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For Those Who ♥Rise against♥


Its been long awaited, i had been looking for a wiki devoted to these guys, so i thought why not make it???
And now here is the product of my creation ....lmao

Cheak out my other R.A Wikis to find out more

Rise Against Reveiws
Rise Against - The Government
Rise Against - The Heart


Just fucking



The banners!!!!





1. [NekroNix] - owner
2. [ZOMBiE KiD__x]
3. [Chasing the Dragon]
5. [EmO GuRl]
6. [Porcelain.]
7. [Kagomeyasha] - Yayness<333
8. [.Dα√εя.]
9. [midnight_sun0967]
10.[.:FuCk ForevER:.]
12.[Lithium.]-haha i'm such aloser
14.[And Then we Fell In L.o.v.e]

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2005-11-28 [NekroNix]: These guys rock so hard

2005-12-01 [ZOMBiE KiD__x]: damn right they do...but not as hard as me

2005-12-01 [NekroNix]: hmmm...i duno>.< lmao

2005-12-03 [EmO GuRl]: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2005-12-04 [NekroNix]: lmao.....well..theres a contribution and a half>.<

2005-12-06 [NekroNix]: And sally, if you cheak this out, am veeeeeeery sorry i ran off. id forgotten my art folder and loads of other stuff>.,< lmao 

2005-12-06 [EmO GuRl]: heehee lol yesh it was ^^

2005-12-06 [NekroNix]: lol....oh hiya hun O_o

2005-12-06 [EmO GuRl]: ello huni x

2005-12-07 [ZOMBiE KiD__x]: oh, i just looked at katie and went 'i hope she doesn't expect me to wait for her...' and went on my merry little way ^_____^

2005-12-07 [NekroNix]: when *confused?* oh rite lmao

2005-12-08 [EmO GuRl]: huh...?

2005-12-11 [ZOMBiE KiD__x]: O_o erm...yeah right...*looks around confused*

2005-12-12 [EmO GuRl]: *raises eyebrow*okayyyyy then

2005-12-12 [NekroNix]: lol yer, lol when i ditched sall(well not ditched, forgot something and turned around to leg it and left sally looking like a ....cabbage?) xxx

2005-12-12 [EmO GuRl]: who was that to hun xxx

2005-12-12 [NekroNix]: sallio [ZOMBiE KiD__x] hahah shes dudey, we went to newcastle and i was picking a leather jacket...but wouldnt tell me which one she prefered until we got out the shop coz she was scared of the short indian sales person>.<

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