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I made this wiki because [My Sky's The Limit] and [MadHatress] tried to kill me on 7/14/07

Tales of Khristoina

Khristoina was once a very peaceful place to live. Everyone lived a full life with no worries or pain. This all changed in just one day. In one day the king of this very peaceful land fell ill and passed his crown down to his unexperienced daughter Aya. Aya did the best she could to run the kingdom like her father. Soon her father died, leaving her to rule alone.
Word got out that a child was in charge and a man named Kaito over threw her and sent her away to be killed. The man who was sent to kill her could not do it and told her to lay low for a while. He spread the word that Aya was alive and round up a group of followers and built a small rebel army. Soon he began to teach her to fight. He also taught her old remedy's to cure poisons and wounds, and some fatal poisons to use on her weapons. When Kaito found this out he ordered the man killed. Now Aya is on her own with her army of rebels and ready to take back her fathers fathers pride and joy Khristonia.

Aya's Rebels
Kaito's Army
Master.[Not an playable character!]
Khristonia Rp Room

1.[Sonya Blue]
4.[My Sky's The Limit]
5.[Jasiara Hotalti]
6.[Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]
8.[Wally :(]

1.NO Godmoding!
2.You are not an all powerful god
3.You do not have any super powers, if i wanted you to have them i would have add the word 'powers' to the app.
4.No Cybering, if your characters MUST do the nasty then take it to pm's or 'fast forward' nastys
5.Spell correctly and use proper english
7.Have fun, and keep it fun for everyone

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2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: lol, i planned on it...XD

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: alright, im gonna start advertising it now..XD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]:

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: XDXD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: *shakes head*

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]:

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: *Shrugs* idk what ur talking about...

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: okay

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: lol...

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: i saw yours and cathys moods and almost died laughing...XD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: XD XD XD XD ? you saw those eh?

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: yeah, i did...XD

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: b b b but what if your spell impared

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: *sigh* im talking about lazy people who try to shorten words to make typing faster... a miss spelled word every now and then doesn't matter, i miss spell words a lot, i just use spell check when i can't spell a word

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: hahaha....which is all the time!

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: shaddup! >.<

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: lol...

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: meanie face..XD

2007-07-16 [DragonicTunes]: I thought she was a nasty?

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: XD you saw that too?

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: O.o THAT TOO!

2007-07-16 [DragonicTunes]: Just a little >_>

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: lmao

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: XD

2007-07-16 [DragonicTunes]: What Gif?

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: >.> lol DONT LOOK AT IT

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: really wanna see? its graphical...

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: say no!!!!

2007-07-16 [DragonicTunes]: o.0
I give up,

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: not in this wiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: lol y not angel

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: I'll send it to you...THIS GIF is what almost killed angel...lmao

2007-07-16 [DragonicTunes]: alright

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: cuz almost killed me once...XD

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: lol well i wanna see it

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: >.> of course you do, ask rikki...XD

2007-07-16 [DragonicTunes]: o_0 *eye twitches*

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: RIKKI CAN I PLEASE SEE IT PLEASE

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: XD i'll send it to you right...NOW!

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: my computer screen has ramen all over it

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: *sigh* told you you wouldn't want to see it...XD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: *laughing so hard i'm snorting* you wanted to see and you so you saw...

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: >.>

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: the reason is cuz i started laughing

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: the original i found was smaller and less detailed...

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: you were looking for it?

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: no, i was looking up anime guys and i got so far into the search....and found it by accident

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: wow...>>

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: yeah....very buhuhuhuhuhuh *body shakes*

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: nasty

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: ed zachery

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: lmao

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: i just noticed somthing you skipped rule 6

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: XD yeah she did

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: omg, you noticed, i was wondering when someone would see that...XD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: idiot

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: she no idiot she ma angel*huggles angel*

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: o.0

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: O.o ..... help me

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: you're on ur own kid


2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: what you no like huggles fine*turns my back to you*

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: *runs and hides*

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: *still laughing*

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: *walks away with tears in my eyes*

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: O.o

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: TT__TT

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: *poke*

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: <img:m-jpg.gif>

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: *turns away*

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: BUWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

2007-07-16 [Elf_Person]: TT_TT

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: <img:c-gif.gif> psycho lady...

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: TEEHEE

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: anywho, im tired so im going to bed now, we can start this rp

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: otay...night

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: HI

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: lol...hi

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: hows life?...XD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: some idiot from the columbus dispatch called me like 15 minutes ago asking for an Amanda...XD

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]:

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: yeah...taht was my wake up call...

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: hahaha!...XD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: not really, because I knew that once I got up, I'd get on the computer...I didn't feel like getting on the computer until I forgot about certain wiki's i had to check...

