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This for has lived or is living a life of abuse, or who knows someone who has. It's place to get away from it all, share experiences, give support/advice. Abuse is a problem that is real but overlooked and need to be stoped, too many people are hurt by the cycle of it.

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Owner of this wiki: [tomorrow's tragedy]


1.[tomorrow's tragedy]: after 20 years....finally free from abuse although i still live in fear

2. [One More Worthless Fallen Angel] : Been free from the sexual abuse for years... not away from the psychological abuse I will endure forever.

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2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Good wiki... will help alot of people. Mind if I put the wiki page of mine on here?

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: no i don't mind at all, thanks foe helpin be out with this

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: It's fine. It's like the thing I do ^_^

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: haha yeah

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Mhmm ^_^

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yep...hey guess what...i just got called an embarasment...go me

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Wtf??? By who???

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: my mother...she's trying to make me get lazer treatments on my minimize the scars, i don't even know how she got my number

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: You have scars then?

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah lots

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: SO do I, but I would never wanna get rid of them they're a part of me

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah same here..that's exactly what i told her and she called me an embaresment, some people just don't understand

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Indeed... if I didn't have my suicide scars I wouldn't have something to remind me not to do it again

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: exactly...i mean i've only attemped suicide 3 times...and i don't cut anymore and i think if i could just magically get rid of my scars i'd just give myself an excuse to do it again

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Same, I don't want them to go at all

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yep, i don't even want mine covered by tattoos, like some people do

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Nor do I... no way

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: people will do anything to try to change there past...they just don't relize that you can't change your past, but you can become a better, stronger person from it

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Yeah, I know. I wish somethings hadn't happened to me but I wouldn't be who I am if theu hadn't

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: exactly, i mean i hate it when people feel sorry for me...i just want to shake them and tell them to get over it, i may not be completly over it but i might not ever be...but i'm doing my best to move on

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Same here I hate sympathy

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *walks in & looks around* Good point, i know what it's like to feel sympathy & i hate it as well not that it's any of my business though...

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: you don't have to appologize *shakes your hand*

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles & looks up* Thanks, nice to meet you Casandra right ?

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: nice to meet you too
correct cassandra is my name

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: ^_^ *smiles* Cool...

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: <img:stuff/happyemote.gif>

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles, sits down under a nearby tree*

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *smiles and waves*

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *waves back & smiles* Can i join if you don't mind ?

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yes you can join...of corse i don't mind

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles* ^_^ Hmm...Don't have my story written out on a wiki or anything but few people know it...

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: that's fine as long as you're against abuse anyone can feel free to join

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: Cool, thanks ^_^

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: no problem

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *morphs to wolf & relaxes under a nearby tree* It's hot outside today...

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah it is....really humid

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *nods agreeingly, walks over to a nearby river & sits in the water* Much better ^_^

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *runs off a clif and jumps into the river* that's better

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles, puts up my front paws to block the splash some what*

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: haha

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *sticks out tongue & falls in the water without meaning to* Hehe...Oops ^_^

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *laughs histerically...goes over to help you up*

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *laughs, shakes out my fur next to you* Thanks...^_^

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *laughs and runs for a towel...trys to wipe of the water that smells like wet animal* no problem

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *laughs, sniffs* I don't smell like a wet animal v.v lol

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *sniffs* yeah we both

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *laughs softly & shrugs* I ish a clean animal i promise....*smiles*

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *laughs* okay i like clean animals lol

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles* I pwomise i'm clean... ^_^

2007-07-06 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *walks in and laughs at luna*

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *splashes lyon with water* At least i'm clean & don't smell like wet dog...*falls over laughing*

2007-07-06 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *tilts head* and i do dear? i think not!

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *shakes head* wasn't refering to you, or anyone here...

2007-07-06 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *laughs softly and mumbles* V

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles & says nothing*

2007-07-06 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *smiles and walks back to the den*

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *follows*

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: *sits on his rock* Those two like their den too much

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: do i even want to know what the whole "den" thing is about?

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Uhm.... not really ^_^

2007-07-06 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *walks out and sits down* hello...the name's lyon.

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: Actually, i was hyper, bored & hungry if you really want to know...*yawns, curls up in the distance but good afternoon everyone or evening depending on where you are...

2007-07-06 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: our den is where we go when we wish to speak about something we dont want other people overhearing

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *rolls around in the grass then sits up* I'm not sleepy yet i'm not weak either...Erg it's going to be one of them blah days >.<

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: *remains on his rock*

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *looks up* Hello Angel...

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Hello

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *yawns, gets sleepy*

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Maybe you should sleep then?

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *shakes head* I'll be alright...

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Sure?

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: Yup...

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *passes out under a tree*

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: *looks over* You okay Cassandra?

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah i only slept an hour last night....4 more hour to go untill i can sleep...

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Why not sleep now?

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: haha...had to go to the hospital..Lilith tried to jump off my guitar amp and i ran to catch her and broke my finger

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: and she won't go to bed for another 4 hours

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Oh right...... silly girl ^_^

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: haha yeah...i swear she's part monkey

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: ^_^ Sweet XD How old is she now?

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: she's 14 months but her doctor said she's at least 3 months ahead of herself mentally

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Aww sweet ^_^

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah...she's the best thing that has ever happened to me

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: ^_^ I bet.

