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2005-11-02 20:43:30
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            Tom Delonge lovers!!

Hey this is my wiki! [O Z W A L D™] and is for anyone who loves the blink 182 front man Tom Delonge! i know i do!
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2005-08-18 [midnight sky]: woo!

2005-08-18 [O Z W A L D™]: yay tom delonge is hot!!!! WHOOOOO!!

2005-08-23 [midnight sky]: yay im bored

2005-08-24 [midnight sky]: you are phyco obsessive

2005-11-02 [O Z W A L D™]: weeeee

2005-11-03 [faster_the_chase]: hehe, hi izzy!! yay

2005-11-03 [faster_the_chase]: Blink rule

2005-11-10 [~"XxSophxX"~]: Blink 182 rule!! tom is sooooooooooooooooooo FIT!!!!!!!

2005-11-10 [~"XxSophxX"~]: Blink 182 rule!!! Tom is soooooooooooooooooooooo FIT!!!XxxX

2005-11-10 [~"XxSophxX"~]: wots every1's fav song???

2005-11-11 [O Z W A L D™]: i dnt hi people lol!!! YAY!

2005-11-11 [feck orf]: hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!!

2005-11-14 [O Z W A L D™]: hiiiiiii

2005-12-01 [missyXrach♥]: Wooness

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