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The PyroManiac's

Setting Thing's On Fire Since 2009!


About us

"The Pyromaniac's" was a group first established in mid 2009 by 3 pioneering souls with the vision to create a faction of fire obsessed metalheads, that would roam street brandishing lighters and looking mean. The concept of "The Pyromaniacs" was first conceived on a trip round town, when was it was suggested that chav's could meet a grisly (but fitting end) by being burnt alive, if only there was a few flame enthusiasts dedicated to the cause. Hence "The Pyromaniacs" were born.


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[Zombiie Natiion]


[Zenolia Rose]

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2009-09-03 [Andy8178]: lmao perfect.

2009-09-04 [poopbucket]: Woah.

2009-09-04 [The Lost Boy]: its funny how pretty much everyone seems to hate chavs, even chavs hate chavs, by fighting other chavs.

2009-09-04 [Andy8178]: Anyone NOT in the UK doesn't know what a chav is.

2009-09-04 [The Lost Boy]: click the hyperlink "chav" in the about us section. other than that i don't know how else to describe them.

2009-09-05 [poopbucket]: I know what a chav is.
I'm not that much of a noob :/

2009-09-05 [Deg]: .>" I didn't know what a chav was until I read the description of them lol
I hate the word noob it makes me crazy lol
Anyways I'm a pyro for sure but I dont like hurting anyone with it I just like seeing fire and settings things on fire hehe

2009-09-07 [poopbucket]: Ever rap a chip munk in a piece of news paper, tape it shut
and set it on fire?

2009-09-08 [Deg]: o.o!!! no!

2009-09-08 [The Lost Boy]: chip munks arent native in england,

but squirrels are:)

2009-09-08 [Zombiie Natiion]: hm what a random little wiki lol.. love it ;) ta for the invite chums.. check out the Natiions blog

2009-09-11 [shinobi14]: Hmmm... Good idea. =] I bet 10 coolpoints each to the three original Pyros that you won't get more than 20 members to comment here and join. ;) Sorry guys.

Yeah, sure. Death to chavs sounds like a huge improvement. Might even change the world. But they breed faster than we do by impregnating their young girlfriends at the age of 12/13. We don't stand a chance. =[

Plus, for once in my life, I agree with Jackie. Try and be a bit more non-conforming, dudes. XD

2009-09-12 [The Lost Boy]: well the Pyro's is all about recognizing that its good to be different, and standing up against something you hate. True we might not get 20 members to join and comment, but its not the end of the world:P

2009-09-12 [poopbucket]: I'm bored. What's everyone up to

2009-09-12 [shinobi14]: [The Lost Boy]... good response. ;)

2009-09-13 [The Lost Boy]: i've been at work today, don't you think its weird how money controls the whole world? i mean call me shallow but ism sure id be much happier with millions of pounds (at least for a while) people who say money cant buy happiness are right... but I'm sure it helps.

2009-09-13 [shinobi14]: Yeah. I totally agree. Me and my girlfriend are worried sick about money right now, we can barely afford to live. >.< Money may not buy happiness, but I'm sure it can prevent unhappiness quite well. =]

2009-09-13 [poopbucket]: Well it really depends, did you inherit (pardon if I spelled it wrong) the money or did you work your ass off to earn that million pounds or dollars? One is less satisfying and makes you a spoiled little bitch and the other makes you a hard-working, wealthy person who deserves every bit of it.

2009-09-13 [shinobi14]: What if someone with a mental or physical disability inherited the money? They can't work, due to said disability. How else would they get that kind of money? =]

2009-09-14 [The Lost Boy]: bill gates is the worlds richest man, and although he has invented some pretty clever stuff, he also gained a lot of his wealth by cut throat deals and a market oligopoly, thats unethical and wrong, but no one bats an eyelid.

2009-09-15 [shinobi14]: But... we forgive him because he's agreed to give most of his fortune to HIV and malaria research when he dies. ^__^ He doesn't want his kids to live off of his fortune. =]

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