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We Love [Big Brother]!


This is a wiki for all of us that just love [Big Brother] this much!

Members! (Girls)

1) [RabidSphinx] i luv my battle-boi buddy!!
2) [Sunrose]....obviously...
3) [Alucardracula]...i belong to him...
13) [Anvikit]- Der Sexah mmm Snuggles and Licks! *slurp*
5) [MarieFair]-*glomps*
6) [The girl of your dreams] awesome.
7) [Gc Screamer666] whoot!
8) [*ArmyGirl*]
9) [tequila twist] WooHooT! I figured you out!!! ^_*
10) [GothicProphet] woot woot!!
11)[Beloved Promise]
12) [Death is my friend]
13B) [Lycan]
14) [no idea]
15) [xoxshellxox]U Know We All Love you, Ur The Best Eva Lv Ya Loads
16) [Angela Scene] i love you jon
17) [I AM WILLIAM HUNG]- battlefield is hot
18) [Ellyn] - [Big Brother] rocks my whole sock drawer!!!! What more can I say?
19) [StarDance] - you rock and helped me out when i first joined!!!
20) [Solitiaum]
21) [~altopia~]-So many adoring fans...It's a virtual 'Battlefield just to get near him.*sighs*
22) [Serephim] Just because i can i love him as a friend...
23)[Morfeaohtarawen] because he does so much
24) [Dead Girl]- [Big Brother] love to play with the handcuffs ;)
25)[Uncle Kracker's Wife]your hott Battlefield!!!
26)[DenDen] monkey lovers unite! O.o I suppose XD
27)[ded.] saw something you weren't supposed to see battlefield!
28) [Asrun] Wheee! Canadian pride. <3
29) [*Babygurl*] he's a cool guy!!! we try to have something to talk about :)
30) [Nevermore.]..he rocks my socks! great guy ;)
31) [Dirty Lil Juggalette] HE IS SO HOT!!!
32) [FireGypsy] *drools*
33) [Miya] Also saw something of mine you werent supposed to! lol ^_^
34) [vampiric assassin, Tararith] I love you, you damn sexy beast!!!!
35) [kittykittykitty] Mmmmmmmm ^_^
36) [Wendy]
37) [Bookwyrm] Mwuahaha I've found you!!
38) [FireGypsy] He is my Hubby! Back off everyone or ill kill you! *hugs [Big Brother]*
39) [Nytefox]
40) [Midori] *Licks Jon's Face* Merrow!
41) [DragonicTunes] You're awesome? o.0 Yeah, sorry, lame comment compared to everybody else, lol
43) [trinityfairy] I LOVE Jon! :D he's my favorite

Members! ( a non gay friendship kinda way)

1) [Big Brother] i love myself lmao
2) [Jotun] in a friendship way. just friends =)
3) [Solarwing] Friends, ya just friends
4) [baby_gurl_420] yay im a guy lol i love you muhahahahaha now im in ur fan club as a guy
5) [Ihsahn] your awesome, yeah man keep digging ;)
6) [Dwemer] Great forgiver, writer and mate :)
7) [Stephen] Well, I hope nothing gay is happening.. You're a great guy! Bravo!
8) [Orestez] Music is life
9) [BlindGuardian] --> Sorry, I had to add myself here ^_^
10) [The Voice of Difference] For those, easily indulged...
11) [Dr Optimist] Oh well his job is more boring than mine so he must be nifty ^_~


Jon is being evil again!!!!

OMG Pretty Kitty Battlefield! Cause he would make such a cute kitty boi!..
*hugs and licks* Fantart by [Anvikit]


<img300*0:stuff/we%20love%20battlefield.jpg>(By [~altopia~]

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2006-01-28 [Lust]: O.o *rapes him in the closet!*

2006-01-28 [RabidSphinx]: *kicks lynney away* mine bi-otch!b *clings*

2006-01-28 [Lust]: *Slaps her away* Nu uh! Mine binch! *rapes more*

2006-01-28 [RabidSphinx]: *stabs lynney in the kidneys* mine!!! *grabs jon and gives him a lap dance*

2006-01-28 [Lust]: Oi... that hurt! *Cuts of Raine's head* Oi *takes jon away from her,* Yeah w/e I was in his pants! And didnt have sex! Cuz I' loyal to my bf =P

2006-01-28 [Lust]: *falls down dead*

2006-01-28 [Big Brother]: lap dance is nice.........but you wearn't raping me lynney, can't rape the willing :P

2006-01-28 [Lust]: Well, chh! I was obviously fucking you! but that is besides the point! Lmao!

2006-01-28 [Big Brother]: O.o

2006-01-28 [RabidSphinx]: *does a polldance in the corner*

2006-01-28 [Lust]: With no head? Wow...

