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These sneaky rodents find their way around all of Elfpack, sniffling into everyone's homes and reporting everything to the Guards... They catch everyone who breaks the "Don't be an asshole" rule. Watch out!
Oh, and they have very sharp teeth...

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Mischievous [Ringbearer]
Mischievous [Ultiem]
Minister of Destruction [HeAVenShallBuRN]
Insane [Cerulean Sins]
Mischievous [Deg]
Whammie [sammie h!]

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2005-02-07 [Love like Winter.]: *titters and squeaks*

2005-02-07 [Nevermore.]: or i will throw u to the dogs! muhahah! choose!

2005-02-07 [Love like Winter.]: *squeaks something that sounds like 'biatch'*

2005-02-07 [Nevermore.]: hehe! erin i luv ya rfeali *points finger at u* KABOOM...see back 2 normal

2005-02-07 [Love like Winter.]: When I said I'd love to be a rat, I didn't mean a real rat!

2005-02-07 [Nevermore.]: hehe, i know, u should have made ur self clear though! be careful what u wish for

2005-02-07 [Sunrose]: To clarify something: Guards can see buttons other people can't...thus I can see a button to watch what reports you made ;-)

2005-02-07 [Love like Winter.]: Oh right... If its not too much trouble, how many reports have I made?

2005-02-08 [theguardsareshit]: oooh fun heheh I wish I was one. I'm good at this >.<

2005-02-08 [Sunrose]: 17 :)  (Doesn't mean they're good, I only counted them :)

2005-02-08 [Love like Winter.]: 17? wow... *counts* well, you need 25 so only 8 more good reports ^_^

2005-02-08 [Love like Winter.]: I try to make my reports good anyways...

2005-02-21 [Ajsinnott]: Stalkers of rainedrop yey i made a wiki, pleace help it to be made officel, i really want a badge lol

2005-02-21 [RabidSphinx]: are going everywhere with this aren't you? lol

2005-02-24 [Love like Winter.]: Hey, congrats Bert! :D

2005-02-24 [dominoe]: *bounces*

2005-02-24 [Sunrose]: No bouncing in the wiki! >:(

2005-02-24 [Love like Winter.]: haha... Joy kill.

2005-02-24 [dominoe]: why no bouncing? its fun

2005-02-24 [Sunrose]: Hehehhe! :P

2005-02-25 [dominoe]: c'mon its fun *gets space hopper*

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: omg! no bouncing I tell you! :O

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: *Bounciing is bad, don't do it less you wish to be banned*

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: Woah! ... o.0

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: ;)

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: lol... and who said Elfpack was less strict?

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: erm,,, who says we are being strict!! we are just greedy and only allow ourselves the pleasures of bouncing!

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: *looks at rule book* Where dose it say "Only guards are allowed the privialge of bounching"?

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: I am a retired guard :P

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: same thing! lol.

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: how did you get that book anyway! :O

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: Hehehe.

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: She stole it from your office!!!

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: No I didn't! I resent that...

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: liar

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: Heeeeeey... Thats a bit harsh.

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: liar liar pants on fire!!

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: *sniffle* Ok, I found it lieing on the floor over there *points* I didn't know it was yours... honest *hands it back then sniffles some more*

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: LIES!

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: Hey, I gave you your book back. Think about it, I can't get into your office anyway.

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: Throw her in the hairy pits of doom, with no daylight, and slimey liches and worms!! and never ending nail cuttings!!!

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: Ummmm, I don't even know where her office is. You have no evidence against me.

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: Do you not read the notices... This site makes uses of CCTV cameras :P

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: What notices? There is a lot about this site that I have yet to discover!

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: blind! omg! ban her now!

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: What have I done to be hated so?

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: you stole the book of lies! :O

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: And then you call me a liar? First lie in the book: "[Love like Winter.] is a liar, even if she tells the truth, still call her a liar" lol! P.s... I gave it back.

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: Err she really means rules :P Debby Shusssh or they will find out we stuck the word rules over the word lies!

