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Written about Thursday 2007-06-21
Written: (4530 days ago)

BitTorrent and the future of TV-show producers

I just saw this very interesting speech about how to find a business model for producing TV-shows when people are downloading it with BitTorrent. Of course it's distributed via BitTorrent <img:http://www.cathug.com/kittyemo_crazy.gif>


(The answer is of course that the producers should sell ads themselves and integrate them in the show, without making them so annoying that people edit them out or watch another show, but the figures he's showing are interesting.)

Might give a thought to you who are trying to sell your artwork. If your paintings are spread a lot on the Internet, advertisers would love to put a little text on them. But the easiest way is put an ad for your website on them, and sell ads on your website, but that's also way less money.
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Written about Monday 2007-04-23
Written: (4589 days ago)

New mouse

I've got a new mouse and it's much better than my previous one (and hopefully it will not stop working now and then), but:

1) It needs a paper under it as my table seems to be too shiny for it.
2) It behaves differently! I totally lost the feeling I had before and have to relearn how to point. I'm trying to adjust the mouse-settings, but it's hard to get it the same.
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Written about Thursday 2007-04-19
Written: (4593 days ago)

Back from Rome

I came home tired and a little sick from Rome yesterday. 

Here are some photos:
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Written about Sunday 2007-04-15
Written: (4597 days ago)


I'm going to Rome now! Take care of Elfpack! I'll be back on Wednesday!
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Written about Thursday 2007-03-29
Written: (4614 days ago)

Strawberry milk...

So I happen to make the blender blend over a little so that the bench got filled with strawberry milk. And that cut the power of the entire flat (including [krill]). Luckily [krill] has a UPS, but the network card isn't connected to that.

And the strawberry milk wasn't even that tasty...
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Written about Thursday 2007-03-08
Written: (4635 days ago)


I made a clean spot by accident and now I had to clean half the flat!

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Written about Sunday 2007-02-25
Written: (4646 days ago)


I've tried to cut the power to [krill] now and it works just fine. The only problem is that the network is going down when it loses power. As I'm only moving the cord it's only for a few seconds, but it's a little annoying that I can't stick the router into the UPS too.

Tomorrow Monday, they will start rebuilding my bathroom and therefore cut the power now and then. If nothing goes wrong, Elfpack will be up and running all the time despite that.
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Written about Thursday 2007-02-01
Written: (4670 days ago)
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Whee, I live with a porn-star again!

Lilo is yet again found when you search for images containing "sex" on Google (if you are having safe search on). It's only been there since yesterday, so in for example Sweden (where I am) you can't find her yet.

It brings me and Lilo a few extra bucks per day. Nice! Thank you, Google! :)

Oh, and the porn? It can be found on www.cathug.com/3
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Written about Tuesday 2007-01-16
Written: (4686 days ago)

Another idiot District Attorney that pisses me off

In case you didn't already know it: You're all criminals and sex-offenders. And if you have people like Andrew Thomas, District Attorney, Maricopa County as your DA, you better get your ass together and kick them out of office with all the means you have. No one is going to do it for you and the zealots will fight back, but if you don't, you might end up in jail.

Well, here is the explanation for why it's important to lock away a 16-year old porn-surfer for life:
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Written about Tuesday 2007-01-02
Written: (4700 days ago)


"Skål!" is Swedish for "Let's drink!", almost as "Cheers!".

Annals of Internal Medicine, 02-01-2007 has finally published yet another big study that confirms what has been known for a long time: Adult Europeans should drink 2 (male) or 1 (female) glasses of wine or the equality in another drink to lover the risk of health problems, mostly cardiovascular diseases and this is even true for people with too high blood pressure.

Another previous study has shown that if you drink alcohol, you're more likely to be smart.

Unfortunately both these studies also confirms that you shouldn't drink too much. The first says that the higher blood pressure is starting to cause problems starting with just one glass too much. The second study says that your memory starts to fail with hangovers (or being drunk).

I guess the positive results aren't valid at all for people who are alcohol intolerant, pregnant or are likely to get killed in a car-crash if they drink a glass of wine at lunch.

But well, Skål!
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Written about Sunday 2006-12-24
Written: (4709 days ago)


Now it's Christmas Eve. For me that means that there is porridge (rice pudding) for lunch. Then we watch the Christmas Donald Duck (Swedish tradition), open presents, eat the Christmas table and then play with the present or play cards. It's only me, my parents and my aunt.

Tomorrow I'll go up to my cousin and her family up even more into the forest.
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Written about Thursday 2006-12-21
Written: (4712 days ago)

Merry Christmas!

I was about to make a nice christmas card for everyone, but when I did, my harddisk finally gave up. So I'll not get my own computer until the 28th or so, and then I have to install an OS on it again. Now I'm at my parents' place, so here I have access to some sort of computer at least, but I don't have time to fix stuff.

So here:
God jul from [Hedda] and Lilo!

