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2006-03-09 09:53:04
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Sairah's Buttons

Give me credit for them, and I dont care how many you use, as long as they dont leave Elfpack. This means no use on your site, or on Elftown, etc.

<img:stuff/irish.gif>  <img:stuff/bitch2.gif>  <img:stuff/voices.gif>  <img:stuff/biteme.gif>  <img:stuff/speshul.gif>  <img:stuff/love1.gif>  <img:stuff/goaway.gif>  <img:stuff/innuendo.gif>  <img:stuff/love2.gif>  <img:stuff/fuck1.gif>  <img:stuff/sold.gif>  <img:stuff/stupid1.gif>  <img:stuff/dontchange.gif>  <img:stuff/life1.gif>  <img:stuff/epaddict.gif>  <img:stuff/chataddict.gif>  <img:stuff/posers.gif>  <img:stuff/edge.gif>  <img:stuff/banana.gif>  <img:stuff/blame.gif>  <img:stuff/assasins.gif>  <img:stuff/lust.gif>  <img:stuff/envy.gif>  <img:stuff/rdjames.gif> 
(pic from:

<img:stuff/slave1.gif>  <img:stuff/cuff.gif> <img:stuff/drunk.gif>  <img:stuff/dog-hydrant.gif>  <img:stuff/programer.gif>  <img:stuff/chugbutton1.gif>

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2005-03-04 [Solitiaum]: Muhahahaha!!

2005-03-04 [MarieFair]: AWESOME!!!I used one and sent a link to my house from here!

2005-03-04 [Serena]: omg these are funny, can you make me one?

2005-03-04 [Solitiaum]: What would ya like up there?

2005-03-04 [Draconius]: hey sweetheart these things are great could you make me one and put one up in my house.

2005-03-04 [Solitiaum]: Again I ask, what would ya like up there...?

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