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Written about Friday 2005-06-24
Written: (5196 days ago)

sighs why do men have to be so mean..why cant i get a bf..and why do i have to be boring? i'm so SICK OF EVERYTHING I WISH I COULD JUST DIE..AND NOT ONLY THAT BUT IF I DID EVERYTHING WOULD BE FUCKING GREAT WOULDNT IT....

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Written about Thursday 2005-06-23
Written: (5197 days ago)
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why doesnt anything work out for me nemore...i cant get a boyfriend, i cant pass 9th and i sure as hell cant be happy....i'm so sick of being here....in this world..i'm sick of dealing with ignorance..and conformity..i hate this despair.this guy i like sooo much walked away from the person who asked him out for me...what an ass...and not to mention he can go screw his ignorant self i hate him now so much. everything has been crap lately too my sis came back from florida and now her and my mom and me cant seem to get along...and my dad isnt helping it either. yesterda soo many memories of my childhood came flooding back...i didnt realize how much i should have kept them blocked out n i never realized what shit they all put me through...why do i have to remember any of it i wish i could just block it out and forget it but i cant.....

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