you work your ass off to earn that million pounds or dollars? One is less satisfying and makes you a spoiled little bitch and the other makes you a hard-working, wealthy person who deserves every bit of it.

2009-09-13 [shinobi14]: What if someone with a mental or physical disability inherited the money? They can't work, due to said disability. How else would they get that kind of money? =]

2009-09-14 [The Lost Boy]: bill gates is the worlds richest man, and although he has invented some pretty clever stuff, he also gained a lot of his wealth by cut throat deals and a market oligopoly, thats unethical and wrong, but no one bats an eyelid.

2009-09-15 [shinobi14]: But... we forgive him because he's agreed to give most of his fortune to HIV and malaria research when he dies. ^__^ He doesn't want his kids to live off of his fortune. =]

2009-09-17 [noble]: fucking asshole. id kill him were he stood if his bodyguards didnt attack me!


although no none needs to be that rich

2009-09-17 [The Lost Boy]: he totally picked two of the wrong diseases. it should be Cancer and Alzheimers instead, still we'll have to see if he's true to his word.

personally i think he'll never die, he'll buy immortal life from he devil!

2009-09-18 [poopbucket]: Well he's probably not happy...
Lol, money doesn't buy happiness and that little bastard
is probably so unhappy with all the shit he's pulled
so he doesn't count :D

2009-09-19 [BARKS HAS BITE]: this place fucken rocks

2009-09-19 [The Lost Boy]: man all my friends have gone off to uni now, its official! the last one went today. Its sometimes more sad than expected isnt it, the end of an era?

2009-09-19 [poopbucket]: It's always sad when friends leave :/

2009-09-19 [BARKS HAS BITE]: yes im leaving my friends got evicted and have to move away it is sad

2009-09-21 [shinobi14]: [The Lost Boy], what are you talking about?!?! O___O

Malaria is the biggest killer in the world, dude. Ever. In history. Cancer, fair enough. Very important to do more research. But Alzheimer's disease is a natural kinda process. Old people get demetia. That's just what happens. =/

2009-09-21 [BARKS HAS BITE]: actually i think the biggest killer was the spanish influenza in the one year that it was around it killed between 20 and forty million people thats mroe then world war one and also more people killed then four years of the buebonic plague

2009-09-24 [The Lost Boy]: Anyone heard Malaria by L.A Guns? great song by a great band. anyway, Ok malaria is a big killer, but its one of those diseases where prevention is cheaper than the cure. Cancer NEEDS a cure.

2009-09-24 [BARKS HAS BITE]: yeah that is very true cancer does need a cure. but there is a conspiracy about that. lol if you guys wanna talk about conspiracies they say that there might be already a cure but they dont put it out because of how many people would be out a job and think about all the drug companies how much money they would lose they say that cancer has somthing to do with you ph level also but im not to sure about this one hha after all just a conspiracy

2009-09-25 [noble]: yeah i reckon if they have or do invent a cure for cancer, it will be so only the super rich can afford it, and yeah i think theyd hold it back for two reasons, the money they get from the other drugs and stuff and becuase think how many people die of cancer, and think how populated the world is getting?

the earth is overpopulated, so i think when it comes to things like cancer and AIDS they will hold it back, because it naturally kills people, the way they were all supposed ot die 100 years ago wen there was no medcine, were not legally allowed ot kill convicts and prisoners, but a prime excuse for letting natural selection and helping depopulate the world is letting stuff like AIDS run free in africa and not developing a cure for cancer, or aqt least holding it back through clinical trials and medical testing and laws etc

but meh, heed not my ramblings

2009-09-25 [BARKS HAS BITE]: lol actually they found a vaccine witch decreases your chances of contracting aids bye 31 percent witch is pretty significant it wasa on the radio today

2009-09-26 [noble]: yeah i know, i foundthat out the other day, however id like to say that i posted this before i found that out =]

2009-09-26 [BARKS HAS BITE]: hahah fair enough!!

