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2006-11-28 12:29:04
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Skype - Talk for a long time for free!

Skype is a telephone-program, free to download. It's like MSN and Yahoo Messenger, but the sound-quality is better, especially if you have a bad net. And of course you want to hear your favorite Elfpacker's sexy voice!

Click there=> And download it!

Press <img:stuff/lang.png> on the Skype-site (Up to the right) to download Skype in your language! It's a small program that even my grandma can download and install (She's dead, but it's so easy to install that she can do it anyway!).

Well, Skype isn't really paying me for downloads anymore. See or something... I don't care. Skype will probably die some day when better SIP-phones are available.

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2005-08-05 [916-530]: were do we go to download it

2005-08-05 [skullhead]: cybering is getting more hi-tech every day lol

2005-08-05 [skullhead]: [916-530] you might need [Hedda]'s dead grandmother to help you download it lol 

2005-08-05 [djxmonster]: O_O I wanna cyber with [Sunrose]! :D

2005-08-05 [hardthickcock]: Everyone want to cyber with [Sunrose] !

2005-08-05 [Dorkmuncher]: What is this all about?

2005-08-05 [djxmonster]: Sex mostly.... :P

2005-08-05 [Hedda]: Well, it's actually a voice-program... Maybe it can be used for something else? I don't see what though...

2005-08-06 [zip]: Er.. yeah, it's used for gaming a lot too, I know certain Halo clans use it extensivly.

2005-08-06 [Dead_Alewives]: Hmm..something like this is actually advertised on elfpack? HMM.

2005-08-06 [Captain Dynamo]: What sick and twisted world have I put myself into.....

2005-08-06 [Osborn#67]: you're all poor horny bastards!

2005-08-06 [Lestat5721]: lol.

2005-08-06 [Osborn#67]: lol

2005-08-06 [Hedda]: It's seems to pay really bad, but it might be a fun thing for Elfpackers, I though.

2005-08-06 [Yiwerra]: i think it was a good idea

2005-08-06 [X2]: Why put a alarm? ElfPack get money for this? corse everyone all reddy knows about skype! And its not for cyber!

2005-08-06 [X2]: Ohh!!! tradedoubler... Its not pretty well payd=)

2005-08-06 [Grunge Rock Hamster]: ^__^;; I am finding this hilarious. Oh how I love this world I live in =D!!

2005-08-06 [Moop__x]: Thisis very disturbing and shameful.....o.o I pity you all....

2005-08-07 [I LOVE DINOSAURS ♥]: i pity everyone of you. i use sykpe to talk to my sisters in new zealand much funner!

2005-08-07 [TamponLollipops]: This is sad...

2005-08-07 [blackroseashes]: just have to laugh, to keep from screaming of the gross-ness.

2005-08-07 [zip]: I use skype to cyber with my sister in new zealand.

2005-08-07 [joe_seph]: I love cybering *winks* with girls

2005-08-08 [Girl (UnInterrupted)]: Ooooooooooooooooooh-kaaaaaay...sorry, mini flood-wannabe. I wouldn't use it to cyber, that's gross. I'd use it to talk to people lucky to be far away from here :D

2005-08-08 [Death Call]: ...riiiight well i need a mic first lol Then i dowload it

2005-08-08 [Fuck yeh bitches]: wow... if only I had a mic...

2005-08-08 [Twin Snakez]: Beep.

2005-08-26 [Yiwerra]: [X2], i think you got the wrong idea

2005-09-09 [Hedda]: Oh... And my nick on Skype is "Heddahenrik". I'm generally not on, so you have to tell me to be it... And be a cute nice girl with a sexy voice! ;-)

2005-09-09 [super elve]: whoej i have skype 2 ^^

2005-09-09 [___Scummy.]: its totally gay cos' ive lost my mic lol and i just downloaded that thing.. Im such an ass

2005-09-09 [platinum]: wot is it anyway?

2005-09-09 [doobige]: wasup

2005-09-09 [Hiei's Girl]: the other language link doesn't work

2005-09-10 [plethora of dreams]: why is it called skype?

2005-09-10 [Dr Optimist]: i cant find the english version!!!!

2005-09-10 [Dr Optimist]: DAMN the skype peoples for not putting english on the page... *shakes an angry fist the the people*

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