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this page is for fans of the mother sereys if u h8 these games fuck u if uv just never herd of them injoy ur stay AND I SWARE IF 1 PERSON COMETS ABOUT IT HAVING BAD GRAFIKS I AM GOING 2 SBAP <img:stuff/aj/41314/1242651639.gif><img:stuff/aj/41314/1242651865.gif> this is mother 1 or in amarica erthbound zero this game is about a boy named ninten a boy with siykik powers more cominley none as PSI powers or PK in japan you must travl 2 far away playsis with ur frends anna teddy and loide to difeyt a evil aleyin knowne as geygoo <img:stuff/aj/41314/1242652423.jpg> <img:stuff/aj/41314/1242654093.jpg><img:stuff/aj/41314/1242654307.jpg><img:stuff/aj/41314/1242654402.jpg> i mest up wen i lodid the last 4 piks erhbound is the 1 mext 2 the mother 3 box and mother 3 next 2 the erthbound box erthbound is very simler 2 mother 1 u still have powers and the batl sistum is almost the same ecsept u have scroling hp witch means that u can take a seyreyiss hit but not ofishley die till the cownter hits 0 u r a 13 year old boy named ness who livs in the suberbs with ur mom u have a dad but hes never arownd hes only there 2 giv u money and save ur game

mother 3 only avlibl in japan but you can downlode it 4 free in english thanks to star<img:stuff/aj/41314/1242825378.gif> this is basikley what the battls look like in erthbound just a screen with the enumey cool music and animaytion showing ur moives<img:stuff/aj/41314/1242825945.png> these r the battls 4 mother 1 as u can c they dont show ur moives just a blak screen with the enumey but still awsum music ok now mother 3 is a very speshl game 1st of all it is rithum based the better u keep with the rithum the more daij u do in ataks anther thing tats diferint about this game is insted of saving ur game by callind daddy dearist u use save frong u can als run n takl people and you can c the other caripters faceis as u fight them mother 3 is about a boy named loucis who livs in a small quite vilij called tazmilley his mother has just been merderd it is ther 1st deth in the towns histerey and his brother clows is off 2 get revenj shorley after he terns up missing and loucis must find him

all these items are avalibl 4 perchis on

acshin figers of ness palla jeff and poo

the erthbound sownd trak
clay man action figer
erthbound windo clamps
erthbound poster
the mr. bace ball hat
pk love jakit it is SO manley
this is the most expensib thing on this is the erthbound pizza air freshtioner the onl way 2 get this bak in the day was to own a copey of the game n send a speshl scrach n sniff card into nentendo this lil air frtioner is weth over 6 grand
these are sum screen shots i took with the imulater
a wedrd hak ... its the invisubl ness
ness and palla on there 1st date seeing the run away 5<img:stuff/aj/41314/1247711649.0>
ness n the mr satern<img:stuff/aj/41314/1250273357.0>
pokey minch I H8 U U FAT FUCK<img:stuff/aj/41314/1250695179.0> my favrit boss in erthbound NES'S NIGHTMARE<img:stuff/aj/41314/1252038313.jpg> ness as a souwlthpark caripter<img:stuff/aj/41314/1254313119.png> this is what u c at the end of mother 1 it was only avalibl in the amaricin vertion till 2003 wen mother 1+2 was made
hers sum fan art
<img:stuff/aj/41314/1255086977.png> aww look at lil ness

<img500*0:stuff/aj/41314/1255087043.png> a3d vertion of the 1st boss fight in the game
u cant finde this pik anyware online i had 2 get this by beeting super smash bros wit ness<img:stuff/aj/41314/1256299079.jpg> its ness n mr. kerbey

heres sum fan made eb trading cards
<img500*0:stuff/aj/41314/1256299171.jpg> jeff
<img500*0:stuff/aj/41314/1256299212.jpg> ness
<img500*0:stuff/aj/41314/1256299255.jpg> palla
<img500*0:stuff/aj/41314/1256299295.jpg> poo
beter eb trading cards a english teacher made in japan<img500*0:stuff/aj/41314/1256301395.jpg>

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