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2007-11-03 11:16:16
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Welcome to
Geeks, Freaks and Posers

a home to those who are.. well,
lets just say, a little bit weird, strange or odd

but dont worry!
all is accepted here
all are welcome

Thou leader supremo be [Zombiie Natiion] all bow down before thy mighty Ruler

NO Heathers

Try to keep all bitchyness to a minimum
but if it must be done, please
go to Liers, Cheats and Fakes

No trying to rule over the wiki
heh thats MY job im afriad

And deffinatly NO slagging me off when im not here
believe me, ill find out XD

Oh yeah, if i dont
like you for any reason or i have
reason to believe your a twat,
you will be kicked out

So, whats to be done here?

Hmm well, i cant really tell you that
i only make the wiki, recrute members
and make sure the rules are enforced! heh

In all other words, this is a free wiki,
do and say what you feel so inclined.

Actually, i guess its a kind
of sanctuary for those who want to
get away from the sheer crapness that
this website can bring from time to time lol

But anyway, dont listen to me,
im just here to rule over all,
and make this place look awesome XD

Love from [Zombiie Natiion]
kiss kiss


[Eventual Demise]


[Cameron's girl]





[Fr3Ak $HoW]

[Cloud Natiion]




under construction

rave, trance and techno
liers, cheats and fakes

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2007-02-11 [Fr3Ak $HoW]: rightious man :P
I'll get to scanning my stuff at my friends house as soon as I can.
mortal man shall be destroyed!! muwahaha...uh...I didn't just say that, it's all your imagination <_<;;

2007-02-11 [Eventual Demise]: lol i wouldnt worry bout it, im a god..... well thats wat rhi keeps telling me O_o

2007-02-11 [Fr3Ak $HoW]: really!? wooooow *is in awe*
can I be a god?...a god of cookies? I love cookies ^___^

2007-02-11 [Eventual Demise]: hmmm, i think theres already a god of cookies..... the god of beans..... or i think the spot of my right hand god is still open, i fired the last 1...... or the god of pink shoe laceses.... there the only 1s left i think lol

2007-02-11 [Fr3Ak $HoW]: aww dammit, you should fire that cookie god, I really wanted that spot. I sent in a dozen applications but nooo they didn't accept any. pisses me off >_>
but I'll go for the right hand god if that's the case

2007-02-11 [Zombiie Natiion]: damn crappy msn!!!

2007-02-11 [Eventual Demise]: well i cant just fire the cookie god, there would b no cookies till ur aplication is prosesed, aproved, signed, re-aproved, copped in triplicat, sent bk 2 u 4 aprovele then prosesed, then theres the moving u into ur office. but u can start the right hand god position right away, i dont get many ppl wanting that spot 4 some reson lol

2007-02-11 [Fr3Ak $HoW]: wow...maybe because they really like cookies.
well do I still get cookies if I'm the right hand god? if so I'll take the job! ^__^

2007-02-12 [Eventual Demise]: of course you do, ill tell the cookie god if he dont give you extra cookies, ill fire him lol

2007-02-13 [Fr3Ak $HoW]: awesome, thanks man.
and tell him that if he doesn't, bad things will happen, BAD THINGS! *waves arms around like a ghost*

2007-02-15 [demonchild]: hey did everyone have a good vday?

2007-02-15 [Zombiie Natiion]: not really

2007-02-16 [Fr3Ak $HoW]: I forgot it was v-day so it really didn't affect me much

2007-02-18 [Zombiie Natiion]: meh

2007-02-18 [Cloud Natiion]: Wheeeeeeeeee

2007-02-19 [Eventual Demise]: im a lion

2007-02-19 [Zombiie Natiion]: no ur not
IM a lion

2007-02-19 [Eventual Demise]: im more of a lion then ull ever be........RWAR..........see

2007-02-20 [Fr3Ak $HoW]: guess what I am....WOOF!

2007-02-20 [Eventual Demise]: OMG SHADRACKS A COW..................

2007-02-21 [Fr3Ak $HoW]: Fuck!!'re too smart damn you

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