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2007-07-10 00:50:47
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This for has lived or is living a life of abuse, or who knows someone who has. It's place to get away from it all, share experiences, give support/advice. Abuse is a problem that is real but overlooked and need to be stoped, too many people are hurt by the cycle of it.

Abuse Stories

Types of Abuse


Owner of this wiki: [tomorrow's tragedy]


1.[tomorrow's tragedy]: after 20 years....finally free from abuse although i still live in fear

2. [One More Worthless Fallen Angel] : Been free from the sexual abuse for years... not away from the psychological abuse I will endure forever.

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2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: ^_^ *smiles* Cool...

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: <img:stuff/happyemote.gif>

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles, sits down under a nearby tree*

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *smiles and waves*

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *waves back & smiles* Can i join if you don't mind ?

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yes you can join...of corse i don't mind

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles* ^_^ Hmm...Don't have my story written out on a wiki or anything but few people know it...

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: that's fine as long as you're against abuse anyone can feel free to join

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: Cool, thanks ^_^

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: no problem

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *morphs to wolf & relaxes under a nearby tree* It's hot outside today...

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah it is....really humid

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *nods agreeingly, walks over to a nearby river & sits in the water* Much better ^_^

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *runs off a clif and jumps into the river* that's better

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles, puts up my front paws to block the splash some what*

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: haha

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *sticks out tongue & falls in the water without meaning to* Hehe...Oops ^_^

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *laughs histerically...goes over to help you up*

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *laughs, shakes out my fur next to you* Thanks...^_^

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: *laughs and runs for a towel...trys to wipe of the water that smells like wet animal* no problem

2007-07-06 [Luna Armonial]: *laughs, sniffs* I don't smell like a wet animal v.v lol

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