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: lmao...okay then

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: hardy har har...O.0 wtf?

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: O.o okay then

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: heehee...

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: >.>

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: im bored...and I gots lights for my car! ^_^

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: what car?

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: gaia.....*sarcasm* yes, I got neon lights for my (mom's) dodge shadow...

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: oh, so do i....XD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: lol...what color

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: red

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: mine's blue

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: lol...HA...mines better!

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: naw..cuz i got a black car w/ awesome stuffs on it! lol

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: lol, okay, what ever

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: ^_  *eating ramen*.

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: i might be going to a marlin manson and slayer concert friday!

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]:


2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: lol, if my dad doesn't have to work!

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: no fair!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna go

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: then catch a plane to florida..XD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: yeah right...wish I could but I can't.

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: oh well, you get to goto ozzfest, so i get to see SLAYER AND MARLIN MANSON

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: heehee! yeah, manson's good 'n' all, but slayer sucks...I think

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: i haven't herd slayer, but i want to see manson...XD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: too...!! one thing you might want to keep in mind: manson shows get gruesome. My friend Rick went to see him and he threw a box of puppies in the audiance...they got ripped to shreds

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: O.o wow

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: make sure you're not in throwing range of any deadly weapons or items containing some form of life...lmao

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: lmao...will do1...XD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: lmao...

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: XD

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: ...*mjnvbg ,muhjtgfyhj jku7yun bjuh retfgyhjklkjytr*

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: O.o wtf

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: idk...there's nothing to do atm

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: i can tell

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: I feel like im about to fall asleep.....

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: O.o why?

2007-07-16 [MadHatress]: CUZ I only got 11 hours of sleep in the past two

2007-07-16 [Sonya Blue]: oh, okay..idiot!

2007-07-17 [Delirious_Angel]: i had about 11 hours of sleep in like 6 days. :P

2007-07-17 [Elf_Person]: iv had no sleep

2007-07-17 [Delirious_Angel]: u lie! people with no jobs sleep :P

2007-07-17 [Elf_Person]: im serious i layed down could sleep so walked into the living room turned on the big screen and watched tv

2007-07-17 [Sonya Blue]: i sleep all the time..XD, when i have noting better to do..XD

2007-07-17 [Elf_Person]: hey what hapen to my comment

2007-07-17 [Sonya Blue]: what comment?

2007-07-17 [MadHatress]: ? you people are wierd...o.0

2007-07-17 [Elf_Person]: i commented after yours once before but it disappeard oh well and your a fine one to talk Rikki you aint normal either

2007-07-17 [Sonya Blue]: okay then..

2007-07-17 [MadHatress]: i KNOW Im not normal...I have a pic of a guy w/ his junk tucked between his legs! XDXDXDXXDXD

2007-07-17 [Sonya Blue]: O.o okay then

2007-07-17 [Elf_Person]: omfg oh yeah visit my new wiki rob's rants

2007-07-17 [MadHatress]: XD yeah...among other strange ones...k

2007-07-17 [Elf_Person]: and theres some sites on there you may like rikki lol

2007-07-17 [MadHatress]: lol...yeah, I saw, but honestly, I dont get off on stuff like that...It me something to laugh at.

2007-07-17 [Delirious_Angel]: im not normal im abnormally normal >.>

2007-07-17 [MadHatress]: and we luv yew

2007-07-17 [Sonya Blue]: O.o

2007-07-17 [MadHatress]: XD

2007-07-17 [Sonya Blue]: any life?

2007-07-17 [MadHatress]: idk...Gewd I guess

2007-07-17 [Sonya Blue]:

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: hey rob, last time i checked love was not spelled luv...

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: lol...

2007-07-18 [Elf_Person]: i know

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: then please spell it right *points to rule number 5*

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: XDDD

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: im serious about kicking people out for breaking rules, that wasn't a joke...

2007-07-18 [Elf_Person]: what i didnt say anything god

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: i'm making a point, you do have a habit to shorten words and act immortal in a roleplay..

2007-07-18 [Elf_Person]: you do too Angel

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: to a certain extent it gets annoying, and no i don't. i don't shorten words, i actually spell check what i write before i submit anything into a rp and if i cant spell the word, i find a word that i can spell instead. i can understand that not all computers have spell check, but i do expect your best to spell a word the right way.
i get severl complaints about you godmoding, its not just you that i get complaints about either, i get them about [ashwhoo] and [Velvet Dreams]
im not saying this to be mean, and im not ganging up on you, im just trying to make a point.