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: oooh! >> << >> stop that slandering [Love like Winter.]!

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: You slandered me... /:|

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: omg did not!

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: Girls girls dont make me ban you both!

2005-02-26 [Sunrose]: BAN BAN BAN YA BAN!

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: haha geek

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: uh? o.0

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: Debby she is a geek

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: hehe... :) I'd stick up for her but she wants to ban me.

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: Stick up for me!!!

2005-02-26 [Love like Winter.]: Why? You'd only ban me anyway...

2005-02-26 [1st Font]: because i am grumpy

2005-02-27 [Sunrose]: lol! he's a nerd...

2005-02-27 [1st Font]: Silence you!

2005-02-27 [Love like Winter.]: Ok, so your a geek, [1st Font]'s a nerd... I'M A DORK! yay. We all have a place in the world ^_^

2005-02-27 [1st Font]: hmmm

2005-02-27 [Sunrose]: NERD!

2005-02-27 [1st Font]: erm you mean nerds! ???

2005-02-28 [dominoe]: *bounces*

2005-02-28 [Love like Winter.]: Dorks! a very good wiki :D

2005-02-28 [1st Font]: Dorks are Sporks, Nerds are... well you get the point - Join Nerds!

2005-02-28 [Love like Winter.]: "Dorks are Sporks"? Thats a pretty dorky thing to say [1st Font], /:)

2005-02-28 [Sunrose]: Geeks! are very special. Only select few people can be on there...the other two wikis are just wannabes...

2005-03-01 [Love like Winter.]: My wiki was made first, geeks! and nerds! just copied Dorks!...

2005-03-01 [Sunrose]: You didn't even think about the term dork until you were called one AFTER nerds and geeks were already invented :P

2005-03-01 [Love like Winter.]: What?! I've been called a dork since my first day of school! Plus, my wiki was made first, before geeks and nerds...

2005-03-01 [1st Font]: nerds! and geeks! were the first terms then one day some lonely nothing came along and couldn't get into the exclusive clubs, so he invented the terms dork : meaning do = stupid and rk = small fluffy animal that is not even cute.

2005-03-01 [Sunrose]: Yes indeed! *^__^*

2005-03-01 [dominoe]: huh?

2005-03-01 [Love like Winter.]: I'm a stupid small fluffy animal that is not even cute? Yayness!

2005-03-01 [Sunrose]: But you're fluffy! ^^

2005-03-02 [dominoe]: burns the fluffy animal!

2005-03-02 [Love like Winter.]: Hey! My tail is all singed now *sniffle*

2005-03-02 [dominoe]: cool*light u onfire*

2005-03-02 [Love like Winter.]: Why do you people hate me?!

2005-03-03 [dominoe]: i dont hate u its just funny

2005-03-03 [Love like Winter.]: >:|

2005-03-03 [dominoe]: what?

2005-03-03 [Love like Winter.]: *runs off to get some cream for her brunt tail*

2005-03-03 [dominoe]: *hee-hee*

2005-03-04 [Lioness2]: Silly question, but can anyone join, or would i have to ask a certain 'someone'...*looks around shiftily* I can be very sneaky when i need to be...and i can prove it...

2005-03-04 [theguardsareshit]: hahahh same here.

2005-03-07 [dominoe]: *places rat traps on the floor *

2005-03-07 [Love like Winter.]: *disarms and remove rat traps* Killing animals is WRONG! >:|

2005-03-07 [dominoe]: i got a big problem [elfy] has copyed my art hes stealing my art

2005-03-07 [Love like Winter.]: Thats awful... Report them to the gaurds not the rats...

2005-03-07 [dominoe]: i know

2005-03-07 [bluesoulsearcher]: what about those glue traps?

2005-03-07 [Love like Winter.]: NO! There worse! At lest with mouse traps the animal is killed in an instand but with glue trap the animal is stuck in one spot so it spends an agonizing couple of days starving to death.... There so crule. Also the animal may end up ripping skin off their limbs when they try to escape....

2005-03-07 [Love like Winter.]: Did you know that dead kittens have been found in glue traps?

