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2012-02-07 02:14:49
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Sailor Moon Trivia



1. Who is the Guardian of Time and Space?
A) Sailor Moon
B) Sailor Neptune
C) Sailor Pluto
D) Sailor Mars

2. What is the name of Princess Fragrant Blossom?
A) Princess Mars
B) Neo-Queen Serenity
C) Princess Katyuu
D) Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity

3. How did Nephlite Die?
A) By Sailor Moon's Wand
B) By Saving Molly
C) By Queen Beryl's Kiss
D) By a Car

4. Where does Helios come from?
A) The Dark Moon
B) Earth
C) Mars
D) Elysion

5. In season 1 what was Sailor Moon's first weapon?
A) Sailor Moon Kick of Stars
B) Moon Healing
C) Moon Gorgeous Meditation
D) Moon Tiara Magic

6. Who does Small Lady fall in love with?
A) Zircon
B) Chad
C) Helios
D) Melvin

7. What is Sailor Mercury's real name?
A) Hay Lin
B) Makoto Kino
C) Beryl Lin
D) Ami Mizuno

8. Who was Mamoru Chiba (Darin) in his past life?
A) Prince Helios
B) Prince Andrew
C) Prince Darin
D) Prince Endymion

9. Which of the WITCHS 5 found the Legendary Holy Chalice?
A) Mimet
B) Tululu
C) Eudial
D) Bryruit

10. Who did Prince Diamond love?
A) Neo-Queen Serenity
B) Wicked Lady
C) Emerald
D) Sailor Mars


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2012-02-05 [Stephen]: "9. Which od the WITCHS 5 found the Legendary Holy Chalice?"

I'm pretty sure od should be of, but I'm asking to make sure.

Also, is WITCHS 5 a typo or a name? x3

2012-02-05 [Cerulean Sins]: Sorry....I'm wearing fake nails and it's kinda hard to type in lol

And WITCHS 5 isn't a typo :D

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