2007-07-18 [Elf_Person]: well hell angel im the only one on trial here, plus iv seen you god mode as well

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: because rob, you are the only one i am getting complaints about, im not going to name any names here, if they want you to know that they said it they can tell you.

no, i do not godmode rob, it's a difference when your character you made has the ability to do certain things
and everyone at one time dose every so often
but you do it most of the time,
when i made the main characters i did not give Haruo super human powers or the ability to dodge flying objects at close range
i am not trying to start an argument here, i like i said earlier am trying to make my point. and since this is my wiki, i have a right to make my own point and say hey knock it off or your gone. Once again im not trying to be mean.

2007-07-18 [My Sky's The Limit]: Pretty much, in the mean way what she's trying to say is get the fuck out of her roleplay before she goes berzerk and goes kung fu on your ass. And she doesn't godmodel for your information. So someone accually beats you in a rolepaly without you godmodeling. And what? Screams sore loser to me. So you godmodel and make yourself superior. And you wonder WHY no one joins your roleplays. Not to mention your other roleplay "Uruchi Kross" OR however the fuck you spell the douchebags first name. Umm, stealing ideas much? God damn, get your own material. . .
And ALOT of people complain about you. . .you don't roleplay fair. At all. You're lucky Angel's generous enough not to go off on your ass when she should. She should have you banned from all roleplays. . .
Above all: You suck at roleplaying. Just stop while everyone's ganging up on you and accually telling you some shit, alright? You needed to be told this a long time ago! You would have thought: "Oh hey, I'm godmodeling, maybe I should FUCKING LIGHTEN UP A BIT!" But obviousley, your brain can't fucking process anything but "I have to be bigger and better than everyone fucking else!"
Remember a long time ago when I started ranting at you for godmodeling on another one of Angel's wikis? You would think you would have learned, but obviousley, you don't.
I'm going fairly easy on you this time than I did last time. Take this message into consideration, and leave the roleplay.
Thank you for your time, cooperation, and lack of brain power :D
And now that I'm done ranting, I think I can be content for the rest of the hour.

2007-07-18 [Delirious_Angel]: yall should join mine =p to

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: O.o wow

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: lol...*avoiding akward argument* ok, i'll look at it again just 4 you ^_^

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: *waves* HI RIKKI!

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: XD hi angel!

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: hows life?

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: job is a pain in the neck...literally

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: lmao...haha!

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: hey, im not complaining about 1400 a month, okay?

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: lmao, okay

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: ^^ yay money! lmfao

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: lmao

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: yup

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: lol, btw, what did i tell ya, he put me up on his shitty rant page

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: XD now me gotta go read...XD

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: yeah, ya

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: lmfao

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: he's such a child

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]:, he's not a child, he just doesn't know how to tolerate the truth when it's told some times

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: what ever, i really don't care anymore, let him be a big baby about it.

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: lol...*shakes head.*

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: any who, changing the subject again, how are you?

2007-07-18 [MadHatress]: eating back soon

2007-07-18 [Sonya Blue]: lmao, okay

2007-08-11 [Wally :(]: ullo!

2007-08-11 [MadHatress]: ello

2007-08-11 [Wally :(]: its been awhile since ive been on ep...

2007-08-11 [MadHatress]: lol...So we've noticed

2007-08-11 [Wally :(]: ya...havent really been able to get visiting my mom in montana for the summer and i cant really get on as is usually being used...

2007-08-11 [MadHatress]: that's cool. as long as you dont get like...TOTALLY

2007-08-11 [Wally :(]: lol...ya...i got lost on most of the rps...i was gone for awhile and everyone just went ahead...even got lost on my own rp wich is now dead...

2007-08-11 [MadHatress]: yeah...I hate it when that happens.there have been times when I'm gone for 2hours and there are 101 new comments!!

2007-08-11 [Wally :(]: lol wow...well...i was gone for a few days and came back and there were 10-20 new pages of comments...

2007-08-11 [Sonya Blue]: then don't leave for 2

2007-08-11 [Wally :(]: lol...well...most the rps ive joined are dead...and alos others that barely anyone joined...

2007-08-11 [MadHatress]: 0.0 well, in one of ANGEL'S rp's I was about 6 pages back...that's nuts...

bite me midget

2007-08-11 [Wally :(]: in all of hers im atleast 60 pages back...

2007-08-11 [MadHatress]: lol....sorry about that.

2007-08-11 [Wally :(]: its alright...well...i gotta go so i guess ill have to make a character here later...and i guess ill talk to you later so...bye

2007-08-11 [MadHatress]: okay bye

2007-08-13 [Sonya Blue]:

hey guys, i'd like to get this thing going so please start rping in the rp page

2007-08-16 [Wally :(]: okness...

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