2005-03-07 [bluesoulsearcher]: nope

2005-03-08 [RabidSphinx]: i see nothing wrong with killing rats...they are all over my city, the sixe of CATS! i killed one with a baseball bat in my backyard right before was trying to get into our garbage and i cracked the thing aross the back and broke twitched and writhed around for a moment before it died...the thing was, like, 5 lbs!

2005-03-08 [1st Font]: cruelty to animals.

2005-03-08 [RabidSphinx]: call the cops on me know if you kill a rat here in buffalo the cops will buy you a cup of coffee?

2005-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: Saddly, glue traps arn't illegal in the UK... :(

2005-03-08 [Hependipherous]: You don't leave the poor thing on the glue trap to starve to death... when you find it, you squish it! ^_^ I've killed mice/rats with worse than a bat... one I smashed with a patato masher... and another, when it ran behind a cabinet, I smashed it twian the cabinet and the wall. Glue traps are nice though... not as messy as the snap traps can be. >.<

2005-03-08 [1st Font]: you are not a nice person at all!!! anti animal murders!!

2005-03-08 [RabidSphinx]: i hit a rat with my car. once...that was a MESS...and i kill goats chickens, and rabbits on my own by hand...thems good eatin's

2005-03-08 [1st Font]: I thought you didnt eat meat

2005-03-08 [RabidSphinx]: meh? yes i do...i don't like pork or beef...but i eat Rabbit, and chicken, and turkey, and goat, and deer, and duck...

2005-03-08 [1st Font]: what's wrong with beef and pork?

2005-03-08 [RabidSphinx]: they are 1) very high in fat, and 2) i just don't care for the taste or texture of the meat

2005-03-08 [Sunrose]: meat!

2005-03-08 [RabidSphinx]: meat...yum...i love boys...they consist of meat...(^_^)

2005-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: *covers ears with disgust in all the rat squishing!!!*

2005-03-08 [RabidSphinx]: *points and laughs at riot girl*

2005-03-08 [Love like Winter.]: Hey, do I laugh at you when your disgusted at other things? No... so please have a little bit of respect for my opinions....

2005-03-08 [RabidSphinx]: hell no...i give you every right to laugh at me if i am disgusted by something, like [Gone4eva]'s i will laugh at you when you are pointlessly disgusted by little harmless talk

2005-03-08 [1st Font]: Picking on other members is harassement and a banable offense :) Thank you, and enjoy Elfpack :)

2005-03-08 [RabidSphinx]: likeleo and i have an agreement that i'm allowed to pick on him thank you very much...he even offered to make me a wiki about hating him...i said no to that...but i'm not allowed to get *mean* with my teasing of him is all

2005-03-08 [1st Font]: What you do with others in private should stay private ;)

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: it isn't private was agreed upon on a public wiki, to happen opn public's like the wiki that make fun of whim...

2005-03-09 [1st Font]: *changes tatics* This is not a chat wiki :P

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: well then, if this ain't a chat wiki, then make sure everyone *else* knows that too, rather than directing the comment at me, because *they* (including you) were chatting about killing rats when i came in...i merely added to it...

2005-03-09 [1st Font]: learn what a joke is RD... might make you a nice person.

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: learn to understand my sarcasm font, and i am a nice person, but not to those that have given me reason not to be

2005-03-09 [Whim]: is that sarcasm?

2005-03-09 [1st Font]: *tries to remember a time when RD was nice*

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: i think you need my tone to go with the comment to get the sarcasm... :/

2005-03-09 [Whim]: Think carefully, Font. It's very tedious to pick through all the not niceness. Very easy to overlook the nice times...hehe.

2005-03-09 [Whim]: wait...was that sarcasm too, Rain?

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: could be...hard to tell...oh, yeah, and i hate you [Whim]...(^_^)

2005-03-09 [Whim]: well, that's obviously sarcasm

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: yeah, obviously....

2005-03-09 [Whim]: that wasn't nice. See? Yet another example of not niceness. You're making font's thought process that much more difficult.

