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1. You may only make one entry per Trivia contest.

2. Once you have made your entry and sent it to [Trivia Master], via PM, you may not change your answers.

3. Do not share answers, you will not win, and you will be banned from playing Trivia. (This includes asking for answers, which is also forbidden.)

4. Spelling does count! If you misspell anything, the misspelled answer is wrong!

5. If you have already won a Trivia contest previously you may enter the contest again, but you will not receive a prize. If you have the best mark you will be informed and the prize will be handed down to the next person in line.

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2005-07-03 [The Darkest Star.]: The same way you misspelt 'misspell'...

2005-07-03 [Big Brother]: look at where it is. it's in the rule bout spelling. maybe it was meant to be like that

2005-07-03 [The Darkest Star.]: I thought that, but then I thought it wasn't setting a good example... Lol.

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