2006-01-28 [RabidSphinx]: my head grew that guy from the Movie Men In Black

2006-01-28 [Lust]: Lmao! Oh what ever! Fine you can have him, I'll just tseal him from you when I want him. Plus I got my own love, lmao!

2006-01-28 [Big Brother]: O.o fight is over :(

2006-01-28 [RabidSphinx]: *keeps polldancing*

2006-01-28 [Lust]: Umm... Raine, thats not a poll, thats a nucular bomb o.O

2006-02-05 [Lust]: *pokes everyone*

2006-03-16 [Domiera]: *pokes wiki with stick* dead....

2006-03-16 [Big Brother]: wow, you finally joined!!!!

2006-03-16 [Domiera]: lol

2006-03-16 [Domiera]: well, i had to keep you waiting=P

2006-03-16 [Big Brother]: lol, sounds like something you would do :S lol ^_^

2006-03-16 [Domiera]: heh. but of course!

2006-03-16 [Lust]: *pokes them both*

2006-03-20 [Big Brother]: O.o i have been poked!!!!

2006-03-21 [Domiera]: gack!

2006-03-21 [Lust]: AH HA HA!... Hug?

2006-03-21 [Domiera]: yay!

2006-03-21 [Lust]: *hugs*

2006-03-30 [Domiera]: so............i have no life and nothing to do even if i had brains do it with....i signed the lease to move to jons this morn. brains!!!

2006-03-30 [Lust]: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! That is so cute!!

2006-03-30 [Big Brother]: no brains cause you signed for the room across from me? i take this as an insult...sorda

2006-03-30 [Lust]: HA HA!!!! She luves yeah! *clings*

2006-03-31 [Domiera]: sorta has a t. mwahaha. and you know why no brains

2006-03-31 [Lust]: *blinks confused*

2006-03-31 [Big Brother]: likely story

2006-03-31 [Lust]: Tell!

2006-03-31 [Domiera]: gah. is true and you know it!

2006-03-31 [Big Brother]: i know a story......i think.......wait......nope its gone

2006-03-31 [Domiera]: HAH!

2006-03-31 [Big Brother]: you dont believe me do you, im hurt.....physically, i just dropped something on my toe

2006-03-31 [Domiera]: you so did not!!!!! im sititing on you and you didnt even move when you typed that!!!! you one ask why we are talking to eachother on here when we're in the same room..........

2006-03-31 [Big Brother]: well you aren't now!

2006-03-31 [Domiera]: thats cuz im in class goof!!!!

2006-04-01 [Big Brother]: sure, that's what they all say.

2006-04-01 [Domiera]: bah

2006-04-06 [Domiera]: YAY!!!! passing of the drivers test. *happy dance for you*

2006-04-06 [Big Brother]: it's true....and new pic on my card......i'm almost scared to get it and see how bad it is....

2006-04-06 [Domiera]: lol. you wont look that bad im sure

2006-04-06 [Big Brother]: we shall see......right now i'm waiting for this really hot chick i know to come over.....i'm all alone sitting in the dark right now..

2006-04-06 [Domiera]: so turn on a light silli

2006-04-06 [Big Brother]: just did actually........but it doesn't help the alone part......i need to find something to shoot my blow darts at....

2006-04-06 [Domiera]: harry????

2006-04-06 [Big Brother]: not home......already concidered that one

2006-04-08 [Dead Girl]: MEOW!!!

2006-04-08 [Big Brother]: here kitty.

2006-04-08 [Dead Girl]: lol MEOW!!

2006-04-08 [Big Brother]: AHH it bit me!!!

2006-04-08 [Dead Girl]: oopsie i didnt mean to bite to hard........or did i =p

2006-04-08 [Big Brother]: but you did!! *cries*

2006-04-09 [Dead Girl]: you liked it lol and you know it...youve never complained before... -winks-

2006-04-09 [Big Brother]: shhh... my GF is here!

2006-04-09 [Domiera]: .....whats this i hear???

2006-04-09 [Big Brother]: nothing.....nothing at all.

2006-04-09 [Dead Girl]: dum dum dum..... =O you have a gf now =O

2006-04-10 [Big Brother]: quite possibly

2006-04-11 [Dead Girl]: lol

2006-04-17 [Domiera]: just realised that here didnt say happy birthday. now how could i have missed putting that here??????

2006-04-17 [Domiera]: it wont be as good at rd or tear jumping out of various cakes.......

2006-04-17 [Domiera]: but happy belateded on here birthday.

2006-04-17 [Domiera]: i shall now cease appearing to talk to myself.....and eat ice cream....and popeye candy, cuz its yummy

2006-04-17 [Big Brother]: ummm, thanx? but where is my candy?

