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2006-11-07 19:37:38
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deamon90002004's new hair
it went red instead of purple


/ [deamon90002004]

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2006-11-07 [Cloud Natiion]: Ha, first one, bitches!Awesomeness of the hair. Tis Teh.Sex.

2006-11-07 [deamon90002004]: hehe thanks....and you took my wiki's virginity :(

2006-11-07 [Cloud Natiion]: n'awww sorry

2006-11-07 [deamon90002004]: meany

2006-11-09 [miss Lindsey]: .. i like it :)

2006-11-09 [deamon90002004]: thanks

2006-11-09 [eyelinertears]: i love ur hair adam

2006-11-09 [deamon90002004]: lol thanks

2006-11-10 [eyelinertears]: ur welcome lol :P

2006-11-11 [Just Another Mindless Soul]: sup

2006-11-12 [Lights// Camera //Heartbreak]: i like itt. =]

2006-11-12 [SUCh A b3AUtifUl diSASt3R]: AwSuM!! XD!

2006-11-12 [deamon90002004]: this isnt a wiki for conversation :P

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