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: well, maybe that is my objective in all this, to confuse and frustrait font...(^_-)

2005-03-09 [Whim]: well, yeah, but I'm sure he'll eventually just get bored and stop caring if he even cares now.

2005-03-09 [1st Font]: haha ;) 

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: exactly...really, what is there to get so worked up over anyways? i just don't have the energy to get worked up over the things font is supposedly upset over at the moment... (^_^")

2005-03-09 [Whim]: yeah, because font is obviously beating himself over the head trying to get you to behave and all.

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: behave? um...sure...alright

2005-03-09 [Whim]: well, is it really so surprising to you that the establishment is keeping an eye on you to keep you out of trouble?

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: no, not really...but honestly, i have never actually *done* anything beyond express personal opinions...only when i have been attacked or ridiculed for those opinions has a conflict then occurred, (always, again, just words) so really, i don't see why i'm always found at fault....

2005-03-09 [Whim]: cause it's funny and convenient.

2005-03-09 [RabidSphinx]: *shrugs* works for me...i don't long as i'm not *always* seen as the blame when i rarely (though sometimes) am...

2005-03-22 [kirbi]: i wont an elfpack job plz giv me 1

2005-03-22 [Lioness2]: Yeah, you're really gonna get a job when you ask like that...*snorts*

2005-03-25 [RabidSphinx]: hey! that's how i got mine! *pouts*

2005-03-25 [*_*]: aww dame o well

2005-03-25 [Lioness2]: *looks Interested* Well, if i see [kirbi] has a job, i might ask like that too, but for now i'll stick to the 25 decent patrol complaints with the guards...

2005-03-25 [RabidSphinx]: complaints with the guards? like, complaints *about* the guards?

2005-03-26 [Sunrose]: She means she wants to make 25 good reports to become a patroller ;)

2005-03-26 [RabidSphinx]: was confused....RD is stupid...(^_^") hey, i have a question....i reported a member for deleting 5 wiki and then laughing about it to me, and i don't think anything was done about him...well, not when i was here last week and it happened... :/

2005-03-26 [Whim]: Who was the person?

2005-03-26 [RabidSphinx]: lemme get his name...i haven't checked on him and i think i blocked him so he would stop sending me rude messages......kk...this is him....[no more here 87]....he deleted some of my wiki, flamed and spammed my wiki, and then sent me harassing comments...i had ignored him up until he deleted my wiki...then i got a *little* annoied

2005-03-26 [Whim]: hmmm...yeah, looks like no one cares.

2005-03-26 [RabidSphinx]: *shrugs* guess so....just rather annoying that he would do that, then message me admiting to it and laughing about it....*sighs* i hate people

2005-03-26 [Lioness2]: [Sunrose] was right about what i meant above :) [RabidSphinx] The person involved should have at least got a warning for that kind of behaviour. It takes a long time to create a wiki, especially if you are proud of it and keep updating it day after day, so its not acceptable to have people messing with it. If it were me, i'd put in a formal complaint about the case not being handled right (just like in the 'real' world), and make sure all my future wikis had passwords on them...

2005-03-26 [Sunrose]: I don't know who handled that ticket, the guard ignoring it didn't leave a name -_-. I will take care of it now.

2005-03-28 [RabidSphinx]: well, the wikis he deleted were either made for me on "budding writers/artists" that i have work and stuff on, and are MINE and all, but i can't password them since the *owner* was the person that run the budding artist/writers wikis...and the others were the members lists to wikis of, like, i made seperate pages JUST for the members to add their names so i could password my main sites....*sighs* all was fine until he came and thought, because he didn't like me, he could deletet whatever wikis of mine he could...

2005-04-11 [theguardsareshit]: Isn't that affective? As if it is difficult to delete wiki's with no passwords. where is the power in that? bleh

2005-04-20 [Hependipherous]: it is childishly easy to fix a wiki though. All you have to do is go back to a working version of it in the edit mode then just hit the "submit changes" button. What causes people to lose info or otherwise screw up a wiki is when they try to fix it any other way. Retyping the info, trying to somehow undo what they did, etc... just go back to a previous working version. No problem. *shrugs* I've had wikis of mine where people deleted them... or they changed stuff... it's not a big deal. Rarely do I password protect any of my wiki... for the simple fact that I can fix it with relative ease.