2006-04-17 [Domiera]: lol. what about the candy??????? i ate it...but i didnt tell you that

2006-05-02 [Domiera]: except that i didnt eat it.....i dont think. im confused now

2006-05-02 [kittykittykitty]: uhhh... o_O

2006-05-02 [Domiera]: sorry, i'm bored outta my skull

2006-05-02 [kittykittykitty]: aww -_- *hands you a new skull to bore out of..*

2006-05-02 [Domiera]: yay!!!!!!!

2006-05-03 [Big Brother]: hey, i liked her old one just fine!

2006-05-03 [Domiera]: mwahaha

2006-05-03 [Big Brother]: and what are you laughing at!

2006-05-03 [Domiera]: noooooothing*angelface*

2006-05-03 [Big Brother]: right.....

2006-06-29 [kittykittykitty]: [BlindGuardian] if you're a guy how did that baby get in there? o_O

2006-06-29 [BlindGuardian]: Sorry... it's just that I found this wiki while watching some pics of my butchy ages... ^_^

2006-06-30 [Big Brother]: O.o that makes 2 girls claiming to be guys...

2006-06-30 [BlindGuardian]: You know, we can't help it... guys have it sooo much easier ^_^

2006-07-01 [kittykittykitty]: Maybe, but that doesn't mean I want to be a guy! I like my female privileges ^___^

2006-07-01 [Big Brother]: i like your female body......

2006-07-01 [kittykittykitty]: Exactly :D

2006-07-12 [Wendy]: Me, too.

2006-07-12 [Wendy]: YAY! THREESOME!

2006-07-12 [Big Brother]: no complaints here!

2006-07-12 [Wendy]: YAY! *does a sexy strip tease while undressing [kittykittykitty] as she gives [Big Brother] a lapdance*

2006-07-12 [kittykittykitty]: Whee! Threesome with [Wendy] and [BlindGuardian]! :D So Jon is excluded from this, yesh?

2006-07-12 [BlindGuardian]: Bah, who cares about Jon anyway?? *refuses to look back at the title above* :P

2006-07-12 [Big Brother]: O.o

2006-07-12 [Wendy]: Orgy?

2006-07-12 [Wendy]: Orgy or the three of us! Make up your minds, girlies! Tee hee!

2006-07-12 [BlindGuardian]: Orgy and toys!!! *runs to fetch the toy-chest*

2006-07-12 [Big Brother]: what bout me?

2006-07-12 [BlindGuardian]: *handcuffs [Big Brother]*

2006-07-12 [Big Brother]: better....

2006-07-12 [Wendy]: *straddles [Big Brother]*

2006-07-12 [Wendy]: *places [kittykittykitty] on top of [Big Brother]'s face so that he can drink from her loving cup*

2006-07-12 [Wendy]: Now what to do with [BlindGuardian]? *switches places with [BlindGuardian]*

2006-07-12 [Wendy]: *places [BlindGuardian]'s hands onto [kittykittykitty]'s shoulders to massage her while straddling [Big Brother]*

2006-07-12 [BlindGuardian]: Hey, don't you be so bossy! *massages [Wendy] to calme her down a little bit*

2006-07-12 [Big Brother]: O.o feel free to come to my house any time [Wendy]! lol

2006-07-12 [Wendy]: *[Wendy] dons a dominatrix costume and grabs a camera to command and film*

2006-07-21 [kittykittykitty]: [Wendy]'s a little scary at times >_>

2006-07-21 [Big Brother]: yes, yes she can be

2006-07-30 [Wendy]: Yes. Yes I can be. *vanishes in the blood of innocent corn*

2006-07-30 [Wendy]: I an make corn bleed.

2006-07-30 [FireGypsy]: *kills everyone who touched [Big Brother]* *kills [Big Brother] for enjoying it and inviting [Wendy] over his house* *flips everyone off*

2006-07-30 [Ihsahn]: *grabs air and puts offer in pocket and saves for later*

2006-07-31 [kittykittykitty]: *flips everyone off* erm........ >_> kinky?

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: ::feels unloved:: But...I didn't do anything! ::puppy-dog eyes::

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: oh but you did!

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: You shut up! ::tackles Jon and covers his mouth with electrical tape, then duct tape:: You know nothing!

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: *muffled mumble*

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: Lies! All lies! ::attempts to tickle::

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: *tries to lie*

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: Your all DEAD! *kills everyone again*

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: *is dead....and missing his butt*

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: And...your point would be? I believe in life after death. So...::looks at self:: Yep, still alive. ^-^ Just not...alive. ^-^

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: =) and [Big Brother] is buttless!

