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2007-07-10 00:50:47
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This for has lived or is living a life of abuse, or who knows someone who has. It's place to get away from it all, share experiences, give support/advice. Abuse is a problem that is real but overlooked and need to be stoped, too many people are hurt by the cycle of it.

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Owner of this wiki: [tomorrow's tragedy]


1.[tomorrow's tragedy]: after 20 years....finally free from abuse although i still live in fear

2. [One More Worthless Fallen Angel] : Been free from the sexual abuse for years... not away from the psychological abuse I will endure forever.

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2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yep...hey guess what...i just got called an embarasment...go me

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Wtf??? By who???

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: my mother...she's trying to make me get lazer treatments on my minimize the scars, i don't even know how she got my number

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: You have scars then?

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah lots

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: SO do I, but I would never wanna get rid of them they're a part of me

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yeah same here..that's exactly what i told her and she called me an embaresment, some people just don't understand

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Indeed... if I didn't have my suicide scars I wouldn't have something to remind me not to do it again

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: exactly...i mean i've only attemped suicide 3 times...and i don't cut anymore and i think if i could just magically get rid of my scars i'd just give myself an excuse to do it again

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Same, I don't want them to go at all

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: yep, i don't even want mine covered by tattoos, like some people do

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Nor do I... no way

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: people will do anything to try to change there past...they just don't relize that you can't change your past, but you can become a better, stronger person from it

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Yeah, I know. I wish somethings hadn't happened to me but I wouldn't be who I am if theu hadn't

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: exactly, i mean i hate it when people feel sorry for me...i just want to shake them and tell them to get over it, i may not be completly over it but i might not ever be...but i'm doing my best to move on

2007-07-05 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Same here I hate sympathy

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *walks in & looks around* Good point, i know what it's like to feel sympathy & i hate it as well not that it's any of my business though...

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: you don't have to appologize *shakes your hand*

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: *smiles & looks up* Thanks, nice to meet you Casandra right ?

2007-07-05 [tomorrow's tragedy]: nice to meet you too
correct cassandra is my name

2007-07-05 [Luna Armonial]: ^_^ *smiles* Cool...

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