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2008-04-20 [shinobi14]: [Deg]: Joke has already been used at the bottom of Story Jokes, submitted by [Bookwyrm]. Feel free to submit another joke. - Elfpack Jokes Crew

2008-04-20 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: awww gutted xD

2008-04-20 [shinobi14]: I know. >.< But it happens. I won't have repeated jokes. >.<

2008-04-20 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: then why do you let david keep coming back?


2008-04-20 [shinobi14]: Ohhhh... he'll beat you for that.

And me. But not for that. I'll beat you for calling me and David gay and that nobody likes us. >.<

2008-04-20 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: xD ahaha.. you know i was kidding.. i love you both ^^

2008-04-20 [shinobi14]: Yes. ^-^

2008-04-20 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: goood ^^ *tackle hugs then runs away*

2008-04-20 [shinobi14]: ...

Yeah, you better run!!

2008-04-20 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: *is running*

2008-04-21 [shinobi14]: Haha... Nice one, [Deg]. =]

2008-04-21 [Deg]: ^__^ Thanks!

2008-05-10 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: xD that new ones quite good

2008-05-10 [Porn★Mentality]: hehe.

2008-05-10 [Deg]: Heh...I agree.

2008-05-26 [shinobi14]: Okay, [Deg]. That joke is too big. It won't fit onto Mainstuff.

But I LOVE your joke. =D It's fantastic! Well done!!

2008-05-26 [Deg]: *nods* ha, I figured it was kinda big...*shrugs* I wanted to post it anyways

2008-05-26 [shinobi14]: I'm glad you did. ^___^

2008-05-26 [Deg]: I just want to get onto mainstuff so badly <img:img/mood/5_1116340147.jpg> gotta keep trying

2008-05-27 [shinobi14]: Keep trying! I just checked out your house, and the picture at the top made me laugh! ^__^ Too bad it isn't your own work. >.<

As I say, stay at it, and I promise you will get entered. =]

2008-05-27 [Deg]: ^_^ Hah, yeh, I thought it was pretty good...even though it was not mine *nods*

^_^ I surely will keepy trying.

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