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This Trivia: Pub Quiz Trivia

Send all entries to [Trivia Master] in a private message.

First two people to answer all questions correctly are the winners!
Best of Luck!

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2005-04-03 [MarieFair]: then it'll be easier that way...^_*, least i think.

2005-04-03 [Fistandantilus]: oh that sucks ass!! lols i didnt know it was up...i must not have been on or realized that it was up for a day,...that makes me very sad...i might have won something really easily...dammit all!! gragh!!

2005-04-03 [Big Brother]: there was an alarm note for it all day

2005-04-03 [Fistandantilus]: oh wait never mind no griffe pet then it wasnt that bad for me to miss,...lols thats what my brother must have been saying, so i really must have not gone on that day...cause i definetly would have done it had i been on but it doesnt matter i will just do the one being made now cause i want that unique griffie pet ticket...

2005-04-03 [Big Brother]: i plan on releasing one for a giffie and badge thing april 13 (my birthday) but it will be up for 1 week, the FIRST person to get them all right will win, then for the others that get them all right i will pick 2 that answered all right and i though were well worded.....but no pet for second and third place. but of cource you can try again if you get second or third. it's only first place that can't win again.....or just anyone that has a unique pet already. once you get the award and the pet the only thing i can give you is a number of how many times you won.

2005-04-10 [jason54452]: how do I enter the contest?

2005-04-10 [Big Brother]: ......first try reading

2005-04-10 [jason54452]: i did it didnt make sense

2005-04-10 [Big Brother]: no? well if you look at me mood you'll understand me not wanting to clear things up now ^_^ message me at a better time

2005-04-10 [jason54452]: sry

2005-04-10 [Big Brother]: no probs ^_^ i'll be more than happy to answer anything tomaorow, message me...but not tonight

2005-04-17 [artmantastik]: Always overworked and under

2005-06-20 [Harry Pothead sux]: wat

2005-08-25 [~*lady_love *~]: how do i sign up 2 enter??

2005-08-25 [Big Brother]: by reading this page, and you better hurry the month is almost over and i don't think there is any questions ready for next month

2005-08-25 [Tear]: I am working on the questions for next month, Jon, I just haven't posted them in the forum yet.

2005-08-26 [Big Brother]: well ok then.......

2005-10-06 [Stephen]: Hey... this page is outdated. If you guys are going to replace me, then do what I did.

2005-10-06 [Big Brother]: it does seem out dated don't it.......

2005-10-06 [Stephen]: *sigh*

2006-01-04 [hamster_bro]: Hello everyone

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