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2006-01-18 09:38:34
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Welcome to my ~Art contest~!!!

Owner [Guardian of death*]

This is my very first wiki here, so it's not great...but anyway! The contest this time is about drawing a pic of one of my characters that I'm describing. The character is:

Luke, the vampirelord


Name: Luke
Age: Actually around 457 years or so, but looks like 17.
Personality: Loves to kill and destroy, a cool-looking guy. He's the Lord of a legendary vampireclan, named Bloodspill-clan. He hates when blood is spilled, because he loves to drink it, especially fresh.
Look: Long, light-blonde hair in a ponytail, green, shiny eyes that you just can't stop looking into. Wears a long, black cape and a gun that looks like it's made of silver. On the gun a "poem" is written. It says: "Kill only when you have to, and that is always". (Kinda odd, I know!) He also wears a pair of knee-high, black boots with many clips and bottons, and a neckless with a pentagram in gold and silver.

If there's something more you need to know about him, just send me a message, ok?

Every competitor may have two pics, no more!

The prices to win is:
Best pic ever
Best "look-alike"
Best coloring
Coolest pic
The winners will get a "price-pic" each, that you can put up at your info.
("Price-pics" coming soon)


5 entries >_<

~The entries~ new

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2006-01-20 [truth_is_death]: if its okay

2006-01-20 [death how i long to embrace you]: ummmm nooooo let me guess my flower is not in the theme

2006-01-20 [death how i long to embrace you]: yup thought so sorry bout that

2006-01-20 [Guardian of death*]: No problem Death. ^^ And truth_is_death: It's very much ok! :D The more the better you know. ^^ Just go ahead! ^___^

2006-01-20 [death how i long to embrace you]: ehhhh it is ok i cant really draw people

2006-01-23 [Guardian of death*]: Ah, ok. Sad to hear. TT,TT Otherwise we'd have another contestrian (or what's it called ^^')

2006-02-26 [Ally Yo!]: is it too late to add my art

2006-02-27 [Guardian of death*]: no ^^ You can add it

2006-02-28 [death how i long to embrace you]: ummm maybe you should have another contast or something

2006-03-02 [Guardian of death*]: Yeah, I know >< I'll fix it soon.....

2006-09-03 [{Donut}]: so when exactly is the deadline for our drawings ?

2006-09-08 [Guardian of death*]: When we have 5 entries....but I think this contests is kind of dead... :P I'll guess I'll put up a new team soon. ^^' (Sorry for the dying-ness. :''3)

2006-09-09 [{Donut}]: lol well i already drew 2 pics i just need to find a scanner and get them put up here. so i'll be here !!! lol

2006-09-10 [Guardian of death*]: Ah! Yay! :D Weell, if nobody else'll enter, then you'll win! xD

2006-09-11 [{Donut}]: YAY !!!! lol

2006-09-18 [Guardian of death*]: xD Haha~

2006-09-20 [{Donut}]: i'm am sooo done now lol. and in the first one (I think) he's not wearing the cape ONLY because i thought "Well he's living in the now i think and who really wears capes now-a-days ???" so i updated him a lil....:D

2006-09-20 [{Donut}]: and you can't really see his boots.other then that he's got the necklace and gun and stuff only you can't read the words cause it's too small lol.

2006-11-20 [Guardian of death*]: Yay! Thank you! ^3^ I really like them both! :D <3

2008-10-20 [♥Eli-Annai♥]: is this still going<img:quesN-gif.gif>

2008-10-20 [Lord Starscream]: Who knows. He hasn't been here in, like, two years (662 days). We could always restart it, or something like that...

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