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: O.O Oh noes! ::goes to look for Jon's butt::

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: I took it yesterday and hid it in a box! Mua Hahahaha!

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: ::le gasp:: Thief! Scoundrel! Scallywag! Rumplestiltskin! Have at you! ::runs::

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: ::stops and turns around, yelling back:: I mean honestly, if a man can't have his butt what can he ha-...oh I get it now!

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: you can run at me but the box is hidden ^_^

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: ::chuckles:: I should've specified that I was running away...XD

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: oh !!!! XD

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: ::grins:: My fault! XD

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: hehe! =(^ . ^)=

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: ::looks at the still duct-taped Jon::...What'll we do 'bout that?

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: *kicks Jon* thats what we do with him! *leaves Jon in a room all by himself with a plate of awesome looking food out of reach on the floor*

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: ::le gasp:: No! ::pets Jon:: No kicking the Jon!

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: he is my Jon! and he cheated on me! I shall kick the Jon! *kicks Jon*

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: -,- No kicking the Jon! ::hovers over him protectively::

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: *throws [Bookwyrm] out of the way and kicks Jon*

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: ::glares at [FireGypsy]::

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: *glares back*

2006-07-31 [Bookwyrm]: That hurt. :(

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: awe =(

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: wow you miss alot when you sleep.......

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: ...? *kills [Big Brother] for the 3rd time*

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: so why do i get to die so often?

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: Because your a cheater! *kills again*

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: how did i cheat?

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: *points to above comments where girls are on top of you and your inviting girls to your house*

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: they forced me! and i invited her over for a cup of tea....

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: liar! *kicks*

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: cup of coffee?

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: How about some hot cocoa =)

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: sure? what's the catch.......weren't you beating me?

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: i want cocoa!

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: =D

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: then you would like my room...i always seem to have cocoa in at least 2 different forms at any given time....

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: Damn!

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: right now i have <img:> and <img:>

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: OMFG! *tries to grab the reese's bites through the computer and hurts her hand *

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: i bring them to work to eat while i talk to morons....

2006-07-31 [La Fleur de La Croix]: What exactly is your job, anyway?

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: tech support for bell sympatico......i answer phones and help morons with internet issues

2006-07-31 [La Fleur de La Croix]: Ah. Fun.

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: I read the page he made about it and laughed my ass off!

2006-07-31 [La Fleur de La Croix]: lol

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: i didn't make it, but i added a bit to it.....have lots more i can add too.

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: add them! and put new next ot them so i know which ones are new ^_^

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: i'll see bout doing that tonight

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: sweet =D

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: You are fucking sexy as a cat you know that!!!

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: no.......i don't know that! i deny it!

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: WHAT! your a kinky sexy kitty!

2006-07-31 [La Fleur de La Croix]: o.o *slowly backs away*

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: =(^.^)=

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: *also backs away*

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: *pounces on [Big Brother]*

2006-07-31 [Big Brother]: *hits the floor hard and dies*

2006-07-31 [La Fleur de La Croix]: AHHHH! *sniffles* p.q

2006-07-31 [FireGypsy]: *cires*

2006-07-31 [kittykittykitty]: Yar!! Sexy kitty boy!!!! ^____^ *gives Jon a saucer of milk*

2006-08-01 [Big Brother]: O.o i'm really not a cat!

2006-08-01 [FireGypsy]: Yes you are!! *meow*

2006-08-01 [Big Brother]: i deny everything!!!!

2006-08-01 [kittykittykitty]: *strokes his tail and tickles him behind the ear* Such a cute little kitty aren't you? ^_^

2006-08-01 [Big Brother]: ok, i'm a kitty *enjoys it maybe a little too much*

2006-08-01 [kittykittykitty]: *tickles the pads on Jon's soft feet and gently ruffles up the fur on his ankles* ^______^

2006-08-01 [Big Brother]: wait.......i don't have fur.....or pads on my feet......and they are not soft......

2006-08-01 [kittykittykitty]: Aww well look at you denying everything still... aren't you the sweetest ^_^ *rubs his feet between the claws wondering why he never finished his milk* :/

2007-02-19 [Anvikit]: Giggles, hey babe how've you been?

2007-02-19 [Big Brother]: busy ^_^ and you??

2007-02-19 [Anvikit]: Salllright!

2007-02-19 [Big Brother]: yay!!

2007-02-19 [Anvikit]: <img:dand-gif.gif>

2007-07-26 [Midori]: *Humpedy hump humps Jon's long pretty legs!*

2007-08-04 [kittykittykitty]: We got another crazy one D: *hoses her down*

2007-08-05 [Midori]: Waaaa!!!! *Is blasted by the force and smacked against a wall with a thud*

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