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2011-10-13 04:48:36
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2008-05-27 [Deg]: ^_^ Hah, yeh, I thought it was pretty good...even though it was not mine *nods*

^_^ I surely will keepy trying.

2008-05-28 [shinobi14]: Glad to hear it!

2008-05-28 [Deg]: ^_^

2008-05-28 [shinobi14]: Now that is what I'm talking about. =]

2008-05-28 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: that new one is good xD

2008-05-28 [Deg]: ^^ yeah haha

2008-05-29 [shinobi14]: *lightly chuckles at Nevi's joke* =]

2008-05-29 [nevan]: It took me half an hour to think that up @_@;; I'm glad it's funny, I was unsure >_>;

2008-05-29 [shinobi14]: You made it up?!?!

2008-05-29 [nevan]: Yus!

2008-05-29 [shinobi14]: Here you go! ^__^ Well done. Might not get you onto Mainstuff, but at least you get something. =]

2008-05-29 [nevan]: x3 Yay!

2009-03-20 [Andy8178]: That last one was rich! haha

2009-06-16 [Andy8178]: The hedgehog joke sucked.

2009-06-19 [Onyi]: some one say something about my jokes............

2009-06-19 [Andy8178]: The marine one was hilarious

2009-06-20 [Onyi]: tnx............

2009-06-23 [Kariento]: thanks a bunch ;)
I was just a tad bored :P

2009-07-06 [German Navy Seal]: how do u submit a joke .. im new 2 elfpack

2009-07-09 [Andy8178]: You didn't finish the joke?

2009-07-09 [Deg]: lol the last joke seems like it would be good but it's not done

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