2009-09-26 [poopbucket]: They were just saying on the news the other day in a report that there are gay men in Jamaica contracting AIDS by having intercourse with other men and then giving it to their 'girlfriends' later on. Women in Jamaica have, I think (correct me if I'm wrong) about 40% of females with AIDS while women in America have around 20%.

2009-09-26 [BARKS HAS BITE]: thats crazy. but on a better note orange juice tastes really great gives youuu i think they are called electrolytes with is a fluid released in your brain to make you have and have lots of vitamins to prevent colds!! lol (i dont actually know if there called electrlytes i just call em happy juicess)

2009-09-27 [The Lost Boy]: I don't think the government has a cure for cancer, how could they when it claims so many lives? furthermore a lot of conspiracy's are just thought up by people unwilling to except the truth.

9/11 did happen
jesus did not have a wife
the holy grail doesn't exist
Roswell was not a cover up, and NOT real.
The FBI can't read our minds:P

2009-09-27 [BARKS HAS BITE]: lol on the contrary people are greedy bitches if they did have a cure right now i dont believe they would put it out yet because of how much money they would lose over all the drugs and lukemia and pills and medicines even though three of those are the same thing thay would losee billions of dollars not to mention millions of people would lose there job at caner research facilities

2009-09-27 [poopbucket]: That's so stupid because our economy
desperately needs stimulation.
If a cure for cancer was released that
would help a shit load of a lot with the debt we're in,
with trying to find a cure for cancer included!

2009-09-28 [BARKS HAS BITE]: lol well its debateable lol.

2009-09-29 [noble]: the economy bit makes sense, but can you patent cures for cancer?

me think not

2009-09-29 [BARKS HAS BITE]: who knows the goverment is as crooked as a day is long

2009-09-29 [poopbucket]: I don't know if you could 'patent' it.
Maybe there are other ways of curing people besides
putting it in a pill or selling it to people in a can. :/

Like weekly treatments in cancer research facilities so people
don't lose their jobs...

2009-09-29 [BARKS HAS BITE]: well im completely lost lol ooo look at the prettty flamee

2009-10-04 [The Lost Boy]: im getting dreadlocks put in next week by someone i know. some idiot at work said to me that dreads are only for black people, ignorant huh?

2009-10-04 [poopbucket]: It's stereotypical because black people can't
do much with their hair except ruin it further
by getting braids or dreads lol.
But there's some white people who get them. :]

2009-10-04 [BARKS HAS BITE]: lol thats not true theres lots of black people on movies with straight hair :P and in school ive seen black girls who straighten there hair

2009-10-04 [poopbucket]: On movies. Movies isn't reality.
Black girls straighten their hair but
are obviously known for getting dreads.

2009-10-05 [BARKS HAS BITE]: some movies are real they are called documentries =)

2009-10-05 [poopbucket]: Alright, you're just trying to irritate me now.

2009-10-05 [The Lost Boy]: i think dreads are more of a thing associated with black people, because of prominent black figures like bob Marley (which most of us have heard of) mind you, white people with dreads are usually stereotyped as "American collage drop outs" or "English crust punks" which although dreads aren't the most professional looking hair cut isn't strictly true.

2009-10-05 [BARKS HAS BITE]: lol yeahh

2009-11-08 [xxDropDeadxx]: yep

2009-11-10 [poopbucket]: Hooooolddd my dick

2009-11-11 [The Lost Boy]: just got my ticket in the post to see "In Flames" live in Manchester on the 2nd of December, should be awesome.

2009-11-15 [poopbucket]: What is that?

2009-11-16 [The Lost Boy]: In Flames are a Melodic Death Metal band from Sweden. Very popular amongst metal heads, the terminally angry, and Satan worshipers:) (not that i worship Satan)

2009-11-23 [De Rais]: O.o pffft count me in with the burning shizz xD

2009-11-26 [The Lost Boy]: Yeah playing with fire is SOOOOOO underrated!

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