2005-04-26 [theguardsareshit]: Of course you're right but it's still pathetic when they think they somehow get at you by erasing your wiki

2005-05-10 [kirbi]: ok so if i wanna becom 1 ov these just report 25 ppl

2005-05-10 [Sunrose]: Good reports :)

2005-05-10 [theguardsareshit]: Wow I wish I had kept track....

2005-05-11 [Nevermore.]: anyone know if ive reported any ppl???

2005-05-11 [Sunrose]: 2 people in 3 reports :)

2005-05-11 [Nevermore.]: lol, that all? haha i suck

2005-05-14 [theguardsareshit]: heheheheh nah you don't suck.

2005-05-16 [SimpleAnnie]: howdy everyone ! [fallen_angel666] has a nazi sign on his profile ... does that count?? *is confused*

2005-05-16 [Sunrose]: Fixed!

2005-05-16 [SimpleAnnie]: coolies

2005-05-18 [DenDen]: ohh I so want to be a rat I like to tell on stupid people that dont read the Uploading Art Rules

2005-05-18 [SimpleAnnie]: u have to report 25 good reports.... i think (it's early for me)

2005-05-18 [DenDen]: ahhh :D

2005-05-19 [kirbi]: so do i have 2report every1

2005-05-20 [DenDen]: lmao only the ones who are violating rules

2005-05-20 [emmerlicious]: I wanna know how many reports I've made!

2005-05-20 [Love like Winter.]: same here...

2005-05-20 [SimpleAnnie]: find a guard and if they are not busy ask them

2005-05-20 [Love like Winter.]: I'm a rat? Wow!

2005-05-20 [Sunrose]: [emmerlicious]: 5 // [Love like Winter.]: over 30 :)

2005-05-20 [SimpleAnnie]: how many do i have??

2005-05-20 [Love like Winter.]: hehe, I never knew I liked to tattle on people so much!

2005-05-20 [Sunrose]: About 19 :)

2005-05-20 [SimpleAnnie]: thanks

2005-05-20 [Love like Winter.]: hehe, yeah. My report got someone banned today.

2005-05-20 [Whim]: The goal is not to get people banned. The goal is to make Elfpack a better place.

2005-05-20 [SimpleAnnie]: yeppers like self mutilation pics and porn *gags* some of those bloody pics got to me

2005-05-20 [Love like Winter.]: He was a trouble maker, only out to ruin wikis (official wikis).

2005-05-20 [Whim]: Yes, so in that situation, perhaps getting him banned made elfpack a better place, however, banning a person is not where the glory lies.

2005-05-20 [Love like Winter.]: I know that.

2005-05-20 [Whim]: And neither is "tattling."

2005-05-20 [Love like Winter.]: I was only joking about being a tattle. I'm on this site everyday, so of course all I want to do is make it better...

2005-05-20 [Whim]: hehe...well, perhaps some other rats forget that. So my comments were directed at the room more so than just you.

2005-06-07 [Ultiem]: careful....EP just recognized a report nazi

2005-06-11 [Stephen]: Hmmm... Kind of pointless, but I might as well ask. Since I am guard-in-training, is it possible to be both guard and rat? I know guard overwrites volenteer.

2005-06-12 [Sunrose]: Nope and you're not correct about Volunteers exactly. You can be a Guard and a Volunteer depending on your work (I don't want to give two badges for 1 job). A Guard is an upgrade from a Rat. Since you basically do the same work. From reporting images, you start deleting them yourself. But since you skipped being a rat, the volunteer-title was used.

2005-06-12 [Love like Winter.]: "a report nazi" huh?

2005-06-12 [Sunrose]: Hmmm he means he is an obsessive reporter of image violations.

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