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2007-07-17 [Mommie 2 Be♥]: Lol well it worked. =D

2007-07-17 [-------]: Ohh yayness, I found another joke :P I think I shall save it for later...

2007-07-18 [Mommie 2 Be♥]: Lol maybe I might get the next one.. XD

2007-07-21 [-------]: Btw, a super senior is a person taking the 12th grade for the second time. Knowing that is what makes the joke funny, you see =]

2007-07-21 [Mommie 2 Be♥]: Lol yeah.

2007-11-28 [shinobi14]: Alright... this isn't aimed at anyone in particular... But i think i may be holding a bad jokes contest! How would actually be interested in competing in that? =]

2007-11-30 [Dawg]: Sure you weren't aiming it at anyone, you also were'nt looking at me when you said it. (sarcasm)

2007-11-30 [shinobi14]: Ad, i can tell when you are being sarcastic (most of the time, admittedly), without you putting "sarcasm".

2007-12-04 [Dawg]: Well you never really can tell what someone means in type.

2007-12-10 [shinobi14]: Damn... thats quite a long joke. ;)

2007-12-10 [April Jane]: Sorry about my joke. its a lot funny when someone is telling it to you, cause afterward you can beat them up for wasting your time. :D thats what I did to the guy who told me.

2007-12-17 [kittykittykitty]: Yes! XD One of those! Somehow I always end up hearing the whole duration of those!

2007-12-18 [shinobi14]: I apologise, [Strawboy]. This joke has already been featured in Story Jokes, submitted by [FireGypsy]. This joke will be deleted, but feel free to enter another one! ^___^

2007-12-22 [shinobi14]: Thank you!! ^___^

2008-01-27 [shinobi14]: DAMN!! That one was hilarious! XD

2008-01-27 [Heart of a Lover]: which one?

2008-01-27 [shinobi14]: The newest one. XD

2008-01-27 [Heart of a Lover]: Oh that one I added? I actually heard it from a state trooper, thought it was worth repeating on here

2008-01-30 [shinobi14]: Definitely! Thanks a lot. XD

2008-01-30 [Heart of a Lover]: No problem

2008-04-20 [shinobi14]: [Deg]: Joke has already been used at the bottom of Story Jokes, submitted by [Bookwyrm]. Feel free to submit another joke. - Elfpack Jokes Crew

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