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Written about Wednesday 2009-05-06
Written: (4077 days ago)

isnt it funny?

isnt it funny that when you go to the shops with your friends you look down at the girl with black jeans and studs but smile at the girl wearing a a mini with a tshirt that barely cover anything?

Isnt it funny you can change your music taste to impress a guy but when it comes to a girl who likes her own music and her own style, you give her a mouthful?

Isnt it funny that a guy can get away with being a gangsta but the emo gets a mouthful from everyone

- Are you laughing?

Isnt it funny an emo can be quiet all through the week but gets more shit from everyone than the girl who sleeps around and sells her virginity?

Isnt it funny that you dont mind your friends drinking, smoking but the minute someone mentions emo music you can give them a lecture on melodramatic teenage outcasts?

- Im not laughing

Its so funny that you and your friends can make a girls life hell and not know anything about the silent battle she might be fighting.

Isnt it funny that you can call emos, punks, goths the retards but still manage to get through your day without an inch of guilt in your heart.

How can you call a girl a poser, how can you say "you're emo" or "attention seeker" without spending a second trying to figure out why there are cuts on her wrists and why she spends her lunchtimes crying instead of laughing with her friends

- Keep on laughing

Isnt it funny you can say and do all this without any idea of what is going on in this persons life

without knowing her situation with her friends

or her family

or her Life

Brave isnt going up on stage and stripping

Brave is not saying a speech

Or dumping your boyfriend

Brave is

Going to school on mufti day and not for a second caring what the whores around you are saying about your clothes

Its listening to your own music and being proud of it

Its going through every day with the things people say to your face and behind your back and you still keep quiet

Its knowing what your "friends" are saying about you and still calling them your friends

Brave is knowing that tomorrow isnt a bright and happy future

Its another day of bitching and dodging rumours

- Laugh if you must, but it is NOT funny.

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Written about Friday 2008-11-21
Written: (4243 days ago)

got in touch with an old and new friend.
Old friend- Anthony Loza - fucking bad-ass now lol.
New friend-
Smokey McPot-AKA- Shawn Young-- Dont ask about the name :P

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Written about Thursday 2008-11-06
Written: (4258 days ago)

Most amazing pep-squad in the fucking world. One of my friends use to go to that school and she told me to look it up

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Written about Thursday 2008-10-30
Written: (4265 days ago)

there totally was a shooter threat on AHS today.. They caught them before they got to the school though. Fun stuff a Lil scary though

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Written about Monday 2008-10-27
Written: (4268 days ago)

gtg to bed

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Written about Thursday 2008-10-23
Written: (4272 days ago)

Gotta go to bed will use phone to get back on XD

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Written about Thursday 2008-10-23
Written: (4272 days ago)

Shower brb

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Written about Thursday 2008-10-23
Written: (4272 days ago)


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Written about Wednesday 2008-10-22
Written: (4273 days ago)

Gtg to bed

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Written about Wednesday 2008-10-15
Written: (4280 days ago)

Gotta go to bed peeps

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Written about Tuesday 2008-10-14
Written: (4281 days ago)

I will seek and find you ...
I will take you to bed and
Have my way with you
I will make you ache, shake and sweat
Until you moan and groan
I will make you beg for mercy,
Beg for me to stop.
I will exhaust you to the point that . . .
you will be relieved when I'm finished with you.
And, when I am finished,
you will be weak for days.

             All my love,
            The Flu
Now, get your mind out of the gutter and go get your
              flu shot!

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Written about Sunday 2008-10-12
Written: (4283 days ago)


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Written about Tuesday 2008-10-07
Written: (4288 days ago)


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Written about Tuesday 2008-10-07
Written: (4288 days ago)
Next in thread: 118525



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Written about Sunday 2008-10-05
Written: (4290 days ago)

X100 Art Challenge Info

Invited me to do this with her so here's the deal

XThe Rules

1.) Make 100 pics, each pic having a theme listed below. Each pic should have ONE and only ONE theme to it, for it to count.
2.) No time limit so have fun
3.) The main picture should be drawn but not limited to. For all fair purposes, people are allowed to use their paint programs and photo shop to create the pic.
3a.) Pics should be of own artistic ability. You may not edit photos, or break any other rules set out in the dA etiquette policy. Your pics can be anything from sketches and doodles to great master pieces. Just have fun with it.
4.) The list below is to be placed somewhere in your journal for others to see that you are in the challenge and which you have completed.
5.) Make sure to update this list and check off what is done and make a link to the pic.
6.) In the comments for your art work note if it is part of the list and what ONE theme it is.



XThe List

1. Introduction
2. Love
3. Light
4. Dark
5. Seeking Solace
6. Break Away
7. Heaven
8. Innocence
9. Drive
10. Breathe Again
11. Memory
12. Insanity
13. Misfortune
14. Smile
15. Silence
16. Questioning
17. Blood
18. Rainbow
19. Gray
20. Fortitude
21. Vacation
22. Mother Nature
23. Cat
24. No Time
25. Trouble Lurking
26. Tears
27. Foreign
28. Sorrow
29. Happiness
30. Under the Rain
31. Flowers
32. Night
33. Expectations
34. Stars
35. Hold My Hand
36. Precious Treasure
37. Eyes
38. Abandoned
39. Dreams
40. Rated
41. Teamwork
42. Standing Still
43. Dying
44. Two Roads
45. Illusion
46. Family
47. Creation
48. Childhood
49. Stripes
50. Breaking the Rules
51. Sport
52. Deep in Thought
53. Keeping a Secret
54. Tower
55. Waiting
56. Danger Ahead
57. Sacrifice
58. Kick in the Head
59. No Way Out
60. Rejection
61. Fairy Tale
62. Magic
63. Do Not Disturb
64. Multitasking
65. Horror
66. Traps
67. Playing the Melody
68. Hero
69. Annoyance
70. 67%
71. Obsession
72. Mischief Managed
73. I Can't
74. Are You Challenging Me?
75. Mirror
76. Broken Pieces
77. Test
78. Drink
79. Starvation
80. Words
81. Pen and Paper
82. Can You Hear Me?
83. Heal
84. Out Cold
85. Spiral
86. Seeing Red
87. Food
88. Pain
89. Through the Fire
90. Triangle
91. Drowning
92. All That I Have
93. Give Up
94. Last Hope
95. Advertisement
96. In the Storm
97. Safety First
98. Puzzle
99. Solitude
100. Relaxation

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Written about Sunday 2008-09-14
Written: (4310 days ago)

People that have my number, give me a ring sometime

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Written about Sunday 2008-09-14
Written: (4311 days ago)

Alright, I fucked up my knee, if you want to know how, ask me, also, I have a black fade to aquaish beta fish that I need a name for

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Written about Wednesday 2008-09-10
Written: (4314 days ago)

No one calls me anymore v.v *Sad*

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Written about Tuesday 2008-09-02
Written: (4323 days ago)

Anyone with a DA account, vote for me? Please?


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