Please note that I'm pretty busy here, so don't expect so much work from me until next year.
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Written about Wednesday 2006-12-20
Written: (4713 days ago)
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Whoho! I've bought myself a blender as an early Christmas present. It can blend stuff. All kind of stuff! Frosen fruit and milk or milkish things like Swedish "fil".

No more cooking for me! Just put stuff in the blender and drink! <img:dand-gif.gif>

And it can crush ice. How cool isn't that? There is no end to the possibilities!

I've always wanted a blender, but for some reason I never bought one. I'll bet I'll get one in Christmas present this year because of Murphy. But then I have two and can like blend twice as much!
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Written about Wednesday 2006-10-04
Written: (4790 days ago)

Elfpack bigger than Elftown

Elfpack is growing faster than Elftown now. Elftown has twice as many active members though.

But Elfpack did grow faster before with about 600 new members a week. But that figure was not entirely true, because there were many people creating extra accounts and such. Nowadays I help members get into their old account instead, so the 109 new members are more real than before.

But it should of course be much bigger! Come on, tell a friend or someone else to join! ;)
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Written about Saturday 2006-09-16
Written: (4808 days ago)

Busy, busy, busy... Well not really.

But I there are still some things to fix here with competitions and stuff. But I'll not do it while I'm tired, because then I'll just mess things up ;)

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Written about Monday 2006-09-04
Written: (4820 days ago)

Und jetzt wollen alle Mongolen Deutsch sprechen!

Und natürlich singst du auch!


Hu Ha Hu Ha!!!
Hu Ha Hu Ha!!!
Hu Ha Hu Ha!!!
Hu Ha Hu Ha!!!
Hu Ha Hu Ha!!!
Hu Ha Hu Ha!!!
Sie ritten um die wette mit die Steppenwind...
1000 man Ha Hu Ha!

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Written about Monday 2006-08-07
Written: (4848 days ago)

Moralist pigs at Google

*sigh* Google thinks this ad is "adult content":


That was the worst bullshit I've heard today!

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Written about Wednesday 2006-07-26
Written: (4860 days ago)
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Elfpack made a new income-record from ads yesterday it broke the previous record with over 100%. It was thanks to the ad in members' houses.

In case you wonder: The ads there are matched with the content of the house they appear in. If the house isn't exported, then they are matched towards that member's interests. They aren't updated directly, but if you change you're description you should be able to see that you get ads about what you have selected.

If you haven't written anything useful, then Elfpack will force ads on you anyway because I'm so greedy! ;) But I don't think those ads are in the way really. It would just have been an empty space without them.

Now my next goal is to make the Elfpackers 10 times more...

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Written about Tuesday 2006-07-18
Written: (4868 days ago)

So what to do when you accedently drank two Belgium beer (Blue Chimay, 9%, not so much "beer", and it tastes crap and shit, but is never the less wonderful because of some strange magic. Most people don't like it.) in hour?

Well, as the beer was pretty expensive, I need a payback. So I'm trying to rewamp my Elfpack advertising.

My idea was to target the advertising to small towns where there already are many Elfpackers. Too bad Google thinks that "England" is divided into the area "England", like Scotland is divided into "Scotland". Little Sweden is divided into about 20 parts!

But I tried Waco, and that worked. We'll see if that is paying off. We have 69 Waco people here now (That have written "Waco", I guess there are many more) so hopefully there will be about 690 in a few days...

Otherwise the advertising I'm doing target all countries and buys the clicks where they are cheapest. That means poor countries or from really bad sites where there basically are only ads and nothing of interest apart from that. That is generally not a disadvantage though, but it does mean that people aren't likely to see the same ad again. And I think that's bad, because it takes some convincing before people register here. 

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Written about Monday 2006-07-17
Written: (4869 days ago)

So I should write a diary...

Someone put up a message that I should write a diary-note (well, it was me), so I better do that. I'm writing a diary-note on all my sites now, but am making them different everywhere.

I'm generally spending a lot of time thinking about how to make Elfpack better, and if I could make a different style of Elfpack. So far I think that Linkmeet should be that. It's also for "everyone" (For students actually), but is way more snobby than Elfpack. It's hard to get something new started though.

I have a problem to find new people for Elfpack also. The advertising doesn't work as far as I can see now. I guess new members will come eventually if it's just fun enough here, but I rather have them flowing in all the time...

I could actually do something to put on my brahof-site too... (See www.brahof.com) But, well, I'm lazy.

Otherwise I go to the pub 1.9 times a week and sometimes I've gone swimming. But now the weather has started to become coldish again. Which my computers and I like, but it kills the idea of outdoor swimming.

And a random fact: There are more members from Albania here than from France. Albania has 3.4 million inhabitants, and France 58, and in Albania Internet connections are way more scarce. Even if it's normal that abnormalies like this exists, I think that there is more behind it. One might be that there are plenty of sites in French and the French (also) don't speak English that well generally speaking. But there should be more French that know English well enough than there are Albanians of any kind...

Well, that's all of the babble for today! More unimportant information some other day!
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