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Written about Sunday 2007-01-21
Written: (5266 days ago)

Please allow me to cry...
Okay I think I am done
Had there been a better time
This may have not begun

I love you, yes think it's true
You're only a second month within me
but that doesn't me much
I still believe we could be

loneliness is lonely and it's lonely to be alone
and I felt like God belssed me the first day I met you
Even if the world continued turning
my night would last forever with you

I feel like we have something but I don't know what
Oh please I wish not to break it up
just let me tell you how much I feel for you
and maybe that would help

I am me for a reason and why I do not know...
But at least It has to be a good one
Allow me a few more days to prove my worth and you're worth to me
and I promise you don't be disappointed.

Had life gone different
I would be dead by now
but the Gods blessed me with your presance
and I thank them everyday I am alive somehow

I may be alseep but I am still thinking of you
I may not be awake but you is what my mind is going through
Had I not become so obssesed over you I'd probably be dead
you're worth waking up to

I shall sleep now cause God knows I need it
but don't think I love you any less
I feel terrible everyday we don't talk or we fight
I just love you completly.


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