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah i love her more then bunnies...and onion bagles

2007-07-06 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Lmao well understandable XD
I'ma go now, I'm whacked... see you

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: okay buh byes

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *sits in a distant tree & stares off*

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *lays back down in the grass*

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: Hello Casandra...

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: hello

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: How are you today ?

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: good quite tiered *yawns*

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: Should try to get in some sleep sometime...

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah...hopefully soon

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: Hopefully...*smiles slightly*

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *smiles back, staring up at the sky*

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *yawns, relaxes*

2007-07-06 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *yawns* going to bed early...most likely be back up in a couple hours...night

2007-07-07 [Luna Armonial]: Night Casandra...*waves, smiles*

2007-07-07 [tomorrow's tragedy]: night

2007-07-07 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles, goes quiet staring at the moon lonesomely*

2007-07-07 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *walks in silently and hugs luna*

2007-07-07 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles, hugs back*

2007-07-07 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *sits next to you* so what are you up to love?

2007-07-07 [Luna Armonial]: Not ?

2007-07-07 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: boredom....wish i could have been on more today...

2007-07-07 [Luna Armonial]: *tilts head & looks at you* Why ?

2007-07-07 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *touches your cheek* you know why dearest

2007-07-07 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles, walks off the wiki thinking*

2007-07-07 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *stretches and yawns* good morning evryone

2007-07-07 [Luna Armonial]: *walks in* Good morning Casandra...

2007-07-07 [tomorrow's tragedy]: good morning!

2007-07-07 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles* It's going to be noon wow i woke up late o.o

2007-07-07 [tomorrow's tragedy]:! i've been gone almost all day!

2007-07-07 [Luna Armonial]: *laughs softly* Eh it happens...

2007-07-07 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *smil;es* yeah lol

2007-07-07 [Luna Armonial]: *yawns, waits patiently*

2007-07-07 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *dtretches and lays down under a tree* what are you waiting for?

2007-07-07 [Luna Armonial]: [Lyon Armonial the healer] *curls up in the branches of a tree*

2007-07-08 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *yawns, lays down and falls asleap*

2007-07-08 [Luna Armonial]: *watches, keeps quiet letting you sleep*

2007-07-08 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *climbs to the top of a hill and rolls down*

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *walks in* looks like your having fun..

2007-07-08 [Luna Armonial]: *walks in & covers stomach to muffle the grumbling* Hello Casandra & Lyon...

2007-07-08 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *stands up and trys to walk* haha yeah...i like to roll down hills when i'm other baby (my guitar) is having minor surgery

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *shakes head and laughs softly* dizzy?

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *walks over to luna and hugs her*

2007-07-08 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah lol *laughs* i enjoy being dizy don't ask me why....

2007-07-08 [Luna Armonial]: Cause it's fun ^_^ *hugs lyon back, laughs softly*

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *smiles and lays down*

2007-07-08 [Luna Armonial]: *yawns, walks off*

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *watches luna leave* so how are you today?

2007-07-08 [Luna Armonial]: *looks back at you* She logged off for now...

2007-07-08 [tomorrow's tragedy]: good, tiered

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: well, get some rest then!

2007-07-08 [tomorrow's tragedy]: haha i wish...i have a one year old...i can only sleep whe she sleeps and she didin't sleep untill 2 this morning and woke up at 8...*yawns*

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *smiles* well, at least thats six hours

2007-07-08 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah haha with her waking up at least three times in between

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: sounds like niece goes rght down when we put her to sleep. guess im just lucky

2007-07-08 [Luna Armonial]: *laughs, shakes head* Don't trust him with kids he'll give them candy lol...

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: only antwan and jonathan *smiles* well, i must be off for two have fun *waves and walks away*

2007-07-08 [Luna Armonial]: *tilts head, looks at you* v.v Back to waiting...

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *hugs luna tightly and kisses her cheek*

2007-07-08 [Luna Armonial]: *hugs back, mumbles* After he wakes me up at 7:15 he decides to get off the

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: ive been on the computer for 2 hours....i could have slept in, but i wanted to talk to you

2007-07-08 [Luna Armonial]: *pushes you over* Next time sleep in, silly i was asleep anyways just woke up to see who was texting me, so my phone wouldn't wake up anyone else in the house...

2007-07-08 [Lyon Armonial the healer]: *kisses you* then tell me that next time sweetie

2007-07-08 [Luna Armonial]: *ruffles your hair & walks off wiki grabbing books* I'll think about it...*smiles slightly & disappears*

2007-07-09 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *jumps out from behind the bushes and dances* Lilith is almost potty trained! hurray!

2007-07-09 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles, looks at Casandra* Congradulations...

2007-07-09 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *smiles back*thanks

2007-07-09 [Luna Armonial]: Your welcome ^_^

2007-07-09 [tomorrow's tragedy]: ^_^

2007-07-09 [Luna Armonial]: Meow ?

2007-07-09 [tomorrow's tragedy]: meow *stretches and lays down*

2007-07-09 [Luna Armonial]: *walks up & nuzzles* ^_^ Hello Casandra & how are you today ?

2007-07-09 [tomorrow's tragedy]: hello, *rolling around and stretching* i am okay
how are you?

2007-07-09 [Luna Armonial]: Fairly well...

2007-07-10 [tomorrow's tragedy]: that's good to hear

2007-07-10 [Luna Armonial]: ^_^ I suppose so...

2007-07-10 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah....

2007-07-10 [Luna Armonial]: Ok...

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