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Written about Monday 2012-10-15
Written: (4243 days ago)


As some of you have noticed, and commented, Elfpack's been being plagued more often lately by the wiki-comment bots. They're slightly annoying -- but thankfully they're also quite easy to delete the comments of. Also: if you own the page (which generally one would, if they're deleting wiki-comments from the page) you can actually prevent them from commenting if you want to -- under the wiki editing box, just make sure the page editing rights aren't set to "everyone can comment". That enables non-member people to talk on your page: like bots. (Although there is a slight chance a random person will come across and chat at you if you have everyone can comment enabled..)

Actually, the bots are kind of a good thing. If we have bots bugging our pages, it means that we have some level of internet traffic, anyway. That's always positive!

PS: I need to download a program to make my backgrounds transparent. lol
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Written about Saturday 2012-10-06
Written: (4251 days ago)

So, recently I've gotten in the habit of actually using the camera function on my phone. <img:img/mood/87_1155664563.gif>
Which gives me a fantastic reason to go outside, other than to enjoy the nice and brisk weather. <img:img/mood/87_1155665002.gif>
Autumn really is nice around here, but sadly it only lasts for a period of probably.. two weeks. The leaves on trees are finally a nice, rich shade but the trees will be mostly bare within a week or so. It's fun to enjoy while it lasts, though. <img:img/mood/257_1112669837.jpg>

<img400*0:stuff/aj/15609/Dog-Fence.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/aj/15609/Fud-Nose.jpg>
<img400*0:stuff/aj/15609/Tree-Walkway.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/aj/15609/Maple-Bush.jpg>
<img400*0:stuff/aj/15609/Gold-Tree.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/aj/15609/Oak-Road.jpg>

I doubt anyone will notice, but if anyone does I went through and deleted a lot of my older diary entries that weren't relevant outside their short-lived time frame. If someone does notice, they are a creepy stalker. <img25*0:img/mood/257_1112669523.jpg>

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Written about Thursday 2012-09-06
Written: (4282 days ago)
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Have you ever seen a show like Star Trek and wondered why it is that almost every single alien race they come across can speak and understand fluent English without any problem? <img:img/mood/257_1112669523.jpg>

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Written about Thursday 2011-10-06
Written: (4618 days ago)

Reconnecting with old friends is a good feeling. <3

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Written about Thursday 2011-08-25
Written: (4659 days ago)
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Throughout most of my life, I've considered myself to be a Christian. I've prayed before, and I've even had some prayers answered. I've never been one of those openly religious people. I don't preach my faith or beliefs to others. I don't comment on religion unless I'm asked. I don't try to save people, or convert them.

I do not like 82% of Christians.

I believe everyone is entitled to think and believe however they wish to. I believe that you're not wrong for thinking or feeling something, no matter what it is. Your actions, should you carry them out, may be wrong, but not your thoughts. According to the religion that I believe in, which is Christianity and the Christian God, we're supposed to respect everyone, and not pass judgement on others. That is supposed to be God's job. I agree with that.

So, why is it that so many Christians try to shove their religion down the throats of others? They have rallies. They go from door to door asking if people have been saved. They try to find ways to bribe others to come to their church. They tell people unless they follow God's commandments, they're going to be damned into a horrible afterlife of everlasting fire and brimstone.

Where the fuck does it say in the Christian religion that you're supposed to do that? How is telling people that unless they do something, they're guaranteed to spend eternity burning in hell open minded and showing love?

Why is it that when you go to Church, the pastors tell you who to vote for? They tell you what's right and wrong. When did Christianity become a cult? What the hell gives these people the right to make the judgement that's supposed to be reserved for God? These are supposed to be the men of God -- they should be encouraging their followers to show love and compassion to their fellow man, to help out others, and to wish the best for everyone. Even if they don't believe in God.

*shakes head* It's disappointing to see things like that.

However, it's even worse to see people who use religion to twist others to their cause. George Bush, the previous president, won a lot of support by being on the "Side of God". Nevermind that we have something called the "Separation of Church and State". Hell, the governor of Texas called for an enormous prayer ceremony.

Religion is not meant to control others. It's not supposed to be a way to play on the emotions of people. It's supposed to teach love and compassion, to give people something to believe in when they feel they have nothing else. It gives people hope, when there would otherwise be no hope. It is sure as hell not meant to take away the hope of people by saying they're going to be damned to hell for eternity.

Yes, I'm religious. I'm Christian. I believe in God. I don't believe in what most people do in the name of Christianity.

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Written about Friday 2011-08-19
Written: (4666 days ago)

I just received a private message from a good friend of [Ihsahn]. =/

He told me [Ihsahn] passed away. >_<

*huge sadface* Andrew was an amazing guy. I've known him for years.. Dammit! That sucks so much..

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